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So in this video I am sharing eight Chic Bags that are under 100 a lot of these Bags are well below a hundred dollars Most of them I feel like are under 50 And then I have some within the 50 to 70 80 dollar range all of these look and Feel very expensive believe it or not Finding Chic minimal bags for less than A hundred dollars is very very Challenging but I've rounded up eight of My favorites that I cannot wait to share With you guys and if you are interested In any of them I will have links in the Description box down below for you guys I'm sharing eight different purses so Let's go ahead and hop right in the First one I want to share is the gabbing Bag from Charles and Keith this was my First time trying this brand and if you Look through their site they just sell Accessories so shoes bags I think hats And such I noticed they're really Popular for their bags they have a few Styles that look so designer this one Being one of them to me this looks and Feels like a three to four hundred Dollar bag if I open it up here inside It's just one big open pocket this is Actually a pretty small bag you compare It to my face here it's really small so Just your Essentials phone Keys wallet I Think that's it but the one thing I Really like about this bag is it comes With three different straps the first

One being is this chain it comes with so You can wear it as like a clutch or wear It on your elbow like this and I think That's so cute it comes with the cross Body strap as well so you can wear a Crossbody I find that to be kind of long Being a petite so I will punch another Hole so I can just have it sit right on My hip and then it also comes as a belt Bag as well so you can wear it in that Kind of like fanny pack belt bag style I Have it worn diagonally here but it has Three different straps so it's so cool You can customize it to your liking on How you want to wear the bag another Thing that I really want to recommend For purses are these chain straps so I Shared this in a fashion hacks video Months ago but what I like about this Pack is I think it comes in three or Four different lengths and I have the Medium length I believe attached to this Bag so I can wear it on my shoulder and Have it a little bit longer this pack Here I purchased from Amazon it's very Inexpensive you can actually attach These to so many different bags I mean You'll see all the bags that I have in This video I can attach these straps to A lot of them so you can really dress up A bag with these straps next up is Another bag from Charles and Keith it's Also the Gap bean bag but this is the Saddle bag version so it looks similar

To the rectangular bag that I shared Because it still has the same Hardware But the shape of the purse is different In that more saddle style so it comes With two different straps so it comes With a shoulder strap here and then it Also comes with a cross body strap and Again being petite the crossbody strap Is a little too long so I'll have to Punch another hole with this bag you can Swap out the different straps so you Could use the chain strap that I Recommended from Amazon to dress up the Bag a little bit more and then find a Link that's a little bit better for your Body type so you can style this bag in So many different ways so you have the Shoulder style you can use the crossbody Style and then you can add also the Chains to it and that also dresses up The bag so opening up the bag here is Just one big open pocket but it does Have a zipper pocket and then one Interior pocket as well and I would say This holds a really good amount of Things in here uh phone Keys wallet you Could probably put like a small pouch of Like makeup or just any little Essentials that you need so it Definitely fits more than the previous Scabbing bag and I just love this style It's so minimal classy Timeless so Having a petite body type tote bags Could be such a struggle to find because

Sometimes they just look way too massive Compared to us and it just looks a Little silly sometimes so I found a tote Bag that is petite friendly but you can Still fit an amazing amount of things in There so this one is by mango it comes In two colors I got it in black but also Comes in a beautiful brown color inside Of the bag it has three different Compartments so you have the zipper Pocket and then the two pockets on each Side and then to close the bag it Doesn't have a zipper but you have a Clasp here to close the purse and then It looks like this so uh it has the Cross body strap at the same time but I Find again being petite the crossbody Strap is a little too long but I think Punching one more hole will actually do The trick I mean it's not too bad it Actually sits pretty well Um on my hips I like how the handle here Is a little bit thicker and a little bit Wider I love that the only detail I kind Of wish that they changed in this bag is Instead of doing the silver Hardware I Really wish they did gold because that Tends to make bags look a lot more Expensive but aside from that I think It's a great tote bag especially if You're petite and you can still fit so Much in here I actually put my iPad in Here and it fits perfectly in here and Then I can fit so many more items in

Here so for a tote bag you can fit so Much in here and it's very minimal very Timeless and the price is good too so Highly recommend this bag next up is This purse from Amazon I love this one Because it's one of the most petite if Not the most petite friendly bag I've Ever came across a very inexpensive but Still looks and feels very expensive and Really just minimal Timeless and just Elevates outfits comes in multiple Colors it has a snake skin like texture To it which is really cool comes in many Colors and different textures as well if You open up the bag here you have two Compartments with like a little divider In the center you have two interior Pockets where you can fit cards in there And then one zipper pocket as well and For the amount of items I would say Phone Keys wallet and then maybe like Some lipsticks a little bit of makeup in Here would fit and that's it it's pretty Small but you can still fit all your Essentials in here and this strap Seriously is the most perfect strap Length for a petite no adjusting needed You can't even adjust it if you wanted To but this is how it comes and it just Sits perfectly on my hips this is Exactly where I want my bags to be this Purse also comes with a longer crossbody Strap so if you're taller it does come With a longer strap that you can adjust

Another bag here I shared this a while Ago I like to call this the envelope bag This is also from Amazon I like how it Has this handle here it's very Structured it sits up which is nice and This one I would say has more fuss to it When you open it and close it while Opening it is fine so it just pops open But closing it is a little bit of a Struggle however when you open the bag You have one little secret compartment Here where you open up the flap you can Fit items in there and then inside the Purse you have two slots where it has a Divider in the center one zipper pocket And then one interior pocket and you can Fit phone Keys wallet little bit of Extra Essentials in there like makeup And such since this bag isn't as deep I Guess I should say you can't fit too Much it looks like a good size uh it's Not very deep so you can't really fit Too much in here and it's a very very Structured bag as well so if I close it Here it has like a little bit bit of Like fuss not too much but just a little Bit and this strap that it comes with is A little bit too long we're actually Quite too long for a petite person so I Typically end up wearing this chain with It which I think looks really cute with The bag dresses it up a little bit Um I love the Gold Hardware I think it Just again elevates purses and I love

The design of this it's very structured Very minimal uh so you can wear it on Your shoulder like this if you have the Chain with it or you can wear it on your Elbow which is also really really cute So another great inexpensive option next Up is this purse from Quince and this is I think their most inexpensive bag that They carry retails for 39 very minimal Very very simple it has a little bit of Gold Hardware on it uh so if I open up The bag it has quite a bit of Compartment so it has three slots two Bigger ones and then a little bit of a Smaller one and then one interior pocket Again this one is good for pretty much Just your Essentials phone Keys wallet a Little bit of extra things it's not very Deep also again pretty much just good For Essentials wearing it cross body I Would say it's pretty good I would say It's quite petite friendly you want to Make it shorter and wear it on your Shoulder uh I have this little trick Here where you just open up the bag you Cross the straps in and then you close The flap and then that instantly Shortens your purse and you can wear it Right on your shoulder like this so a Really cool hack that I shared months Ago in a video so you can customize it To your liking too so I love that you Can't take off the straps with this one Just FYI but you can definitely adjust

It I can actually make it even shorter If I wanted to so this bag is definitely Petite friendly good price very minimal Very simple okay last two purses I want To share are quilted bags I love quilted Bags because it kind of has that Chanel Vibe to it looks more French looks a Little more vintage and you guys know I Love that so I found this one from Amazon love the color I think it's so Stunning and it definitely feels really Expensive and feels very high quality And it actually is really easy to open And close so you just turn the handle Here open the bag up and then to close It you just put it back and then turn it And it's so easy little to no fuss with It at all but if you do open the bag Inside uh it has three Pockets so the Zipper pocket in the center and then the Open pockets on the side it has another Zipper pocket on the side of the back And then two big interior Pockets where I think you can you can actually fit Your phone in here too which is really Cool one thing I also like about the bag Is that you can wear it on your shoulder Like this so that looks really cute and Then if you just extend one of the Straps I like this you can wear it cross Body style and then you have the handle Here sitting up which I think makes the Bag look really really nice so I love That little detail to it and lengthwise

I would say this is pretty good so cute You can fit so many things in there the Quality is absolutely incredible too so Love love love this bag the last and Final bag is also quilted bag I shared a While ago but I also love it I think it Looks a little bit more casual compared To the previous one but it's this one This is by the Amazon brand the drop and I like how simple it is it's quilted all The way around and Um if I wear it like this crossbody Style it looks perfect as a petite but I Did use one of the chain strap Shorteners here so I'll put a close-up Here Um you just attach it to each side of The strap and it'll shorten the bag and You won't even you can't even tell you Don't even notice it which is so cool But I will link that down below if you Guys are interested in it um that's Great for purses that you have that have Chains on them this course is great I Think this is quite inexpensive I can't Forgot how much I got it for but I mean It's from Amazon I think it's around 30 40 uh for the price I would say the Quality is good it's very simple but I Do really like it I think it's very Stunning it still elevates outfits but It still looks a little bit more casual I think love the rectangular design open Up the bag it's just one open pocket

With one zipper pocket on the inside and You can actually fit a decent amount of Things in here so all the essentials and Then like phone Keys wallet like I've Been saying in this entire video and Then like a pouch of makeup or something That you just need handy you can fit That in the purse which is neat all Right you guys so that is it for this Video that was eight Chic bags under 100 I really hope you guys enjoyed this Video and found something that you Really like if you're looking for a Minimal handbag all of these again are Under a hundred dollars they look and Feel expensive instantly Elevate outfits Aren't interested in anything as always It's all Linked In the description box Below don't forget to subscribe if You're new and I'll see see you next Time bye