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Hi guys welcome back to another video Today we're going over 12 of either the Best or the worst fashion trends of 2024 I like to make this video every year in The beginning of the year because it's Just fun to see what's going to be Popular what's trending what's Continuing to Trend now you guys know my Style is very minimal classic polished I Rarely incorporate Trends but when I do I feel like they really do reflect my Style and that's how I think you know Trends should be if you are Incorporating them into your style it's Something that it should reflect your Personal style and something that you See yourself wearing for years not just For this season and today in this video I do want you guys to let me know what Trends out of this list I'm sharing Today is the best and the worst so Please weigh on your opinions your Thoughts I will share mine as always so Let's go ahead and hop right in one that I've been noticing a lot lately is Pinstriped clothing so this one I don't Love it but I also don't hate it but I Have been seeing this specific pattern Print on very loose trendy oversized Items and I think that's where I'm not The biggest fan of it I think when it Comes to pinstripe clothing I love it on Just a classic fitted Blazer maybe a or A classic fitted suit with a pant and

Blazer um I think it looks great on Men's wear suits I can see it looking Great on females as well I don't know It's something I personally wouldn't Purchase for myself so like I said I Don't love it but I also don't hate it Next up is dark gray a specific color so I'm wearing that today here on my Bottoms um this one I actually Surprisingly been really loving you guys Know that I've shared that since the Fall time I've been really into it and You know I have pants now that are in a Darker gray color so these straight fit Pants from Ab cromie I love these I'm Going to link them down below I have Outo pieces in a dark gray color I have Sweaters now in a dark gray color and I Know dark gray is like technically a Neutral color it's a cooler tone uh so It's nothing like crazy but I do really Love it something different for me Because I don't have a lot of these Pieces pieces next up I've noticed this Was pretty trendy last year and I see it Carrying on this year for spring and Summer but it's the color butter yellow As they call it so literally exactly What the name is looks like a butter Yellow color um I see this in slip Dresses most often and for me I don't Love it but I don't hate it I actually Think it looks gorgeous especially Putting this color on more updated

Wardrobe pieces like Silk slip dresses I Think they look honestly phenomenal and And I could see this looking really Beautiful on so many different women That have you know different skin tones And types I'm not sure about myself what Do you guys think I mean I have very Dark hair dark features I'm curious if The butter yellow color would look good On me I don't know if I'm bold enough to Purchase this color to be honest I'm not Sure but I wouldn't mind trying it out On myself next up this has been blowing Up like crazy but knee high riding boots I have been seeing this pop up so much I Got hooked onto the trend real quick and This is something I kind of feel like It's not super trendy it's honestly just Like a classic wardrobe staple that has Become really popular and that's totally Fine because you know what I have so Many options to choose from now and I Purchased these ones by Tommy Hil friger Uh this price was really affordable Price point I really wanted to get a Riding boot that was at an affordable Price point because I wasn't sure how Often I was going to wear it I didn't Want to invest into like a three $400 Pair that's genuine leather uh if I Didn't know if I was going to wear it Often now I do know I wear it all the Freaking time it's wonderful for fall And winter keeps me warm looks super

Stylish this one specifically I love That it has like a little Buckle around The ankle so it elevates a little bit But in a very classy and subtle way so This next one I think it has to be done A very specific way for at least for me To personally really like it but a huge Thing I've been seeing popular late last Year and into this year is bags with Unexpected shapes so here's some you Know pictures images here just really Interesting designs really interesting Shapes just give more of a wow factor to Your outfit I do like about these purses Specifically these unexpected shapes are Typically structured they look polished They're very minimal so that's where I'm Like okay I see this looking actually Really nice unique very interesting at The same time and accessories is a Really easy way and usually an Inexpensive way to your style kind of Revamp it or fresh it up a little bit if You want to now there are some styles That I'm personally not a fan of that's Just like a little too much but if it's Done in a subtle way very minimal and Simple way I don't mind purses bags with A different unique shape that you don't Normally see often so next up are mini Hems this one to me also it depends so I Think it's kind of gotten maybe a little Too extreme The Minis I've been seeing Is really really mini to where it's not

Really wearable I love mini styles but Just sharing some footages here this is As mini as I would go and I wouldn't Wear this on a day-to-day basis Obviously you know this is something I Would wear when it would make a little Bit more sense for the day try to make Sure there's built-in shorts on the Inside because it just makes a little Bit more comfortable throughout the day As far as mini Styles I love it but just Making sure it's not over-the-top mini Style hair bow is a big one this has Been popping up so much and I think it Really popped up during the holiday Season and personally I love it I think they're absolutely Adorable I think they're so cute feel Like this is an item that you probably Either love it or you hate it I Personally love it I don't wear them too Often actually I kind of have trouble With a lot of hair bows they kind of Just slide off my hair that's just been Kind of my issue lately aside from that I just I think they're adorable I think They're fun I love accessories you know Purses bags scarves hair bows headbands Even sometimes belts like all the Accessories I love them because it Really adds more interest and style to Your outfit and you can really pick and Choose what reflects your personal style Next up is velour and I hope I'm

Pronouncing that correctly this really Brings me back to the 2000 where you Would see like that juicy tracksuit it's Really popular is like the velour sets Like sweat set you'll see it in like the Top and pants set or I've seen Lululemon Carry like the sweatshirt options and I Think the pants option too as like a set Personally this is a no for me I'm not Into it it just even though the Styles The cut the design is done in a more Modern fresh way it's still not enough For me to love it okay let's quickly Talk about quiet luxury or old money Style I've done a video where I title This not going to lie let's be real here I added that title to a video but I did Some a little bit of research a little Bit of digging like what's the Difference like why it's so special There's a slight difference to it when It comes to like a classic Classy polish style and quiet luxury or Old money there's like a slight Difference to it but honestly I Personally think it's just a trendy Fancy name people use now just really Define a polished classic classy style Outfits I see when people are like oh my Old money outfit idea I'm like this is What I have been wearing for the past 5 Years I mean it's like just putting a New name on something however I do love The style I obviously you guys know I

Love class I love minimal I love Chic I Love polish and structure put together Styles I love that and the fact that This style these wardrobe pieces are Becoming trendy I got to say I love it This gives a lot of women who love this Style already who have naturally loved It for years or decades options to Choose from now if they're looking for More clothing want to update their Wardrobe a bit this gives so many more Options variety the fact that more People are dressing in this style I got To say I love it it's great okay this Next next one I hate it are the most I'm Sorry like ugliest jeans I've ever seen It's the barrel jeans like if you could Make the most unflattering jeans of your Life it's this style I think it's very Unflattering on a women and let's be Real if men wear it I'm sorry it's Completely unflattering too it just adds So much emphasis to the bottom half and So much bulk and exaggeration there on The legs I just things are just better Left on the Rock left on the store let's Talk about a couple popular sneakers That I've seen pop up so one I feel like It's been trendy for at least a year at Least a year the dad sneakers the New Balance dad sneakers uh there's New Balances like this that are done a Little bit more feminine look a little Bit more modern classic simple that is

Not too much but then there's Styles Like this I hate these appreciate them On Grandpa on Dad's think it's a little Too masculine a little too manly it's Just like I don't I think this is just Best left for the dads the Gramps I Could definitely appreciate it on them Next up this has been very very popular Adidas Somas I think I'm saying that Correctly but um this I have to say I Don't love it but I don't hate it and I Think one of the reasons why is because I have so many other sneakers that I Love and that just reflect my personal Style a little bit more like for a white Sneaker with some black accents I love Vasas obsessed with them like they are My favorite white sneaker that really Just elevates outfits and honestly just That one is great for me I really feel Like I don't need to try out any more or Have any more in my collection as of now I love them and the SAS they come in so Many different colors varieties a little Bit of different styles and if this is Something you love that's great I don't Think they look bad at all I I truly Don't think they look bad they're just Not for me next up very very chunky Platform shoes sneakers you guys let me Know yay nay yes no personally I do like A platform but not too much like there's Some that are there like chunky platform And I'm just like no no no no it's a

Little too much it's taking something That's great for petites but then taking It to the extreme where it looks a Little funny kind of like you have Cement blocks or dinosaur feet I have to Say can you guys let me know what you Think of this one too I've had such a Hate for this for so long chunky form Loafers I cannot get myself to like These I seen them styled so many Different ways that's why because I'm Not a big fan of loafers on myself just In general even just like the very Classic simple ones I don't think they Look bad just not for me they're just Not my style I appreciate them on others But then you add like this chunky Oversized form to it this just makes me Dislike it even more adding a platform To some things works well some things it Just doesn't work I know people love Trying unique different things but again This is a thing that is trendy for a bit You'll hate it later it's just going to Have such a short period of time and It's just such a waste but as always Wear what you love and what you feel Your most and best confident in ignore The noise do what you love wear what you Love this is just my personal opinion on One thing but again let me know what you Guys think I love you guys so much thank You for taking the time to watch this Video hopefully it was fun and

Entertaining and I'll see you in my next One bye