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In this video I'm sharing the best bras And tops for Fuller bus and specifically Bras and tops that'll flatter and really Minimize a fuller chest size now if this Is something you want to do and are Interested in hearing then definitely Stick around for this video I personally Am the type of person that doesn't like Showing them off having them be large And in charge if you love doing that This video is not for you just letting You know but I personally just love Minimizing them that way I feel my best At the end of the day I think every Woman should dress how they feel their Best so anyways I'm a 30e I feel like You can never tell that's my size with So many fun tricks and great bras that I Wear and fun tricks that I do so that's What I want to share in this video Everything that I share will be linked Down below so let's go ahead and hop Right in now before we get into the tops I want to share that are great for Fuller busted ladies we need to talk About bras cuz I really do believe bras The most important thing in flattering Minimizing your breast size right now I'm wearing wear ing my favorite one I've been recommending for a year now It's a minimizer bra um sorry I can't Really open it up here cuz my um Microphone is attached but on this side Here it's a minimizer bra it's a

Strapless version but it comes with Straps I'm currently wearing the straps With it what I love about it it has this Boning in the center so a lot of Minimizer bras kind of Squish your Breasts and make them look like a Uniboob a pancake this one actually has That boning in the center so it actually Separates your breast and makes them Look natural but minimizes them at the Same time so Clips here from Amazon That's where I got it and actually I Believe all of these bras are Inexpensive I think they're all from Amazon they're absolutely wonderful and I just want to let you know you don't Have to spend $60 plus dollars on a good Bra if you have big breasts I have Learned that you can find bras just the Same quality as those bras but for less Like I'm sharing today so this minimizer Bra is wonderful if you're going to pick One bra from this entire video I would Recommend this one this is my everyday Bra right now since I've been wanting to Really flatten them out and kind of Minimize them since they're really big Now and this one I also love this is the Older one that I have I need to buy this In a bigger size now uh this is also a Minimizer bra now one concern a lot of Women have is nips showing and I've Always recommended unline bras as a Fuller bus because any bras with padding

In them will emphasize the size make Them look bigger than they actually are So everything that I'm sharing is Unlined as well as this one however if You're concerned about your nipples um I Recommend this bra because is unlined However the fabric of it is thicker the Coverage is much better when we're Concerned about the nipple coverage so If you're looking for something a little Bit thicker but not paded this minimizer Bra is fantastic and what I love about This one as well is that it really Separates your breasts a lot of bras Essentially you get this when bras Aren't your correct size is they kind of Squish together and your cleavage is Exposed you can avoid that by getting The right size bra and the prop proper Type of bra to help separate them cuz I Love the spread I love when it's Separated now if you want something a Little bit more sexy I love these lace Ones I mean they're completely sheer Lace uh this is advertised as a Minimizer bra however I think that is False I don't think it gives a Minimizing effect compared to the other Ones I've shared but aside from that it Is a wonderful bro so I do love how Supportive it is how gorgeous it looks Um it is very comfortable although I do Think the lace is just has a slight itch To it so if you're sensitive to itch

This may not be the one for you but it Is pric really really well especially For the quality it's incredible last one I love is this halter style bra so it Actually clasps in the front and Honestly if you have big breast you Could probably agree with me that having A clasp in the front like this is Absolutely wonderful getting a bra on Cuz it's so hard clasping it in the back When you have like four hooks to get on It's just not ideal so it's so Convenient having that front clasp there What I love about this this one is Stretchy so if your breasts are Continually changing in size like mine This actually helps you wear the same Bra even though your breast cup size is Changing so for example for me I'm Pregnant so my cup size is continuously Changing so I find myself pulling out This one a lot because it stretches and I can extend wearing this bra for long Longer until I really need to go up a Size also I think this one helps with The spread the best really helps Separate them so they're not so close Together where you get that cleavage and Also when they're so close together you Guys you probably know what I'm talking About you get so much sweat there and It's just so gross I don't like it so It's I just love the spread this one Helps with the spread the best so those

Are my top bra recommendations I believe Those are all budget friendly first top I want to share is this tank that I'm Wearing so this one is by one of my Newest favorite Brands called nude so This tank and their bodysuit these two Fabrics are very similar if not the same Cuz they kind of have a compressive Fabric so it actually helps flatten out Your chest which is so cool so one style Of a top I love for Fuller busted women Love tanks with thick straps and it also Helps minimize this see I have the open Neckline I have the thicker straps so There's a little bit more fabric there But I'm still exposing neckline which is Also great for big breasted women and Fabric and this top is a little bit Compressive so it helps kind of flatten Everything out and then you combine it With the right bra oh my goodness the Magic combination and then especially if You wear like a cro jacket like this Mentioned in other videos is fabulous if You have a fuller bus because it has the Large lapels uh that really distract the Eye from the breast size so if you wear The right bra the right top the right Ouward piece with the visual lines and The large lapels the large collars here As well overall ear breasts look way Small smaller than a 30e in my case Which is like the coolest hacks you put It all together I've you know finally

Put together outfits I feel absolutely Fabulous and so comfortable in one brand I want to highlight uh that I love for Fuller bus friendly pieces petite Friendly pieces and pieces that are also Modest at the same time is goelia so I've shared these before this tank is Fabulous because it's an open neckline But it's not too low where my cleavage Is just so exposed so it's modest but Very feminine at the same time with a Little bit of open neckline and it Really is petite friendly and Fuller Bust friendly at the same time has a lot Of stretch to it and then this Sleeveless one is fabulous because it Has a zipper for an open neckline and Then you have the wide collars which Also helps distract the eye from your Fuller bust and also the fit of this Isn't super tight uh but it's not so big And loose and then you have exposure With skin and the sleeves um it's Sleeveless you put that all together um It doesn't look like I have a 30e I mean Like the fit of it I think is more Relaxed so it really helps with that too And then what you can also do is pop on Just like an outer piece that has a Straight visual line so this is another Great one to keep in mind if you want to Wear like a knitted top uh but it has The open neckline this one I also love Because you have that open neck line but

Again it's not too low like I mentioned With goelia pieces um they're modest but You still get that open neckline but Your cleavage isn't so exposed I think This one is also great for Fuller bust The buttons they go down here and I Think visually that helps distract the Eye from a fuller bust cuz you get that Visual line has nice little pockets in The front here as well as an open Neckline and it's fitted as at the same Time and you wear like a minimizer bra Or just a regular bra and it's Incredibly flattering another type of Top I love for Fuller bus is collared Blouses button up button- down blouses Uh especially when they have like a Thinner more delicate fabric is So amazing for a fuller bus because you Don't have so much bulk and fabric there That you know a lot of times emphasizes A fuller bus now if you wear the right Bra that fits perfectly on you combine It with looser fit more drapey blouse Like this it looks absolutely amazing And then I wanted to highlight this Cardigan cuz I really love it um what I Really like about this one is that it Has this straight visual line which is Great again for Fuller bus here's an Outfit me wearing this with a striped Tank um I think this is honestly Fabulous on whatever body type you have Whatever breast size you have petite

Regular maybe tall the way it lays and Drapes on looks very flattering I also Love the ribbing detail to it it has big Pockets and it's just kind of slouchy And comfy without looking so frumpy and Oversized last top I wanted to share is This one from saon thing I found that Looks really flattering if you have big Breasts is getting a crew neckline top That's fitted structured and the seams On the shoulders actually hit on the Shoulder is not really like a drop Shoulder cuz a lot of these drop Shoulder tops and sweaters up add a lot Of fabric around your bus line therefore It can really emphasize the chest size So I do wear those sweaters and tops as Long as I feel great in them I'm fine Tops like this are great to keep in mind Uh so I would just keep in mind of the Stru making sure they're structured uh The seams on the shoulders are right on The shoulders there's no drop shoulder Going on and they're just fitted and Also I want to point out you know these Bras are great for me but you also want To pay attention to the shape of your Breast I think a lot of people don't Talk about that a lot but there's so Many different breast shapes I'm not Going to put it here a picture cuz I Think that'll demonetize this video Something I highly recommend women with Big breasts to look into is finding out

What their breast shape is and also Paying attention making sure you get the Right size and if you're interested in Minimizing them minimizer bras are my Absolute favorites so anyways I really Hope hope this video was helpful you got Some good information good tips good Product recommendations as always Everything will be linked down below I Love you guys so much thank you so much For your love and support and I'll see You next time bye