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Hi guys welcome back to another video Today I'll be sharing nine ways to look Classy in the summer time so I have nine Quick tips that I want to share and go Over with you guys on how to look very Polished crisp and put together classy For the hot weather summer months um I Did a video like this I think in the Fall time but I wanted to do a summer Version for you guys as well if I Mention anything in this video all the Products are going to be linked Down Below in the description box for you Guys and let's go ahead and hop right in So the first tip on how to look more Classy in the summer time specifically Has to do with purses now we all know That like very minimal structured bags Always look very classy and Timeless but I have a really nice summer Recommendation for you guys as far as Like a classy handbag and it's a straw Bag but it has to be a structured straw Bag so I have two options here they're Both quite affordable especially this One from Amazon like really budget Friendly and then I have this one from Mango that's a little bit more expensive But it cause a strap where you can wear It crossbody it is smaller I would say Honestly quality is the same but I think The mango version I love the design of This because it has that black leather With a straw

Um this one is also nice I think both of Them look very chic and stylish Um so I just wanted to share two options For you guys in case you like one more Than the other these are fantastic for Summer and not only just very stylish But they're so practical because you can Wear them to the beach especially this One here from Amazon you can stuff a lot Of stuff in it Um so it makes it just very wearable and Very practical the mega one is nice Because I feel like it's a little bit More elevated with the leather design on It and it also has a crossbody strap so You can wear it multiple ways next up is Linen so I feel like linen just Naturally gives that very organic Natural Luxe look so I'm wearing a linen Blazer and I've shared this before this Is actually an affordable linen Blazer And this is the thing I love is that Like you can purchase more expensive Versions of linen clothing but there's a Lot of options that are like a linen Blend that are much more affordable but Still have that natural Luxe look to Them whether you have a higher budget or You're working on a lower budget you can Still get beautiful linen pieces for Less like this Blazer I've shared a Beautiful linen dress before from Walmart that I feel like just looks so Fantastic linen shorts that I've shared

That look so beautiful and it looks Beautiful paired with the straw bags Like I just shared in the first tip so Highly recommend considering getting Linen pieces next tip is a color Combination I feel like tan Navy and White in the summertime honestly any Time of the year but this specific color Combination looks so Chic and so stylish And very very classy something about Dark Navy paired with tan and white or Even paired with other neutral colors Just gives that very classy Luxe look Even if you are wearing very inexpensive Pieces tip number four is minimal slides So these have been my favorite for three Years I feel like at this point I Recommend these in pretty much every Single video at this point for all of Like my summer content Um but for good reasons they are very High quality they have lasted me for Three full years and they still look Amazing and they are so Chic I literally Can wear them with anything denim jeans Shorts linen shorts I can wear them with Dresses mini midi or Maxi style like They are just seriously the perfect shoe To slip on head out the door and you Will instantly look so Chic and stylish Next tip to look classy in the summer Months is when you're choosing denim Shorts try to opt for denim shorts with No rips in them and now I just want to

Point out if you love wearing stuff with Holes or rips in them Um obviously no judgment or anything Like that because style is is a very Personal thing and I don't want to give The impression that you should wear Clothing like this and only wear Clothing like this these are purely just Suggestions if you do love that very Classy style these are just my best Suggestions but if you love wearing Other things by all means please do so However if you do love that classy Chic Sophisticated style I feel like going For denim shorts with no rips in them Will make just denim look so much more Classy and then if you pair it with like Linen pieces like this Blazer or even a Basic tank like this it will just always Look so Chic and stylish and even Pairing it with like the minimal slide Sandals I shared earlier just this style Will look so good all the time and now Tip number six also has to do with Shorts but a specific fit this is Personally what I love wearing and then This is what I also see a lot of very Like classy Chic and sophisticated women Wearing as far as shorts like the fit of Them is going for shorts that have a More relaxed looser fit to them so fit It around the waistline loose around the Thighs and if you don't want to go for Denim shorts I think finding like

Beautiful linen shorts is another Beautiful great option to look very Classy in the summer time just very Sleek polished sophisticated those are Just really great to consider into your Wardrobe if you want to look very classy In the summer months not only just Wearing denim shorts with no ribs but Going for just those very Sleek polished Shorts that have a little bit of a more Looser fit around the thighs fitted Around the waistline it can even be a Little bit more loose around the Waistline if that's what you like but Just going for those really classic and Clean cuts will instantly make your Outfit look so classy the next tip that I think that makes an outfit look very Classy for the summer months is wearing Belts with shorts and specifically I Think belts will look so beautiful with Linen shorts and I notice a lot of Women's style like white linen shorts in This way like I have these that I got From revolve that actually come with This belt the white with the tan belt Looks so so so stunning together so Gives off that very chic and Sophisticated look you have very Sleek Tailored polished shorts if you have any Belts Um try pairing it with belts I think It'll just instantly make that outfit Look even more elevated and even more

Classy for the summer months next style Tip to look classy in the summer time is Going for very Breezy and light and Relaxed pieces and I think this is great For summertime not only it looks so Chic And amazing but it's also very practical Because it is very hot in the summertime And instead of wearing like really skin Tight pieces Um at least for me what I more often try To opt for is something that's a little Bit more Breezy light a little bit more Relaxed when it comes to the fit it's Just more comfortable and I'm not Sweating like crazy so choosing the Right Fabrics to try to go for light Breezy Fabrics you can even go for linen For something a little bit more Structured and Linden is usually a Little bit thinner which is nice so it's Definitely very wearable in the Summertime and also satin or silk great For summer time that will make your Outfits look so classy last and final Tip this might be personal preference But I feel like oversized sunglasses Give that very chic look I don't know Maybe it's just me but I've always loved Oversized kind of like cat eye Sunglasses I feel like they always just Look so Chic and sophisticated I know Everyone has a certain style preference When it comes to sunglasses this is mine I love them I've been wearing like cat

Eye sunglasses to style for years I love How it looks on myself like how Oversized it looks there's obviously Lots of different sunglasses out there That are even a little bit smaller that I also think look very chic so obviously Choose what you like best but this is Just my recommendation and just my Personal favorite and these are from Amazon by the way very inexpensive I Only buy cheap sunglasses I do not trust Myself with expensive sunglasses that Either sit on them or lose them or my Kids break them so I am always grabbing Very inexpensive options so these are Great and very inexpensive all right you Guys so that is it for this video that Was nine tips on how to look classy in The summertime some style tips some Suggestions if you do love this style Just my best tips on how to dress in That more sophisticated classy style in Those summer months when it gets really Hot I do have everything linked down Below if you want to check it out again Thank you guys so much for watching this Video I really hope you enjoyed it if You happen to be new please hit that Subscribe button and I will see you next Time bye