Hey everyone! Today’s video is on must have autumn fall boots and shoes for 2022! In this video I show you the fall fashion trends 2022. OPEN FOR LINKS!

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How to style ultra mini uggs:

ASOS western boot (size 3):
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Alternative as low in stock:
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Boohoo black knee high western boots (size 3):
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UGG tasman slipper (size 3):
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UGG ultra mini Ugg boots (size 3):
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Birkenstock boston clogs (size 3):
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Boohoo beige knit boots (size 3):
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Wide fit:
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H&M loafers (size 3):
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Mango ballet flats (size 3):
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Hey everyone so today’s video is going to be 
on the must-have autumn fall shoes and boots   So in this video i’m going to show you some 
of the most kind of on-trend shoes for this   Season some that are super practical for 
the colder weather some that are maybe not   So much but they are a big trend this year so 
i really hope you enjoyed this video all the   Links to all of the shoes will be down below 
in the description box and let’s get into it   So the first big trend for autumn this year are 
western boots these are from asos i’ll link them   Down below but there are loads of variations out 
there too depending on what style you like the   Most i really like these because i think the light 
beige color makes them very easy for me to style Another big trend are the knee high western 
boots i think these from boohoo are a great   Example of the trend and how it’s still 
the western boot style but a completely   Different feel by them being taller and 
faux leather too you could easily style   These with a skirt or a knit dress or an 
oversized blazer look there are so many   Options with these knee-high boots and i 
absolutely love knee-high boots for autumn The ugg tasman slipper is going to be a big trend 
for autumn and i can definitely see why they are   Really comfortable and surprisingly easy to style 
especially in this tan shade you could wear them   With socks and leggings or jeans like i have 
here a very comfortable shoe for this season   The ugg ultra mini boot is also a big trend this 
year i actually made a video on how i style mine   So i’ll link it down below but again they’re so 
comfortable and great for when the weather gets   Colder and i think the ultra mini style is 
very cute too because they’re not too chunky   Especially if you are short like me they don’t 
kind of cut you off too much if that makes sense The birkenstock boston clogs are a huge trend this 
year they seem to be everywhere especially on tick   Tock and i think it’s because of how easy they 
are to just slip on and with them being backless   Too they’re a great shoe when you’re on the 
go and you just want something comfortable   I would go half a size up with these though just 
because the kind of um inside fur material makes   Them a little bit smaller so i would go half size 
up knit style sock boots are making a comeback too   These were from boohoo and i think they’re great 
for autumn they’re so practical and they look   Great with leggings i think these and a puffer 
coat would just be the perfect combination again   I really like the beige shade of these too they’re 
just a great alternative to kind of darker shoes   Like a black pair for example that i normally go 
for and for autumn they’re just a great way to   Brighten up your outfit loafers are a massive 
trend this year i really like this pair from   H m because they’re really affordable but i still 
think their quality is good and i love the patent   Style too they’re so easy to style both casually 
and also for work for example you could wear them   With tights and a dress or a blazer or black smart 
trousers they’re definitely a favorite of mine And the last big trend for autumn this year are 
ballet flats now personally i’m not massively  

Into this trend because i do think if you are 
shorter like me they can be a little bit too flat   I like a bit of height like the loafers but they 
do seem to be everywhere and i think if you are   Taller you can pull these off so 
well so this pair were from mango And that is it i really hope you enjoyed 
this video please give it a thumbs up and   Subscribe to my channel if you did like 
it because that would really help me out   Let me know which pair was your favorite down 
below in the comments because i always love to   Hear what you think have a great day and i’ll 
speak to you all in the next video bye guys