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So in this video I'm bringing back an Old school video here on this channel It's ways to make your breasts look Smaller if you're clicking it on this Video I'm pretty sure you're interested In this topic on how to make large Breasts look smaller I used to get Questions asking why would you want to Make your boobs look smaller and my Answer to that has always been I really Hated the attention that was probably my Biggest reason why is because it drew so Much attention and it was annoying but I've learned to accept the fact that I Just naturally have larger breasts and I Was on a mission to find ways to flatter A larger chest size how to make them Appear smaller than they actually are Whether you have a larger chest size Average or smaller chest size I don't Think there's absolutely anything wrong With any breast size at the end of the Day what matters is how you feel in your Skin and how you feel comfortable for me This is just what I feel my most Comfortable in minimizing them not Making them look so out there because They're already large so for me I want To conceal them a little bit and make Them look smaller and just less obvious Every everybody has their own unique Reasons for each thing I don't judge Anybody for their reasons but this video Is specifically tailored to those women

Uh tailored to that part of my audience That does want to conceal a larger chest Size anyways with all that being said Let's go ahead and dive right into the First tips that I have so before we get Into any of the tips the biggest Difference I notice in minimizing chest Size that I mentioned in my most popular Video years ago is your bra now sharing A side-by-side comparison of a minimizer Bra versus a regular bra uh you can see The difference the minimizer bra really Flattens it out definitely makes it look Smaller and then the normal bra kind of Pushes them up makes them look more Perky and it does make them look obvious I have to say neither looks bad Absolutely neither one looks bad I do Like that the one with the push-up does Make it look a little bit perky some Girls may love that that's amazing for Me I prefer the minimizer side because They do look less obvious and that's Just what I feel my most comfortable in So the bra that I'm recommending it's a New minimizer bra it's affordable I I am So sick of paying 60 plus dollars on Bras that I have to change out ever so Often in here I paid I think 28 dollars For it's from Amazon I'm wearing this in A size 32c Um I could have easily done a 30d if They had the right band size for me but They have so many sizes to choose from

Which is incredible and it's unlined There's no padding but there's a little Bit of a thicker material I guess I Would describe it no padding but just a Little bit thicker so if you're Concerned about nips this will help with Your nips not like really showing Through your clothing I mean depending On how hard your nipples get all right This is getting weird definitely just Want to point that out like it is Thicker than your normal unlined bra but It's not as thick as a lined bra where It conceals nipples I would say this is My top recommendation for a minimizer Bra it comes in many colors many sizes It's incredibly comfortable and you'll See in the rest of the video how well it Does at minimizing my chest size eyes When I'm wearing so many different Styles of tops the next one I recommend Is a strapless unlined minimizer bra so This one is absolutely fabulous I feel Like for a strapless bra for a fuller Bust this is kind of as good as it gets To be real so it does have grips at the Top has the boning like the wiring and Everything what I like about this one is A lot of minimizer bras can make your Boobs look like a uniboob like a pancake It actually separates them which is the Biggest thing I look for when I'm Shopping for bras whether it's strapless Or regular it has to have that boning in

The center where it separates the breast So I don't get like that uniboob look Biggest con with the strapless bra is That the straps in the back here are Obnoxiously thick so depending on what Top you're wearing or dress you can see Like the thick strap in the back so That's my only complaint with it Otherwise I think it's great I love that It's a minimizer strapless bra it's Really hard to find ones like these Nowadays both of these bras are Inexpensive I think under thirty dollars The quality of these two feel exactly The same same as bras I would pay over Sixty dollars for next way to minimize Your chest size or flatter it really Well I have the scoop neckline bodysuits That have a really nice fabric to it Where it kind of compresses everything In in the you know top half so it really Makes it look flatter than it actually Is and when I combine it with a Minimizer bra my boobs honestly look Shockingly small and reminder I'm a 30d Naturally and they don't look like a 30d To me at all when I wear my bodysuit Like this and I know I'm wearing black And black is very like slimming and such But no matter what color you get in this Bodysuit it still gives the exact same Look it minimizes that upper half so Combining the minimizer bra with the Bodysuit it makes it look so much

Smaller than they actually are and Honestly you guys I'm here for it I feel So confident in it and at the end of the Day that's what matters for each and Every person next thing is also another Bodysuit but it's a long sleeve scoop Neckline bodysuit this has the same Fabric but it's just a different style It's long sleeves and it gives the same Look minimizes it kind of compresses it This one does feel a little bit tighter Compared to the tank version Um but it still gives that minimizing Look like turning to the side and Everything I mean they just look so much Smaller than the 30d I mean I hope you Guys agree with that and see that too It's truly just shocking to me so I Highly recommend these two tops if You're really looking for a very Flattering bodysuit that conceals and Minimizes the chest size and also with The tank bodysuit a couple reasons why It makes it look a lot smaller is one The type of top it is the fabric the Compression and the straps are thicker Which is very flattering if you have a Fuller bust also an open neck lineup Said for many many years Fuller busted Ladies looks amazing in a scoop neckline Or any open neckline Square neckline Because you're exposing your neckline And kind of breaking up that space Actually it makes it appear a lot

Smaller next thing that's super flat Battery like an outfit combination to Minimize chest size is wearing Structured and tailored jackets so fit At the shoulders like this blazer for Example is a really good example it has A straighter boxier fit to it so it Really lays and drapes beautifully and It has pills which are so flattering and The padding on the shoulders as well I Mean everything just looks structured Tailored and it definitely makes my Large chest look a lot smaller so Combining an open neckline and a blazer On top is such a beautiful combination If you're looking to conceal your chest Size make it look a little bit smaller Now leading with that with blazers my Favorite Blazers to recommend are Boyfriend style Blazers I typically stay Away from the really fitted Blazers that Really cinch around the waistline Because what that does it accentuates The chest area because you're really Cinching it at the waist and then if the Jacket doesn't look like it's going to Close all the way in the bust area it's Going to look like it's too small Therefore accentuate the chest area now If you're looking to conceal it my Favorite Blazer option what I shared Just now is that boyfriend style fit Just that straight line going down and It just looks so flattering and nothing

That's too tight it still fits you want To make sure it fits at the shoulders The sleeve length oh you want to make Sure like the collars and everything the Lapels look great if you can nail that And just have the body of it a little Bit looser it's going to look absolutely Phenomenal also everything that I share In this video I will link down below if You are interested in any products the Biggest struggle for me when I'm styling Myself are crew neckline t-shirts or Tanks we all know and I've shared this In the past that this neckline Accentuates the chest area especially if You're going for a crew style top that's Tight my biggest tip that I said in the Beginning wear a minimizer bra I pretty Much wear almost any style of a top as Long as I'm wearing a minimizer bra I Feel fantastic in it so first one is This tank I'm wearing my strapless Minimum minimizer brought with it by the Way and I think it looks great like yes My breasts do look larger than in some Other shirts however I still feel Confident I still feel great in it the Minimizer bra really helps with that Confidence and not making it look so Large and then another option with a Crew neckline shirt is this basic T-shirt this one has a more looser fit To it biggest thing I also noticed with This basic t-shirt is that the sleeves

Are a lot looser they're more oversized Which having that extra fabric in the Sleeves having it looser there really Helps minimize the chest area this looks Loose cool relaxed pair it with a Minimizer bra and I think it looks Absolutely phenomenal this next clothing Choice or style of recommendation for a Fuller bust may not be for everybody and That's totally okay it's part of my Styling that's what I really like Um it's puffy sleeves I really do think Puffy sleeps really help my suggest area Because you're drawing more attention to Your shoulders you're bringing those out A little bit and then if you're wearing A fitted top like this one here with That v-neckline it makes the Torso look Really small and as well as the chest Size and I'm wearing my minimizer bra Again with this top and since I'm Bringing out my shoulders and then Wearing a fitted top it makes it appear A lot smaller than it actually is so That's another cool little trick I have And then here's another puffy sleeve top That's not as puffy but it is a crew Neckline which I believe really helps Minimize the chest area yeah this is Paired with a minimizer Pro like Everything in this video I think it Looks absolutely fabulous I feel great In it I love the puffy sleeves they're Not too puffy they come out and just

Bring out my shoulder and I'm still Wearing a crew neckline a style I really Like in a more flattering way for my Body next thing has to do with ruffles What I'm wearing this is actually a tip I shared to avoid many years ago and I'm Here to say you totally can rock fools If you have a fuller bust it's just how It's made it really depends uh if you're Wearing a ruffly top like this where you Have these Ruffles going right on top of Your breasts it's going to make it look Larger yeah it's really cute and Adorable and if you love that and you Don't care if it makes it look larger Who cares wear it you love it that's all That matters but again if you're looking To minimize the chest area I would avoid Tops like this and I would stick with Ruffles either that have an open Neckline like I'm wearing here like I Mean if I turn to the side it probably Does make it look a little bit larger Than they actually are but honestly who Cares I've been Breaking All the Rules Lately honestly but this is also tweaked In a way where it does really complement My size so I have this open neckline It's the biggest thing and then the Ruffles are carried out throughout the Front and the back as well so I think That's another reason why it makes it Look really flattering another ruffle Top I think is a really good example is

This clove blouse from Suzanne I've had This already for a while Um this one has the ruffling scallop Detail but it's in the center so that is Incredibly flattering also again have a Few buttons open to expose that neckline Break up the space and show off my neck My chest a little bit and the ruffling Detail is just a nice little design and Touch Um might not minimize it but if you Enjoy Ruffles this is a more advising Friendly way to wear it since final Style tip now this may not necessarily Minimize your breasts but definitely you Know you can wear minimizer bra with it And it'll do the trick but it's a really Flattering style whether you have Honestly any brush size but it's wrap Style tops or dresses here's a couple Examples here I have like an oatmeal Colored one and then a black one both Are that wrap style and I really do Think they're so flattering for Fuller Bust I mean they really hug and shape And mold to your breast size and it Really is very comfortable and so Flattering especially if you go for a Wrap style that's stretchy and it just Stretches and forms to your shape and to Me I love that we made it to the end of This video that was ways to make your Large breasts look smaller and these Tips I love what they do for for my body

I love how I feel in it and at the end Of the day what matters most is how you Feel in your own skin and how you love To dress yourself if you're in the same Shoes as me where you want to conceal The chest size and not make it obvious For whatever reasons that you have I Really hope this video was helpful for Those people my biggest takeaway from This video is definitely get the Minimizer bra I mean I've been saying That for years I finally found one I've Had a couple in the past from Soma which I really like but I don't think they Carry a smaller sizes anymore Unfortunately I really needed something With a smaller band size that was my Biggest thing so I found this one from Amazon which is absolutely phenomenal And it's like half the price which is Even better and the quality is Comparable to again 60 plus dollar broth Definitely get yourself a really good Minimizer bra my favorite one is linked Down below I hope I hope you guys found This video helpful thank you guys so Much for your love and support and I'll See you next time bye