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Hi guys welcome back to another video Today I'm sharing some petite friendly Fall and winter very minimal wardrobe Pieces so I'm sharing lots of thicker Knits and I'm so excited for this video Cuz I have some really stunning pieces To share with you guys I also have some New jewelry that I got in from Anna Louisa so I did partner with them for This video so I wanted to share the new Jewelry pieces that I just recently got In and I want to First share these Earrings you guys so these I am obsessed With they're like chunky hoop And they are so bold and so fun but not Too bold where they really stand out but I noticed this style of earrings have Been pretty popular lately and I've been Really drawn to them because they're Just like a nice Twist on a pair of Classic Hoops they're a little bit more Chunky make a little bit more of a Statement for a chunkier hoop earring They are very light they absolutely do Not feel heavy at all personally I Really don't like heavy earrings and These are so light but still give a Really nice wow factor and then I also Got this new ring in it's just Absolutely stunning and very minimal Very Timeless and that's why I love Anna Louisa jewelry I have pieces from them That are over 3 years old and they still Look perfect like their styles are very

Classic they'll never go out of style And they're very durable they do very Extensive testing on breakage and Tarnishing they also do have a 2-year Warranty on all of their pieces so if You're ever unsatisfied customer service Is fantastic they also have very fast And free shipping and then another piece That I got is this bracelet I've been Really really into bracelets lately so I've been picking up more pieces from Them uh I love this one I have this Other bracelet that I shared not too Long ago I'll put a clip here I've been Wearing that one so much so I wanted to Get another style from them and I love This one because it's a little bit more Subtle a little bit more minimal which Is really nice then I got these earrings In if you're not too into like thicker Hoops like this they have so many Different styles like very minimal a Little bit more bold um all very classic And Timeless another pair that I got are These very minimal Hoops they're a lot Smaller very dainty just so beautiful um Again very light and don't feel heavy at All I'll put the information right here On the screen but Anna Louisa is having A buy more save more sale it goes on From October 3rd all the way through the 19th I have all the details listed in The description box as well such a great Sale the more you buy the more you save

And now is a great time to stock up on Your favorite pieces and then the new Pieces that I got in as far as clothing I want to share so I have a lot of Pieces in from Quint I got to try out a Lot of their new fall arrivals that I am Beyond excited to share uh so first one Being is this v-neck fisherman crew so This is a Twist on their classic crew Neck fisherman sweater uh this is a v- Neckline and the fit of this one is Slightly different than the classic Version I would say this one is slightly More cropped in the front and then a Little bit longer in the back and I love That because when you front tuck it in Like this it makes it lay so perfectly Um I just love the way it looks when you Just do a cute little front tuck and the Length is actually so fantastic that you Can even have it untucked like this so I Think it's so petite friendly I love the V-neckline I think it looks very classic And Chic and uh this is a new sweater That came out with this fall so they Have it in black and then I think in a Brown beige or camel color um I got it In the classic black color you guys know That's my favorite color speaking of the Class CL fisherman crew I did pick it up In one of their new fall colors if you Look on their site they have so many new Colors this year for their classic Fisherman crew sweater this one the

Quality feels so Lux the fit is amazing It's very thick very warm and so stylish So I got it in this beautiful very light Beige color I think it just looks so Stunning this is a shade I look for when I'm looking for a beige sweater so I was So excited they came out in this color They also have a beautiful chocolate Brown color dark dark forced green uh so Many different shades to shoes from so If you just look on their site the F Classic fisherman crew has so many new Colors so but this one is my favorite Out of all the new ones they have so Great quality incredible price and I'm Wearing this in a size extra small and I Love the fit of it another new thing Quin came out with is a stripe sweater I've never seen one on their site uh This one I'm so excited about so it has A very similar fit to the v-neck Fisherman crew that I'm wearing um it's Just a little bit longer and the knit is Very similar if not the same as the Fisherman crew I'm wearing this in a Size extra small I would say it runs Pretty oversiz the quality of this is Honestly shocking truly I think Quinn's Products are just getting better and Better with fit and quality and the Pricing is so fair this sweater feels Legit like an over $100 sweater love the Way it looks and feels it has a really Nice cool relaxed fit to it uh it's

Thicker so it definitely keep you warm Great for fall and great for winter time Next up is this really Luxe cashmere Long sleeve sweater this is very thin And very stretchy but it is absolutely Not see-through so this keeps me so warm And for a cashmere sweater there is Absolutely zero itch like absolutely no Itch and I'm very sensitive to like Cashmere or wool sweaters jackets uh They can be pretty itchy for my skin This one has absolutely no itch this is The most Luxe and softest sweater I've Ever put on and that's saying a lot I Have a lot of sweaters and I feel like I've said that a lot before but this Tops it I didn't think it could top it But this tops like the softness and the Lux feeling it's truly incredible for Quin's product this is on the higher Price but it is a very very Lux sweater And then I also got the Henley version Of that same cashmir sweater uh this has The button detailing also feels just as Soft just as Lux so this one I think Looks a little bit more casual because It's a henley so it has the button Detailing uh this is great so if you Want something a little bit more casual Very easy to style very easy to layer Also keeps you so warm and then same as The brown one it has no itch at all if You are sensitive to itch and you want a Cashmere sweater that looks and feels

Really Lux with no itch I highly suggest These okay next up is this beautiful Gray sweater this is not from Quin this Is actually from revolve it's by the Brand Lovers and Friends uh one of my Favorite Brands uh revolve carries and Makes and this is a Splurge but I was so Drawn to this because of this beautiful Button detailing I think it really Elevates the top makes it look so High-end and expensive and Lux uh it's Also so soft and I love the fit of it uh Tucked in here I think it looks so Stunning wearing it with like a pair of Trousers I think looks amazing aming so This is definitely a Splurge but I love It it's so unique with the Pearl button Detailing and it's just again so Stunning love the v-neckline another Sweater this is actually quite similar To the fisherman crew from Quin but this One is actually from ever cromie this is Their Chenille sweater I have uh this Material in a cardigan from them that I Got about a month or so ago it's such a Soft material and I saw they came out With it in like a crew neckline sweater This one has a slightly more cropped fit Than the fisherman crew from Quint and It's also softer I would say this is More petite friendly but it is slightly More expensive but abber does sales all The time so I would say you can still Get this for a really really good price

Does have a more oversized fit to it it Has the drop shoulder uh definitely more Relaxed but it's a really soft crew Neckline sweater it comes in multiple Colors okay the next two pieces that I Wanted to share that I got from Quinn so If you guys notice I have been trying Out a lot of pants and trousers lately I've been really trying to find like the Best petite options and different pieces To share with you guys cuz pants Trousers are seriously the hardest to Find for petite body type so I picked up These from Quinn if you look online on The model they look really short and to Me I'm like okay that's probably petite Friendly inseam so I got them in and to Me they look like and fit like a 24 Probably 24 and 1/2 in inseam so they're Like right above my ankle bone I'm 5'1 For reference I went with a size too They fit perfectly I I would say these Are pretty close to Perfect Pants uh First of all the length A+ great I have No issues with the length and then I Love the rise it's a perfect high rise Sits right on my belly button here the Back it has a stretchy elastic waistband And the material is so amazing feels Very smooth almost sporty but not really It's just very elevated and very Polished a little bit of seams around The hips and then the pockets stay flat That's a big issue I noticed I have with

Pant is that the pockets stick out and It's such a pet peeve of mine um these I Am happy to report they don't do that And I think why I love these so much is That I don't get any pulling in my hip Area uh the length is perfect the Pockets don't stick out the rise is Perfect so I hate saying things are Perfect but I would say these are pretty Perfect I mean I so far I have no Complaints I've been wearing them a ton Especially going to church uh I think Think they look incredibly flattering in My waist and hips just how they lay and Sit then this jacket here so this is the Same material as the pants maybe not as Stretchy but pretty much the same exact Material and I love it paired together As you saw here that's almost like a set Uh I think it looks so cool so stylish And minimal the length is perfect it's Like a nice crop length and so petite Friendly I'm wearing this in an extra Small uh I love how it looks I actually Wore this outfit to Church the other day And I felt so stylish and so cool in it Um I just loved it paired together and Obviously you can wear it separately With like jeans and such the big pockets In the front it's something different Than from what I uh usually wear and Have and I've been having so much fun Wearing this I would say it's kind of Big on the sleeves as you can tell so it

Does run a little bit oversiz there just Wanted to point that out but otherwise It fits great everywhere else I love the Length of it I think it's just the Perfect cropped jacket length Okay and Then the next jacket I wanted to share Is this one from abber cromie so abber Cromie just came out with this beautiful Longer coat so they have this in this Beautiful light gray color a camel color And black so I'm wearing this in a Double extra small in the regular size Supposed to come in petite and Tall it Just they didn't have it in my size Available anymore they may have Restocked it by the time this video goes Live but it does come in petite and Tall If it's in stock got in the regular and I'm actually happy I did because I do Like it a little bit longer I do love Really long coats uh and I would say This is still petite friendly like it Fits really well in the shoulders the Seams the sleeve length isn't too long Either uh it comes with a belt it has Nice Deep Pockets it is unlined though As you can tell right here unlined but It is nice and thick and warm so I could See this working perfectly for fall you Can definitely transition it into winter But you might want to wear like a Thicker knit underneath it if it's Really cold and this reminds me so much Of my mango wool coats that I've been

Sharing a ton with you guys uh those are Definitely not as petite friendly They're quite oversized and large you Definitely have to go down a size in the Mango ones uh but the abomi version I Would say is more petite friendly for Sure uh especially the mango ones I Always have to tie it in the back so it Doesn't look so big and oversized in the Body uh this one I don't have to do that It doesn't run as oversized in the body I feel like the fit is a little bit more Classic but still kind of oversized but Long um the style that I really like so If you're looking for a coat like that The abami one is definitely petite Friendly even if you get it in the Regular like I'm wearing I would say It's really really nice last couple Things I wanted to share a couple dressy Pieces this pleated uh midi maxi skirt Uh for me it hits around my ankles uh It's so beautiful very flowy it is lined On the inside uh I would say it runs big On the waistline so I definitely have to Wear a belt with it on the waistline or I have to get it taken in if I'm not Planning on wearing a belt with it so Here how I styled it I'm wearing it with A belt so it sits up but the waist does Run pretty big so just FYI um I'm Wearing it in an extra small I love the Length of it I love how it's lighter Really flowy so it also be so pretty to

Wear during the holidays like I have it Styled here with a chunky knit I think This is a great skirt to wear for work As well if you want something more Dressy so beautiful very classic I think Comes in multiple colors and the price Is really fair so this is also from Quin Okay so this dress is definitely not for Everybody I feel like it's really sexy b Boom type of dress I fell in love with It hardcore it's a revolve piece and Just a little like tip or point if you Struggle finding petite friendly mini Dresses check revolve they have very Short dresses and the biggest complaint They get on their site is from women That are either average or tall that Their dresses are short so if you're Petite I think you'll find a lot of Beautiful petite friendly options that's Where I get most of my dresses nowadays Um they are a Splurge but they fit so Beautifully for petite where you really Don't need to do any like adjusting or Hemming this one is beautiful because It's really fitted around the waistline But then the skirt kind of flares out a Little bit I love how it's a Camy strap On one side and a little bit thicker on The other side has kind of like that Cowl neckline and the straps are also Adjustable I'm wearing this in a size Extra small fits true to size it has a Very feminine and sexy cut to it so if

You're looking for a very very sexy Stylish dress this is so so stunning I Love it and I cannot wait to wear it so We made it to the end of this video that Was some very minimal and classic Wardrobe pieces that are so petite Friendly great for fall and for winter Time nice thicker knits stuff that will Keep you really warm and some elevated And stylish pieces new pants that are so Petite friendly as always I have Everything Linked In the description box Below for you guys along with SI details What size I was wearing in each piece my Personal measurements so you can use That for your reference huge thank you For Anna Louisa for collaborating with Me on this video If you're looking for Some beautiful minimal and Timeless Jewelry pieces highly recommend checking Them out I've been recommending them for 3 years now only jewelry I wear and Recommend love them to Pieces reminder I Do have a code with them Elana 20 gets You 20% off their entire site you guys So much for watching this video love you Guys so much thank you so much for your Support and I'll see you next next time Bye