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Hi guys welcome back to another video Today I'm sharing my 13 best purchases Of 2023 I'm so excited I do this video Every single year if you missed it the Previous video that I shared was my 20 Best fashion purchases of 2023 U so I'll Link that video up here if you wanted to Check out this video but today I wanted To share things other than fashion so I'm sharing home items some beauty items And just items that I really enjoyed Having and using this year as always Everything will be linked down below if You wanted to check out anything for Yourself and let's go ahead and hop Right in okay so first up I want to Share is this knitted throw blanket are You guys sick of seeing it yet I'm not Sick of sharing it it is truly just like The most underrated blanket that I've Found it is so incredibly gorgeous and Stylish but also comfortable and the Quality is fabulous especially for the Price that they sell it for is truly Shocking um I said this the last time I Shared it but it reminds me of the $130 Pottery Barn knitted throw blanket but This one is $37 uh so this one is the Throw size so this is plenty big uh in My opinion uh but if you're planning on Getting one for your bed you might want To go for the larger size I think of the Two sizes comes in many colors next up Is this veggie Chopper I shared this in

My gift guide for her video I freaking Love this thing my only regret with it Is that I wish I got the larger size Because a lot of times I need to chop up Two onions sometimes one whole onion if It's a large one won't fit in here but You can do other things in here like Make guacamole make salsa in it I mainly Just use it to chop up onions so if you Are buying this I suggest go with the Medium or with the large size I Purchased the smallest one I really wish I got the largest one so that's just What I want to point out as you can see In the footages here I showed in real Time that it just dices up everything as Fine as you want it to be and I also put Garlic in here as well cannot recommend Enough and also if your eyes are so Sensitive to onions like mine I Literally just look at an onion and my Eyes are burning next up is this stov Top espresso maker now honestly this is Just we purchased this initially for Camping we did not realize how much we Would freaking love it until we started Using it this is like where we make our Coffee every single day now and here's The funny thing we have an $800 fancy all automatic espresso Machine prefer this over that here's Footages of my special machine there's Nothing wrong with it I love it I it Also went in my best purchases video

Like years ago I you know we still use It and love it for some reason coffee Has been tasting absolutely incredible In this one it also makes a difference Obviously what coffee you use this is my Favorite one here so this one is by Lavaza honestly if you've never tried The coffee before buy it thank me later It is truly the best coffee you will try In your entire life like a crazy coffee Expert I'm not like oh like a hint of Blueberry lavender like no that's not me I just want to taste good coffee and Then I'm good I don't really care about All the little details okay next up that Has been the best purchase of this year I can't actually like link this one but It's going to the thrift store when I'm Looking for Decor so this has been Definitely such a game changer for me Not only is it less expensive but it's Also way more unique cuz you don't know What you're going to find and it just Saves so much money and you can DIY a Lot of the stuff as well so back here um All my vases back here I thrifted from Goodwill and then I just repainted them With um chalk paint to give it a matte Finish and I actually shared tutorials For this on my Instagram page I did a Reals video just like a quick little Video just step by step how I did it so If you want to see how I diyd it um I Will have that video linked down below

Okay next up uh I shared this item in my Gift guide for her which I'm it's back Here I'm going to pull it out again it's The table Bible books by Alabaster I Love these I actually got several Comments from you guys saying that you Love these books too these came in a set Here so Psalms and Proverbs love them They are not only just gorgeous on the Outside and just look beautiful as just Like um a table book that just sits out But the inside is also gorgeous it has Tons of pictures it just looks so Beautiful very well curated you know has All the verses in there too they have Tons of different books of the Bible and I would say the price range is probably Like in the middle I mean I would say It's expensive cuz you're purchasing one Book at a time this is something I Suggest grabbing if you need some coffee Table books that you know look stylish But are actually useful like you Actually read it you actually will read These and I suggest grabbing your Favorite books of the Bible so that way You know your favorites are there that You'll easily grab read and then put Back they look gorgeous okay honestly You guys where have I been I recently Discovered the Charlotte Tilbury pillow Talkx cannot tell you how much I Freaking love this I mean normally I Don't put makeup in my best purchases of

The Year video because I feel like with Makeup it's like oh yeah it's good I Like it it's not something that I'm just Usually like wow at this lipstick is Like the prettiest shade I've ever put On myself I even have like the cheek one Um the liner it's just so freaking Gorgeous have I been this has been viral Bestselling for years and my stubborn Butt did not want to try or purchase it Oh my gosh next up these Jean buttons Have also been such a best purchase for Me didn't really bother me too much when My jeans were a little bit loose at the Waist Until I discovered these buttons when I Started using them now I get so Irritated when jeans are loose around my Waistline so I mean these are pretty Self-explanatory you just punch it into Your jeans right next to where the other Button is and then you button your jeans And it fits so much better if you Struggle with that with your jeans Highly recommend picking up those Buttons they have been a game changer For me and I just feel so much better Wearing the jeans it doesn't feel too Loose I feel snatched put together Anyways love them okay I'm so excited to Share this next one well you can see it It's a minimizer bra so I have two bras That I purchased this year that have Been my favorite one that I'm wearing

Not going to show it on actually both of These bras I'm not going to try it on For you guys cuz I want to expose myself Here so I'll just show it like this and Maybe a picture of the model so thank You to models for doing this for us but This one is a strapless minimizer bra And it comes with straps you can use the Straps if you want to uh I do both Sometimes I'll wear the straps sometimes I'll take it off it depends the top I'm Wearing but I love this bra it just is Comfortable for a strapless minimizer Bra that's fullbust friendly can I just Say it holds up the ladies I would say Pretty well I would rate it as like not Excellent I would say good doesn't look Too saggy that's the thing a lot of Times they have a fuller bust uh and you Wear strapl bra you get that sag so it's Not that fun so this one actually holds Them up really well my only complaint With this one is that the strap in the Back is pretty thick so you can kind of See it through your shirt if you're Wearing something really Slim other than That it's fabulous this one is what I'm Wearing so this one is more of like a Everyday a minimizer bra with the straps This one is wonderful this one I would Give five out of five to be honest it is So comfortable it's minimizing I mean It's kind of hard to tell with my Sweater on but um I'm wearing a size 32c

That's my size in this one say it's Pretty true to size the next one I have Here it's kind of heavy so but I'll try To pull it out for you guys anyways it's This Bissell Vacuum I got to say having a cat having Kids I love this this is absolutely Wonderful this is great if you need to Clean like your linen chairs or just Fabric chairs dining chairs your couch Like the armrests and everything this is Such a game changer best money I've Spent on a washable vacuum I really hate The the large clunky ones those are Great to rent I hate storing those but You know those are great obviously if You have like a carpeted home we have Hard flooring we only have like our Seating that's fabric so this works well Especially works great if you live in a Small space it doesn't take up much Space I mean here just compared to me And it does the job so well my only Complaint with this is that this part Here brush where you clean and scrub a Lot of times uh the water will drip out And will leave a puddle of water so That's my only complaint with it knock Off like honestly one star from it I Give it a four out of five stars but It's definitely so worth it okay next One I don't have with me but I shared I Think in the summertime it's this Hanging purse organizer oh my goodness I

Used to hang my purse just on a coat Hanger which was not the best way to Store purses it was so annoying getting Them in and out and they were Tangled a Bunch would fall off and it was just an Absolute mess so I was like you know What I've had it I purchased this Hanging organizer and it was honestly One of the best purchases I've made uh If it's in so many purses it's organized It's so easy to take them out put them Back in next up are these chains they Are purse chains so you can attach these To your Handbags and either make it a Shoulder bag cross body style I think it Comes in four different lengths I Purchased these again from Amazon like Everything in this video pretty much see It comes in a bunch of different lengths And I shared these a lot I think in the Summer I love these because I can dress Up my everyday bags and give them a more Like dressy like nighttime look I guess I should say uh I can make it into a Clutch if I want to cuz it comes like With a really short one I can do cross Body style shoulder style uh the color Is also so stunning and this is just Wonderful just to get more uses out of The bags that you already have dress Them up so this was such a fabulous Purchase that was very inexpensive oh my Goodness this next one bu this thank me Later these are uh blister bandages so

If you're breaking shoes in and you know An area where your foot gets blisters or If you're breaking shoes in and you're Starting to get blisters this is the Best item to keep in your purse because Nothing sucks more than having feet that Are in paint it has different areas of Your foot you can put it on I've used These several times to break shoes in And they've been such a game changer Like truly just saved my feet so that Brings it to the end of this video that Was 13 random best purchases of 2023 I Really hope you guys enjoyed seeing just These random little things that I have Been loving this entire year highly Recommend them as always they're all Linked down below if you wanted to check Anything out yourself thank you guys so Much for watching also happy New Year Hope you guys have a wonderful day Wonderful weekend stay safe fun and I Will see you guys in the New Year in my Next video which is a really good one so I'll see you then bye