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Guys welcome back to another video today I so excited because I am sharing my 12 Favorite Amazon home decor so um if you Guys been around here for a little bit On my channel I recently bought this House my husband and I like a little Over a year ago and I've been holding Off on decorating because we're Remodeling it and now I've slowly Started to add little bits and pieces of Decor here and there throughout the House and I'm so excited this has like Honestly been such a dream come true of Mine just decorating my own home and I Love thrifting things so that's actually One thing I want to point out if you see Anything you like in this video I highly Suggest try to see if you can find it at The thrift store secondhand before you Go ahead and purchase a new item all These pieces I couldn't find out my Thrift store but I did find them on Amazon at a really reasonable price Point we'll have everything linked Down Below in the description box if you Wanted to check anything out yourself And let's go ahead and Dive Right In so Here's a perfect example of like a Thrifted item and a piece I brought from Amazon so the vase this is thrifted I Actually uh DIY this I painted it I Added texture to it so I can't link this But the stems these are from Amazon These are the prettiest and most

Realistic ones that I found and I Specifically love that the branches are Brown and it doesn't look too fake or Anything I mean I love the vibe it gives To it's like very minimal kind of modern Simple it gives that like organic vibe To it really like I really love U Branches that are thinner and just have A little bit of leaves I just love the Minimal look it gives so I have one in Here and you may see this in the Background of my other videos I have two Stems in here so I actually purchased One of these it came with three stems And I was able to split them up into two Vases so I love this this U jar I also DIY from the thrift store painted and Textured it um if you guys want to know How I did that I'll link a Instagram Video Down Below on how I did this but As far as the stems they are gorgeous Very minimal in simple number two is This beautiful wooden Bowl now I do feel Like you can find a lot of these at the Thrift store but I really fell in love With the shape of this one I love how it Has like a little stand at the bottom I Was obsessed with the color of it and This one you can use in so many ways you Can either just style it on the Shelf Like I did here or you can put in your Entryway put items inside or you can use It as a fruit bowl as well uh we eat a Lot of fruit so this isn't big enough

For us as a fruit bowl I'm still on the Hunt for a really large fruit bowl for Us but this I'm using as like a Decor Piece again very minimal very simple and Gives like an organic modern look that I Really like next up are these wooden Stands it comes in a threepac it also Comes in different colors but I went With the dark brown because uh as you Could tell probably from the background Here um I have a lot of light colored Furniture light flooring White Walls I Need contrast in my home so this dark Brown was really pretty but also comes In a lighter brown and I think in Another color I think black too um but It comes in a three pack and you can use These for so many different different Things so one of them I have my candle Sitting on it you can have your soap on This as well the possibilities I feel Like are endless with these little Stands they're just really just another Decorative layering piece and that's how I love to decorate my home I'll do Little bits and pieces of layering so This is one way to do it next up let's Talk about pillow covers so I purchased Several from different shops I am the Type of person that I refuse to splurge On pillow covers I I really don't want To do that it's my own personal thing I Just feel like it's like so little Fabric and it's like so easy to make

That I really think they shouldn't be Expensive honestly but I found these From Amazon and these actually remind me So much of the Pottery Barn ones which I Personally think are ridiculously Overpriced I think the Pottery Barn Pillow covers are like $60 these I think Are under $15 for each one so I got this Beautiful brown taupe color it is like The prettiest brown shade it's not Orangey it's not yellow it doesn't have Like a pink pinky tint to it or anything It's just a perfect like taupe taupey Brown color if I'm describing it Hopefully correctly but this is my Favorite color that I purchased out of All the pillow covers and then there's This off-white cream one that I really Like and I love these because they have Like a really nice texture to them and That's another way I love decorating my Home is adding different textur so you See a lot of my vases are textured my Pillow covers are textured as well I Think it just makes it interesting and Fun and really decorative that way next Up is something that's actually Functional but very pretty it's these Soap containers I am probably the Pickiest person alive when it comes to Soap containers I don't know what it is But I feel like I have a certain Vision In my head or look that I want for my I Which is so silly I know it's just

Something to put soap in but all these Little details make a difference but What I love about these is that it has Like a cement or stone look to it and This beautiful like light brown beige Color it's textured at the bottom here Like this rib texture it has a black Fencor here and I love that so it's Black and beige together I think goes Really well with the aesthetic of my Home I have one in my kitchen and then I Have one in my bathroom thinking about Purchasing a couple more for other areas In my home where we have a sink but uh These are gorgeous reasonably priced I Feel like and honestly out of everything I looked at in store online these are The prettiest I found and the quality of Them is incredible like they have really Good weight to it they're heavy they Feel very sturdy and they look gorgeous As well another item that is practical Functional but so pretty on your counter Are these salt and pepper shakers I Actually shared these in my gift guide For her last year and I love these cuz I Mean they also make a great you know Obviously gift idea or if someone Recently bought a house this is a great Gift to give them or something just you Know for yourself I actually love these Because one they look gorgeous on my Counter and two I actually use them Every single day if I need to add a

Little bit more salt to our food when I'm hosting parties I have these out um When I have the food laid out so that Way people want to add more salt or Pepper to their food this is looks Really pretty on the counter and it's Functional so that's what I love and Next up and I'm holding this Strategically cuz I'm going to show you Something real quick are these ripped Candles I completely recommend them but If you have an animal beware because my Cat knocked this over and it broke into Like perfectly so I don't use these for Burning they're purely just decorative Even though you can burn them if you Want to but I just like them as a Decorative piece because the ribbing is So stunning and so gorgeous and very Unique at the same time so I got the two Pack with the small and the larger size And I'm thinking of gluing this back Together uh so that way I don't have to Repurchase another one or if you know Doesn't end up looking good then I'll Just have to replace the larger one but Yeah if you have animals you've been Warned but regardless I think they're so Gorgeous they're the prettiest like Decorative candles that I found that Looks so unique at the same time like I Feel like I don't even see pictures of These on Pinterest as like inspiration Photos these are truly so unique and the

Smell is incredible like next up is an Item that is on the more expensive side But for the type of item it is it is the Cheapest I found and the quality is Incredible it's these pleated drapes I Purchased these last year I think as Soon as we got this home we added them Really quickly in and I'm obsessed with Them they have this gorgeous like little Pleat on the top of them there's like a Little bit more style design to it the Color again is stunning I'm so picky When it comes to like beige brown Shades It cannot be orangey yellow undertone to It like I refuse that especially if it's Like draped something that's big and on My wall uh these are just the prettiest Light beige color they come in so many Other colors too and my recommendation Is you know when you're hanging curtains And I mentioned this in my other home Videos hang them as high as you can and As wide as you can because they make Your space look and feel larger and by Doing that you do have to get larger Curtains which equals it being more Expensive but the look at the end is Well worth it like one of the best Investments I've made I feel like I'm Sharing a lot of really inexpensive Decor pieces this is the most expensive One but I feel like it makes such a big Difference especially since you're Getting a color that is stunning and the

Style and the quality of it is Incredible okay next up is my faux Olive Tree so I actually have two real olive Trees in my home but I do have a faux One can tell I'm obsessed with olive Trees literally have three in my home in This particular area in my home I don't Get adequate sunlight to have a real Olive Tree so I have a faux one in this Room and I love this one I've actually Had this Olive Tree faux one for Probably 4 years I purchased a long time Ago I love it it's gorgeous the quality Is great my cat does like chewing on the Leaves to be honest so if you have an Animal you've have been warned but it's Definitely really pretty looks really Realistic put it in a nice pot maybe add Some board underneath it to give the Tree some more height to make it look More dramatic the one I purchased I Think is 6 feet and you can make it look Even taller by adding cardboard Underneath it to give it that extra Height so you don't necessarily have to Purchase a really tall one actually save Some money that way so um if you've been Looking for a full Olive Tree I really Recommend this one and then next up are These table Bible books I've shared These already many times on my Channel I Think in two other videos I love these Because they're gorgeous but they're Meaningful at the same time um I have

One of my favorite books in the Bible Here Proverbs that I have sitting out And not only do they look gorgeous but They're actually useful and practical And this is the New Living Translation Which I actually really love I usually Don't read this translation but after Reading it it's really simple and I Really love the translation it comes and Very easy to read and understand and the Pictures in these are gorgeous and Stunning ones that I got it actually Comes in a two packs so Proverbs and Psalms one that I would love to grab in Like so I can put in a different area in My home is Genesis that's one of my Other favorite books of the Bible and Next up is actually this throw blanket I Always sit on when I you know film over Here I have this blanket permanently Here resting um I love it I like I Mentioned I feel like I shared this in Two or three other videos last year but This is like such a good dupe for the Pottery Barn knitted blanket that's way Above $100 this one I think is $37 I Think it's under 40 uh and the quality Is incredible it's thick it has weight To it the color is gorgeous doesn't have Any weird undertones to it and it's just Stunning like very minimal gorgeous and They have this in many different colors This is great for like a neutral Aesthetic home something very minimal

And simple and it's very warm as well And this is also 100% organic cotton and I really feel like you can't beat that Price okay last but not least are these Tapered candle holders I feel like this Style is really popular uh this has like A more modern contemporary Vibe very Minimal simple it comes in multiple Colors and I think this comes in a pack Of 12 that I purchased over a year ago I Love these I have some sitting out above My uh fireplace I whip out the rest of Them whenever I'm hosting and I use this As like my centerpiece Decor whenever I'm hosting and they're just gorgeous so Again they come in Black they come in This beautiful gold color that I really Love guys so that brings us to the end Of this video that was 12 of my favorite And best Lux Amazon home decor Lux for Less uh I hope you guys really enjoyed This video and got some really cool Ideas and home decorative inspiration Yeah it'll all be linked down below if You're interested in checking it out Thank you guys so much for watching I Love you so much and I'll see you next Time bye