Hey everyone! Today I am with celebrity hair stylist Jason Collier who kindly invited me to have my hair done by him! He created an amazing Kim Kardashian inspired hairstyle! Please give this video a thumbs up if you liked it & subscribe for more!

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[Music] Do [Music] So i’m here at cabela london with jason He’s kindly invited me to do my hair for This video today he’s a celebrity hair Stylist Nice to meet you take a seat So what we’re doing today Well i had a photo of something that i Had in mind so it’s this kim kardashian Kind of Sleek ponytail look would you call it Yeah it’s kind of like a high ponytail Prideful with a bit of a kind of a sleek Fringe and then just really soft Beautiful very kind of polished waves This is pretty much in fashion at the Moment or it’s very much on trend like It’s literally everywhere because it’s Kind of super instagrammable but it’s Kind of super sleek and shiny and like Shiny Glossy hair is like full-on at the Moment Great yeah Yeah perfect follow me let’s get you Shampoos [Music] [Music] Or some of my like die-hard clients need Me um but at the moment probably average About two days a month yeah um And then i do some work over in another

Salon where we do like a lot of the drag Race And Um Strictly come dancing mark singer we do All the tv stuff for that That’s amazing yeah keep me busy Definitely whereabouts is that uh angel Isn’t it So do you find it’s always better to Wash the hair first and then do your Style personally i do Because i like to kind of get a nice Clean gloss and be able to set it yeah And some people prefer to kind of style It when it already has a little bit of Dirt to it yeah but i just feel like I need it fresh Massages Yeah It’s crazy actually though it’s a Massage [Music] So what we’re adding now So this is just like a mineral water Which is just going to help kind of Rebalance all the minerals and the Vitamins in the hair [Music] And then we’re just going to use like a Prepping lotion which is just going to [Music] No it’s the building blocks each section Has to be built in the right way to get

It all to kind of stick together Otherwise it’ll just fall apart and Unhold [Music] More than anything So like i started my career with cabela When i was 18. Yeah And we were up in Selfridges at the time And yeah he’s just hot love really like Just right time right place [Music] And i always say The ability You need to learn is not to say no yeah Because sometimes people always argue Exactly Who it’s for And You just never know who you’re gonna be Like and so many times you have Their pas or someone come in and be like Oh we need 74 blow dry six o’clock in The morning do you have anybody and you Just need to learn to say yes Because you never know who that person Is the most famous person that you’ve Done I think it depends on people’s um Narrative vision of faith you know like It’s done like people from family to Like victoria back into

Drag race you know like it covers Everything So it all kind of depends on Who you see is famous what would you say Is the kind of craziest hairstyle Craziest and probably Like but my absolute favorite because i Was doing like a hair show in russia And we did like um Like zebra prince On like a Shaved head which was really really Gorgeous [Music] Do you know what like that’s what i Always say like Hair is just hair i don’t really care It’s really more or less about making A client happy [Music] Everybody wants like beautiful Sexy ways you know And everybody’s kind of obsessed with Kimchi and [Music] I don’t know actually at the moment Like it’s kind of All stolen like people are kind of Waiting the same thing with fashion Really at the moment as well isn’t it It’s all of it Yeah also people are changing What they want So is there one product which you

Absolutely swear by that you recommend Everyone okay My favorite is shine But If you put too much on You want like literally just what i can Do is not spray directly on the hair Throw it in my hands and then lightly Run it through because people tend to Just like do that and then it’s like a River Of glass on top So how do you achieve the perfect weight So the trick was achieved in the perfect Wave is all in the angle that you hold There and i always tend to use kind of a Medium barrel tongue And you almost want to hold it vertical And wrap it around And then just remember to leave the end Out Because what you want to do is you Always want to create a curl But it needs to be flat If that makes sense [Music] So now we’ve kind of worked through our Waves what we’re going to do is we’re Going to start to add in the hair Extensions start to brush that out into Shape and set it where we want it and Then from there we’ll start to work on The ponytail at that little bit of Height and give a little juice

[Music] So you mentioned that you work with a Lot of drag race kind of Things what are they like kind of In the seat of you Um they’re pretty normal you know Like yeah I think sometimes when A lot of people do those shows fame can Go to their head but they are still Literally Just really normal people and i think The great thing about them is Is because They do all this and they have that kind Of tv persona yeah they’re kind of not Recognized on a day-to-day basis Sometimes Which is kind of Nice for them like they can kind of Switch off from work [Music] You Mentioned strictly and things like that As well how was that What was the experience [Music] It’s fun Like all that kind of stuff is super Super fun so Like i really really don’t mind but it’s More like The teams and stuff which is always fun [Music]

This is like a traditional hairpin which Would normally kind of clip in to kind Of sculpt the hair in and all we’re Doing Is bending it So we kind of create that shape and it Basically creates a shelf Which you can then Pop Inside A little bit of Lift So when you spread it Yeah it then comes in Then just creates that nice little shelf Gives you that little height [Music] And then what you want to do is just Brush in The ponytail So it connects into the rest of the hair So it feels like it flows So what kind of tips would you recommend For someone trying to do this part hope So i think this part would be a little Bit Difficult to get this is all about the Setting And it literally It just comes behind the ear and then Just joins into the rest of the hair and Hides so what we tend to do is what we Want to do is put in the shape So what we’ll do is just come into yeah

[Music] Trying to get a little bit of [Music] Smoothness [Music] [Music] Just to kind of get rid of all those fly Aways [Music] And then as we start to come along I’m just going to use some of these flat Clips so these your black clips i see Yes these are my [Music] So is this something that’s going to be Out Yeah as soon as i kind of like spend Some more time I’m happy with the way they are [Music] Is we want to bring The weight underneath Just lightly clip into place And then brush in To the rest of the hair So it just disappears Into shape [Music] [Music] Nice to meet you [Music]