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So today I am sharing Lux sweaters well Below $100 I think the most expensive Item is $80 but I'm talking about Sharing pure cashmir sharing alpaca Organic cotton all of these materials That are very Lux and very expensive and Look very expensive but for much more Reasonable price points I'm sharing Sweaters in different fits I mean I'm Sharing turtleneck options fitted Sweaters looser fit sweater so tons of Variety I'm always sharing bits and Pieces of my favorite things on my Channel and I like to do these videos as Like a Roundup of my favorite sweaters Or other wardrobe Staples I actually Have a playlist I have on YouTube here Where it's titled wardrobe Essentials I Believe and I share like my favorite Denim jeans I share outerwear pieces my Favorite basic t-shirts so if you ever Are looking for anything specific I Highly recommend checking out that Playlist I have here on my channel as Far as today we're only sharing sweaters Because it is Sweater Weather finally Actually really is Sweater Weather Because it's downpouring rain outside Here as always everything will be linked Down below along with sizing details and Let's go ahead and hop right in so I Want to share cashmere options so let's Just start with what I'm wearing first Of all this color is absolutely

Phenomenal this is by the brand Quint I Love them for sweaters they seriously Make the best sweaters in the best Materials best quality and the pricing Is so fair I actually just shared this In a recent fall/winter wardrobe Essentials video um but of course I Wanted to put in this video cuz it's so Good so first this chocolate color is Absolutely stunning I love how it looks The color is really beautiful perfect For fall and winter it's a lot thinner And super stretchy and so this is great For layering uh especially if you need To layer for warmth but don't want to Wear like thick or chunky sweaters uh This is perfect for warmth and for Layering next up is the shrunken Cashmere sweater and I actually Purchased this last year and I actually Love the shrunken cashmere they have a Regular one and then this is the Shrunken one I personally like this one Specifically if you're petite because It's a little bit shorter and it makes It really easy to tuck in or wear it out If you want to if you're taller you can Go for the regular one but I really like This one and if we're comparing these Two Kashmir sweaters so the fit is a Little bit different the one that I'm Wearing the chocolate color is Definitely more form fitting uh the Shrunken Kashmere has a little bit of

More of a relaxed fit to it but still Quite fitted however the shrunken Kashmere sweater pictured here this is Thicker compared to like the feather Weight I believe that's what it's called The chocolate one that I'm wearing in The video today um the thickness level Is different so the chocolate one's a Little bit thinner the oatmeal colored One is thicker but none of them are Itchy and they both Fit Fabulous next up Uh this is the same cashmere sweater That I'm wearing but it's in the Henley So it has button detailing so this one Looks a little bit more casual so the One that I'm wearing and then the black One pictured here they're exactly the Same it's just one has button detailing One is a crew neckline both come in Several colors and if we're talking About softness here as far as the Cashmere sweaters the one that I'm Wearing and then the black Henley one is Definitely softer compared to the Shrunken Kashmere not that the shrunken Kashmir one is not soft it's still soft But the featherweight ones just take it To a whole another level with softness Now I want to talk about alpaca sweater Since it's also a very nice Lux material This is very well priced from Quint However one thing I didn't realize is The black one here is their baby alpaca Then the gray one here is actually their

Diamond Stitch crew alpaca and I didn't Realize that until like way later after I got it cuz then I tried on the black One recently I'm like wait a second this Feels different than my gray one that I Have and I realized I ordered the Diamond Stitch now I have to say they're Both fantastic but if I knew that there Was going to be like a difference Between the two or if I knew that I Would go straight for the baby alpaca One because it is thicker and it's more Opaque I feel like the gray one not that It's see-through but it is thinner and I Could see the light colors being See-through the gray isn't see-through But the lighter colors they have I would It's probably see-through in my opinion I would steer clear from the light Shades for the alpaca sweaters uh but The darker shades are great and lovely Sweaters very warm and they have a Little bit more of a a bubbly sleeve so They're fitted around the wrist and then They kind of have like a oversized Bubbly sleeve so the fit is a little bit Different very soft very comfy one of my Most worn sweaters is this ribbed one From mango that I got a couple of months Ago and it is so lovely it's thin it's Stretchy I love the length goes Perfectly with high-waisted bottoms and It's just a very very simple classic and It holds up really really well and I

Just find myself pulling this out the Most out of all of the sweaters that I Have because it's just really easy to Wear in layer and especially for fall I Love layering so having something Thinner like this makes it really easy To layer and not get too hot for fall Next up is the ANF Chenille sweater so I Actually have this in a cardigan version And then they came out with it in a Sweater I also recently shared this in Like a fall and winter Essentials video But it's super soft very plush thick as Well very warm something you can easily Wear for fall and for winter love the Color just like this very light neutral Beige it comes in I think a couple other Colors as well abic does a great job With their like neutral Shades which I Really like and I love the fit of like a Lot of their pieces they have like this Sweater kind of has like a more '90s fit To it a lot of the other ones I share Are more classic fit this one has a drop Shoulder so it kind of gives me that '90s look so if you like that I do think You'll really like the fit of the Sweater next up I want to share a few Organic cotton sweater options so this One is by Quin this is the fisherman Crew so I actually want to put the Fisherman crew Side by Side in two Different sizes I'm wearing the beige in A extra small and then the white one is

In a size small so I want to show you The two sizes so you can see the Differences um if you go up a size it's Going to be a little bit wider a little Bit more boxy obviously staying true to Size is more fitted and this sweater is Actually quite forgiving in sizing so You can say true to size or you can go Up a size if you want it to be more Loose relaxed the ribbing is really Thick on the material and soft Comfortable tucks in easily this this is Like the perfect beige color too this is A really good classic sweater option and This would also be a fabulous gift During the holiday season so next up is Another fisherman sweater but this one Is different in a couple ways so it's a V-neckline instead of the crew neckline And this one I would say the length is a Little bit shorter and it's a little bit More boxy as far as the material it's The exact same like thicker rib has Really good weight to it has a drop Shoulder seam gives that very casual Loose relaxed vibe to it and I love this One for thick organic cotton sweater That's priced really well this is a Great option for something classic and Thicker uh especially if you like an Open neckline another organic cotton Sweater option I feel like a lot of These are from quins which they are but They really make good sweaters if you're

Looking for really classic ones uh this One is Stripes though it comes in Another color combination I love it it's Definitely more oversized so I'm wearing My true size extra small it's totally Oversized I love that it has a really Cool relaxed look and I also love the Length of it normally I never wear my Sweaters untucked but in this case I Actually really like how it looks like This especially with the pair of like Straight fitted trousers and heels which Is a look I would normally never wear Because tucking in is just my favorite Way to style my body type but the way This sweater is done I can wear it Untucked or tucked in if I want to and I Love that so uh this is great super Comfy thick ribbing to it and it Definitely runs you know more oversized So keep that in mind but it's a great Stripe sweater option that's well well Well below $100 okay and then a couple Sweater Cardigans that I wanted to share Uh so two options one is the abomi Chenille cardigan that I you know shared Many times already and then this one I Also shared recently this is the one From uniclo so the difference is is the Uniclo one has pockets the abomi one Doesn't and the material is different They're both soft but the abomi one has More weight to it might like the Unico One more because I do love the pocket

Detailing adds a little bit more detail To like a b basic sweater like this it Also comes in multiple colors soft Comfortable I also love this oatmeal Color but the abomi one is also great uh It's just very simple very soft has a Drop shoulder seam as well and then it's Split on the sides as well also very Petite friendly so they're really good Crop length or like more around your Hips uh so not too long not too short Great for your petite and I also think It will work great if your average Height too uh I wanted to share a couple Cardigans because and this I mean this Is technically a sweater sweater with Buttons I mean it's a cardigan you can Wear open clothes I just wanted to share Because it's a great crop cardigan Option especially if you're petite That's well below $100 and that is so Stylish and again they come in Many Colors I really hope you guys are Enjoying just all the variety I'm Sharing today just sweaters and Different materials fitted more relaxed Longer lengths shorter lengths I really Wanted this to be a good video for Different types of sweaters that are Still very minimal and Polished the next One I wanted to share is a couple Turtleneck options so one from uniclo And then one from Amazon so the fitted One is from Amazon and then the looser

Fit is from Unico I think both are Fabulous colors and you know I honestly I think everybody needs a fitted Turtleneck like this in their wardrobe It's very classy very elegant so easy to Style with any bottoms actually love This Amazon one so much that I think I Have it in four different colors it's so Good I actually purchased this last year So this is a great fitted sweater option And then this one from unic you know What this reminds me so much of this Reminds have the Stroop waffle girl neck Sweater that everlane carries but much Much more formable I mean the material Is definitely different than the everlan One but the fit is I would say pretty Much identical which is cool and I also Love this beige color so it's a little Bit shorter in the front it has splits On the sides so it makes it really easy To front tuck or wear it open I'm Wearing this in my smaller size double Extra small and I would say it fits Great I like about this one is you can Wear the turtleneck like all the way up Like this or you can Fold It Down um uh If you want to expose a little bit more Of your neck so you can wear it a couple Of ways but I love this one I also Shared this in a striped version many Times that I also absolutely love so This is a really good sweater comes in Many colors uh so if you want something

More loose or relaxed this is a great Option then if you want something more Fitted the Amazon one is my favorite one To recommend now I feel like everybody Needs a sleeveless sweater I purchased One this year and I couldn't believe Just how amazing it is to have because Again for the layering it's perfect for When you're transitioning I'm wearing This in my true size which is an extra Small small and abomi and I love it I Mean it fits great it's petite friendly It has little splits on the sides I Shared this in my fall wardrobe Essentials video and you guys loved it All right you guys so that is it for This video that was fairy Luxe sweaters Under $100 no you do not need all of These but you know this is my job this Is you know what I do for my channel is Just review tons of options for you guys And I love doing that so that way you Guys can pick and choose your favorites Avoid having to constantly you know Buy Return things and such so I just love Naring down the best pick for you guys Just depending on what you're looking For um so happy that I got to share just Like amazing options for like cashmir For alpaca organic cotton and other Sweaters so I really really hope you Guys enjoyed seeing the variety as Always I have everything linked Down Below in the description box if you

Happen to be interested in anything Thank you so much for your love and Support love you guys so much and I'll See you in my next video bye