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Hi guys welcome back to another video Today I'm sharing ways to elevate your Style for 2024 these are very minimal Classic and Timeless ways to just Freshen up your wardrobe update your Style I have I believe nine different Tips and suggestions I want to share With you guys today and as always Anything that I mentioned in this video Everything will be linked down below I'm So excited to share ways to just spice Up your outfits Elevate them for this Year and future years let's be real cuz These are very classic and Timeless ways To do that so let's go ahead and start With the first point adding some hair Accessories into your style for this Year now this can be with bows this can Be with headbands of course these are Just suggestions so if this is not for You you can totally skip this but Personally I love it because I have a Little bit of a girly flare to my style And hair bows is an awesome way to add That girly flare into my style now I Think one of the best ways to do it is Not going for those really big and Dramatic bows now I put that on my like 2-year-old daughter and it looks Absolutely adorable on her but for me That's 26 years old um I think something A little bit smaller subtle more dainty So I personally like this one that I got From Amazon but you can go for even

Thinner ones that are more delicate I Think those are much better for women That are older rather than like you know A toddler next up is something to avoid But what to wear instead uh I would Recommend you know when you're wearing Hats and beanies avoid the really droopy Saggy ones is what I call it where uh it Doesn't look like it fits right there's Like that sagginess on the top of your Head I'm not a fan of that I kind of Think that looks a little sloppy it Doesn't look really polished and minimal Instead I think there's nothing wrong With just going for classic and simple Beanies like these here this one here is From Walmart this is Quint it's a Cashmere version but uh for cashmir it's At a really good price now see there's No sag in I think a great way to have a More polished minimal classic look and Style is avoiding those beanies and just Going for the very simple ones next up Let's talk about tights so when we're Talking about tights I personally love The really sheer ones so the ones that I'm sharing here these are the 20D Tights and I believe the lower the Number the more sheer they are the Higher the number the more opaque they Are now I personally recommend go for The really sheer ones I mean even if you Can go more sheer than this I think they Look so like sexy fabulous not that the

More opaque ones look bad I just think Often times they can look kind of like Leggings if you go the shear route they Look way more like tights and it also Has a little bit more of a sexy vibe to It which I think is really pretty now if You have a very simple and minimal Wardrobe like I do a fun way to just add More interest to your style especially When you're just looking for more pieces Try including more pattern into your Style so specifically not just in tops But in outerwear I have this coat that I Shared in the fall it's a Hound Tooth Printed wool coat and this is so fun for Fall and winter time and it works so Perfectly in my wardrobe because I can Wear it with monochrome looks you know It has beautiful colors in it as well Where I can wear different shades of Beige I can even put in burgundy if I Want to as well cuz it has a little hint Of that and a little bit of like a Forest green also would look really Beautiful with it next up is try adding Some patterned bags I feel like I don't See this often this is such a great way To freshen up and update your wardrobe In a very classic and Timeless way uh Especially if your wardrobe is pretty Much like neutrals basic simple adding Some accessories like this is such a Great way to do that this one Specifically is a Tweed bag and I think

It's just so interesting and so Different but still very classic and Timeless especially since it's a neutral Colors the price for this was pretty Reasonable for the style and quality of This bag it's by Charles and Keith and I Have been loving getting my purses there Because the prices are reasonable and The styles are truly impressive like They remind me so much of bags that are Like $300 plus dollars but they're under $100 if you go for like the faux Versions they have real leather versions You can pick from and then some faux Leather versions this one's in fabric so Uh this ended up being at a really good Price it's really easy to open and close Like no fuss there so next up we hear a Lot of people talking about putting Sweaters over dresses to get more use Out of your dresses get more use out of Your sweaters and to transition outfits To different seasons now one thing I Want to point out is adding a sweater un Under your dress now this obviously Doesn't work for all the dresses out There but in this example I've shared This before I love this tip cuz such a Great way to just spice up some outfits Uh especially get more wear out of the Dresses you have so I have this uh faux Leather dress that I got from abomi in The fall uh I love it it just looks very Elevated but simple and Chic at the same

Time now I can wear it without the long Sleeve or I can wear with a long sleeve Underneath it and that's just another Great way just to get more wear out of Clothing you have while still keeping it Very minimal and Polished and Timeless Thing I highly recommend including into Your wardrobe uh is riding boots I think They're so classic and so Timeless I've Shared these specific ones for months Now they're by Tommy Hilfiger the price Is really reasonable too love these Especially since getting ones with a Very minimal Gold Hardware on it so it's Around the ankle very subtle very Gorgeous and it doesn't look cheap a lot Of times like if you add Gold Hardware To Boots and such it can kind of look a Little cheap this way is done really Well cuz it's super subtle the gold Color looks fabulous as well just really Spice up outfits with that subtle gold Detail so I love wearing these with like Mini shorts mini skirts mini dresses Pretty much all my mini Styles this tip I really feel like is more for me but Try belting more of your outfits I used To not be into this at all I don't know Why whereas my outfits I did love before Sometimes just adding a little bit of Pizzazz some accessories belts just Really take the outfit to the next level So I want to share just a couple belts

That have been the most worn for me Personally so first one is this one by Goelia it's like a medium width and I Love it because I can wear it with mini Skirts and my trousers and even jeans And it's fabulous it's very adjustable And the Gold Hardware is stunning it has Such a designer look but for a really Reasonable price this one is from Amazon It's much more minimal and simple I also Love wearing this with mini skirts and Dresses um I love this one because it's Much thinner so it goes with a lot of Different wardrobe pieces that I have And it's very adjustable as well and Super simple and really easy to wear and Use sorry if it's so bright the sun just Came out and then there's this brown one Here that I love also has a very Designer look to it but for a really Reasonable price it's from Amazon I got Her in a two pack with this brown and Then black color and this one I also Love wearing again again with trousers With skirts with dresses it's super Stretchy right here this one is probably The easiest belt to put on cuz you don't Have to adjust it it has like a stretchy Band here so it just kind of so it just Goes right on you overall fabulous belt If you're looking for any these are my Top three recommendations and my most Worn belts as well okay and then this Last and final tip is for my girls that

Already have lots of basics in their Wardrobe I think it's really important At that point is to try adding in some Elevated pieces so I have a few examples That are Timeless and very wearable and Classy at the same time so the first one Is what I'm wearing I mean it is a basic Sweater but it's elevated with the Beautiful buttons going down in the Front so this is a great example of that And then same as this beautiful blouse From goelia and this one is different Because I mean it's a blouse but it has Two different materials so it has these Pleed sleeves and then the body of it is In a ribbed knit material and then it Has this beautiful bow in the front so This is definitely elevated especially For a blouse love this one this blouse I Mean it's very classic because it's in Silk it's the material is gorgeous but This color is different especially from What I have like this color has been Really popular lately I think they call This like hot fudge which the name is so Cool but um I've been loving this color Lately so adding more elevated pieces to Your wardrobe pay attention to button Detailing pay attention to the fabric The textures colors those are great ways To elevate your wardrobe for the year And future years especially if you Already have all your Basics checked off In and that actually brings it to the

End of this video I really hope you guys Enjoyed hearing these tips and tricks on Minimal and classic and Timeless ways to Elevate your style in your wardrobe for 2024 and future years to come as always Everything is linked down below if you Wanted to check out anything I love you Guys so much and I'll see you in my next Video bye