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So in this video I'm sharing what's new In my wardrobe and for reference I'm Petite so these are all very petite Friendly clothing pieces that I'll be Reviewing and sharing with you guys I Have several pieces I'm sharing from Revolve now this video is not sponsored But I want to give them a big thank you Because they actually gifted me so many Beautiful pieces so I want to give a big Thank you for that that's just so Generous and so kind of them like I Truly really am so grateful for that and Really really appreciate it I wanted to Share with you guys some of the pieces That they gifted me some of the pieces I Purchased myself for specific occasions And again like I mentioned this is just A totally random haul and if you are Interested in anything everything is Linked Down Below in the description box Along with sizing details and let's go Ahead and hop right in so first things I Want to share is this top and then these Shorts so this tank is actually from Revolve it is kind of like a splurgy Piece but the quality of this is so Fabulous so it has ties right here where You can make it a little bit shorter if You want to or you can make a little a Bit longer if you don't want to expose Too much tummy but this is like a really Really beautiful high quality knit tank For the summer it's very light very

Breezy I don't see myself getting too Hot in this Um I love just like the stitching the Pattern and just how flattering it is And then these shorts are also from Revolve and I love these shorts so much They remind me of the white pleated Shorts that I got I think back in January and February I've been wanting a Black tailored short this whole year I've had that on my wish list for the Summer time and I saw these from revolve And I was so excited to try them out They are absolutely phenomenal quality Is amazing uh the fit is beautiful as Well I love it paired with this knit Tank for the summer time my only con About the shorts is that it is a little Bit snug around the waistline so this One I would recommend going up a size Purely so you just have a little bit More comfort in the waistline next up I Wanted to share this with beautiful Dress so this is very short I mean you Can adjust the straps and make the dress Longer if you want to and it's very Petite friendly so I got this in a size Extra small this is definitely very Oversized and flowy so I think this Would be really beautiful on a beach day So wear this over a swimsuit Specifically Um because it is kind of short Especially on the sides it kind of comes

Up so it looks a little short there so I Think this is great as like a little Cover up something that's really relaxed Casual for a beach day and it's very Lightweight Breezy flow this is also not See-through which is great for being White and you can actually add a belt Around the waistline if you want to just Give it a little bit more shape but I Think this is great to just throw on Over a swimsuit wear some slides and It'll be a beautiful day at the beach Outfit and then I also got this Beautiful dress so I have a family photo Shoot coming up so I was trying so many Different dresses for family pictures For the summer and the Buy Vibe I'm Going for for our family photo shoot is Dreamy so very romantic kind of dreamy So Um this dress spoke to me and this one I Love how you can wear off the shoulder You can also wear on your shoulders Um this is petite friendly it has a slit Uh it also is lined on the inside went With a size small it smocked in the back From what the reviews say this dress Runs small so uh a lot of people Suggested going up a size so I went to a Size small and I actually really love How this fits it's a little bit loose Around the chest area it does allow me To wear it on my shoulders if I don't Want to wear it off the shoulder which

Is great so it's very flattering very Comfortable so I'm debating whether Wearing this dress with flats for the Photo shoot like slides or with heels I Am most likely going to wear them with Heels because my husband is six foot Tall so I don't want to look like such a Shrimp next to him so I think I'll be Rocking these with a pair of peels for The photo shoot I didn't Abercrombie try On haul not too long ago for you guys And one of you guys suggested the olive Green Romper that I have that I should Buy in the other colors because it Looked fabulous I thought that was the Best advice so I went ahead and bought The other two colors of that utility Romper so I got this khaki color and Then the black so I feel like it's kind Of excessive buying all the colors but They're all very classic neutral colors And I'm so excited to be adding these to My wardrobe I was also able to get them On sale so I got them for a really good Price uh so that was also worth it as Well and the quality of these is Fantastic I'm wearing these in a size Extra small petite they are so Flattering I love how they come in Petite regular and Tall so the sizing is Just very inclusive which is incredible Um this is again I would say true to Size no need to go up a size or down a Size I feel like the true size fits

Absolutely perfect you can cuff the Shorts if you want to make a little bit Shorter or roll them out completely I Have them cuffed just one time because I I just like it a little bit shorter but It hits perfectly at my natural Waistline you can make a beautiful bow Um you can button it up all the way if You want to expose some neckline so it's A very beautiful Romper that fits so Well for petite body type and again it Comes in petites okay so I am totally on A romper kick so I actually got this one From Abercrombie too this is a more Sporty type of Romper and I thought this Would be so perfect for day at home or Running errands in the summer time it Has like this sporty material to it has Pockets straps are adjustable and this Comes in petite so I'm wearing this in My true size from Abercrombie which is An extra small petite and I'm so excited About this I've already been wearing This like every single day for the past Few days since I've received it it's so Flattering so comfortable perfect for Just stay at home mom life or running Errands going for a walk something more Casual but yet you still feel very Polished and put together in like crisp And Sleek so this is a really great find So petite friendly again this isn't a Size petite comes in regular and Tall Too and I think a couple other colors

But this is a fantastic staple if you Want something more casual for the Summer time okay so next up I want to Share some jeans revolve actually gifted Me quite a few pairs of a girlfriend and A golden jeans well two of Goldies and One girlfriend Jean so thank you for That actually I really wanted to snag The girlfriend Carolina jeans that I've Been raving about in a smaller size so I Got this one in a size 23. I really Wanted to see how it felt like fit like I wanted something a little bit Um that felt more like a skinny jean on Me as far as this Carolina style in this Light wash color so they didn't carry The petite size in a 23 but I got the Regular version in a size 23 so they're A little bit longer but they fit exactly The same as the previous Carolinas that I have and they're also in the exact Same wash which I think is called Lark Bond I think that's the color but Um these are great if you're a little Bit taller you don't have to Cuff them Or hem them these I will just do my Little safety pin hack on shortening the Jeans if you don't know what I'm talking About it's just the way I shorten jeans Using safety pins which I can link the Tutorial up here for you guys if you Want to see that I do that with a lot of My jeans that are just a smidge too long So these fit feel fantastic they're a

Little bit more snug obviously than the Size 24 that I had but they do give and Stretch out as you wear them so that's Why I wanted to get a smaller size that Way it gets me the fit that I really Like so something more closer to a Skinny jean so this is beautiful very Nice classic vintage color too next up Are these are Goldies that have the Busted knees I've been wanting to try These out for I think a year now I've Had them on my wish list and then I Finally decided to go ahead and try them The thing I love about a Goldie is that Their denim it's still like that stiff Rigid denim but it doesn't feel as thick As the girlfriend so some people may Love that some people may not like that Just based on personal preference but The gold is the biggest difference Between them and girlfriend is that Again the Goldies have a little bit Thinner denim uh still rigid and stiff But not as thick I think these are great Casual options so these are the ones I Did the safety pin Hawk with I just Cuffed them maybe like an inch uh not Too much I feel like they're pretty Petite friendly as is but I like them a Little bit shorter for spring and summer That way I can just have a little bit of Ankle exposure with sneakers and flats And stuff Um so I like these I think they're

Fantastic they're very flattering good Casual Jean you can wear with sneakers Or slides put them in a size 24 so I Think these are good to go true to size If you're interested in them um I feel Like going down a size would be a little Too tight so these are the jeans I'm not Sure if I should keep or not they are so Out of my comfort zone like they are Very gen Z I'm definitely more of like a Slim straight and skinny jean type of Girl and going for something very wide Leg like this is so out of my comfort Zone especially with all all of this Distressing but I kid you not every Single content creator blogger Influencer that I follow on Instagram They all Rave about these jeans so I'm Like okay I'm gonna give them a go try Them out see how they feel so I Genuinely love how they look on me I Think they look absolutely fabulous I'm Just hesitant on keeping them because I'm not sure how often I'll wear them so I'm still deciding if I want to keep These or not however they are very Comfortable very flattering and these You 100 have to go down a size I'm Wearing a size 23 and they're supposed To be that loose fit so keep in mind That loose fit is supposed to be there But I think they run quite big that it's Okay to go down a size like I did Um it's a little bit looser on the waist

I mean it's loose pretty much everywhere It's definitely has that gen Z feel I Did cuff these jeans just so you guys Can see how they would look like if the Length fit properly on me place these Are very stunning very beautiful I love How they look I'm just again gonna Sleep on this for another couple days And see if I'll keep them or not but They are a very flattering pair of jeans Very stylish also if this is your style I think you'll really love these next up Are the a Goldie Riley jeans so I have This in a medium wash color and I Actually had my eye on these on the Revolve website but I was actually Honestly hesitant on picking them up Because I wasn't a fan on how it looked Like on the model I wasn't a big fan of The color but I was like you know what Let me go ahead and give it a try it has A really really good reviews my surprise I love them so much more than I thought I would these are on top with my Girlfriend Carolina jeans that I'm Obsessed with this one and the Girlfriend Carolina are they both take Number one place as my favorite Jean I Have been wearing these non-stop they Are so flattering so beautiful and these If you compare them to the girlfriend Jeans I mean they're both light wash Jeans but the girlfriend versions Um have that more acid vintage look to

The jeans these ones are more of a pure Classic Blue color so that's the biggest Difference I feel like the fit is really Similar but the Goldies also have a Little bit of a thinner denim feel so They're not as thick and rigid um some Of you may love that some of you may Prefer a thicker denim these are great For summer because the denim isn't thick Again so you won't get too hot on them If you want to be wearing like full-on Denim jeans in the summer months next up Are these beautiful very like elevated Yet classy and Chic tanks so I got it in White and in black and I love how they Have this just drape on the neckline I'm Wearing them in a size extra small I Would recommend either going true to Size or maybe even going up a size if You have a fuller bust these are so Petite friendly they are you as you can Tell they're not very long I put them on Myself I tuck them in and there's just a Little bit of fabric that gets tucked in So they are so petite friendly the Straps are adjustable so if you want to Make it a little bit longer you can and The material is so much different than I Expected it to be I expected it to be a Little bit more silk key and shiny but These are actually really soft and Really stretchy like very very very good Material okay next up I got gifted the James purse Pierce purse tea from

Revolve so if you guys don't know the Brand This tea is 80 which to me is Absolutely bananas but the reviews on These are absolutely insane I see so Many YouTubers specifically YouTubers Review this t-shirt and if you go Through the reviews everybody Raves About it and everybody says they've had This tea for years and years and years It like washes and dries really well Like it is the perfect t-shirt Um it's so expensive for a t-shirt so The thing I noticed that's different About it is that it's a hundred percent Combed cotton which maybe some of you Guys know what that is I had no idea What the heck that meant combed cotton So I'm going to read it out for you guys This is a question that was asked on Google is combed cotton better than Cotton so like regular button and cold Content is superior to regular cotton Because the fibers undergo an extra step Before they are made into yarn resulting In a softer stronger more luxurious Fabric that is typically more expensive Apparently they are a softer and easier To wash and more resistant so anyways I Felt like I had the need to share that With you guys because I have a hard time Like sharing an 80 t-shirt that's really Really expensive I mean it's a basic T-shirt so I mean I do splurge on a lot Of things clearly but I mean this is a

Basic t-shirt that's kind of crazy how It's 80 dollars so anyways I recently Got it in um I can't say whether I'd Like absolutely recommend it or not I Will be wearing it washing it putting in The dryer seeing it how it turns out but Based on reviews Um this is like the most Superior basic T-shirt of all time so I guess we'll see Okay I really did not want to buy like a Fall item but I happen to because I've Had a trench coat like this this color Specifically on my wish list for a very Long time I just always prioritize more Classic colors first so I went with this Olive green color Banana Republic Recently came out with this and I was Actually able to get it on sale which Was another reason why I was excited to Grab it now because I got it for a Really good price really really good Price so I got this in a size extra Extra small petite it does run kind of Big so I would recommend going down a Size but again you can stay true to size If you do plan to layer this in the fall And winter months so this is definitely Premature to share because I definitely Am wearing all the spring and summer Attire for for now but I am excited to Pull this out pretty soon but you can Actually wear this on cooler days here In the summer time I have it styled with Like this just this tank and trousers

For you guys and I think it looks really Pretty so I think on more cooler days This would be fantastic for Springtime Obviously for fall it's going to be Perfect so anyways thought I'd share it Because it's a new reason Edition all Right you guys so that is everything That is new in my wardrobe I hope you Enjoyed seeing my review and all of These pieces and if you happen to be Interested in anything it's all Linked In the description box below for you Guys if you wanted to check it out I Always put my size measurements and Details in there so again thank you guys So much for your love and support and I Will see you in my next video bye