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Hi guys welcome back to another video so Today I have a fun very petite friendly Try on haul for you guys so I have Partnered with goelia again and they Have become one of my favorite Brands to Shop at truly I'm just so impressed with The quality of their pieces the style of Their pieces they're very modest classy Chic stylish as well as their pieces are Shockingly petite friendly the more I Order through them the more pieces I try I'm just truly impressed with how PE Friendly they are and before I jump into The video I always have a code with Goelia it's Elana 25 that gives you 25% Off their sight okay so first let's Start with a couple trench coats because These are very very petite friendly and They're just so gorgeous so this is the Wool trench coat this is actually made Up of 100% wool and then the lining on The inside is 100% polyester so one Thing that really stood out to me with This trench coat like the color is Perfection sometimes it can be hard to Find a really beautiful aaki color That's very classic and timeless this Nails it and I also love the dark Buttons the buttons really pop out and Stand out there's a lot of them too it Just really elevates it collars are Structured as well so they lay flat and Perfectly and that's why biggest thing Why I love this too is because the

Collar doesn't get messed up or frumpy Looking it stays put like this okay so One of the biggest Trends I've been Seeing out there are cropped trench Coats I have been on the hunt since I Noticed this has become popular but they Are all very crumpy oversized is way too Trendy looking something that's just not My personal style preference here it is I know it looks really cropped but if You put it on yourself especially if Your petite it just goes perfectly with Your high-waisted jeans so I have it Styled with light wash jeans and then I Can even pop it on right now these jeans That I'm wearing these black ones are an Ultra highrise so they go even better With this crop trench coat it's just Gorgeous I love the length I'm not sure How this would work if you're tall um But for reference I'm 5'1 and for petite I actually have a really long torso so That's why you'll see me wear a lot of Really highrise jeans and like this I Feel like is perfect the buttons are Gorgeous I has buttons on the sleeves Here and it's just very minimal very Simple the color is gorgeous it has Almost like a I would call it like a Khaki SL greenish color um more on the Khaki side but it definitely kind of has Like a greenish tint to it which is Really pretty and for a crop trench I Love this this is exactly what I've been

Looking for and also I want to quickly Mention cuz I know a lot of you guys Appreciate it when I share like what the Materials are made out of so uh the long Trench Co is 100% wool uh this crop one Is 95% wool and 5% elastine and then the Lining on the inside is polyester so That's the material of this one uh super Stylish I think this would be so perfect For Springtime I I mean just wearing it With lightwash jeans or even black jeans You can even pair it with like a mini Skirt this would be such a really easy Versatile piece to style for spring and Summer it's pretty lightweight next up Is this vintage style crop jacket this Is so gorgeous actually we put it on Look at the sleeves okay first can we Appreciate the sleeves look look at that It's not too long it it'll never be too Short for me let's just be real but it's Not too long I mean look at That can we just appreciate how well This fits and I'm 51 this is so rare to Come across and as you guys can tell it Has a sparkle to it it's so so so Stunning definitely really elevated for Like a crop jacket like this it still Has like a really nice modern flare to It because it's cropped the buttons are Gorgeous here material is wool polyester And cotton so it's like a main mixture Of those uh very warm very classic super Stylish completely obsessed so if you've

Been wanting like an elevated jacket Especially with this gorgeous Sparkle to It this is it next up is this gorgeous Wrap coat so this is mostly made up of Wool 81% wool to be exact it's uh I Would say the weight is like a medium Weight it's not thin but it's not thick It is unlined on the inside so this is Great to wear if your Winters again are More mild actually surprisingly this Year here in Washington we've actually Been having quite a warm winter which is Really shocking it usually isn't like That having outerwear pieces like this Has been perfect cuz I don't get too hot I stay warm enough that's appropriate For the temperature so just slightly Cinches in around the waistline and then Another little subtle detail I love About this is on the belt at the tips There's like this Gold Hardware which Really elevates it in a very subtle way Which I actually really love I love just Tiny little details like this I would Say this is completely petite friendly Like super super petite friendly let me Put it on here I mean I'm sharing try on Clips but here live I mean it's just Gorgeous look at the sleeves I mean can We appreciate that that's amazing I am Wearing this in a double extra small for Reference I normally don't like wrapping My coats jackets but this one I would I Think it looks so pretty wrapped up like

This I can even tuck in one of the Collars in like this so keep my neck Warmer but look how stylish that looks Like very classy next up is something Really different and unique in my Wardrobe is this like coffee brown CR Jacket so this is made up of 71% wool And again I love the detail in this I Love the color uh I love the buttons They're just really gorgeous sleeve Length can't mean can we appreciate that Again I mean it's just so wonderful the Shoulders is great I think I'm wearing This in an extra small I love the length Perfect length um me being 5'1 like Right around my hipbone here so it Doesn't take off too much length from my Legs um I wear it open like this so you Can show so I can show off my waistline A little bit know one of my favorite Colors I have been you know Incorporating this past fall and winter Is Brown I Love It I feel like it's a Nice way to update my wardrobe but in a Very minimal simple ways but Brown is Just another nice addition that goes Great with the other colors I have in my Wardrobe so anyways I love the style This looks very vintage so if you like Vintage I think you'll like this it's Also really really warm okay I feel like I don't share a lot of puffers on this Channel which is surprising I live in Washington state literally you go out

Everybody's wearing either a puffer vest Or a jacket here's one that I fell in Love with from goelia so this is their Goose down like shorter this is made up Of 85% down and then the other 15% is Down fibers and small feathers it is Incredibly warm really comfy and so PE Friendly so what I love also it has um Thumb holes in the sleeve so I love that You can also cinch in the sleeves as Well it has some velcro there so you can Make them tighter if you need to and one Of the biggest things or if not the Biggest thing I love about this coat is On the waistline it has this belt and You can really cinch it in to highlight Your waistline I it's one of the most Flattering puffer jackets I've ever come Across also this coat has an interior Pocket and I really appreciate outo Pieces that have interior Pockets cuz Especially if I'm wearing like a puffer Jacket like this I'm usually not Carrying my purse so it's nice keeping Like my wallet or my phone in here Something that's like tucked away and Secure and out of all the puffer jackets I've tried this is one of the prettiest Ones that I have I also love this color And the subtle touches of black in it um I think it gives a little bit of a Modern look I love the length I mean Covers my back completely it's not Cropped so something that I can wear in

The snow and stay really warm up is what I'm wearing uh this is the machine Washable wool sweater I have several of These sweaters are from goia I'm sharing Another one here in just a bit the Striped one what I love about it is how Thin it is like I love that and the fact That it's 100% wool and thin I still get That warmth especially in an area where I live I don't necessarily need to be Wearing like super thick chunky knits All the time like something like this Goes great it also makes it like I've Always said so much easier to layer with Outdo pieces like I don't feel too Stuffy but because it's made up of 100% Wool I get that warmth next up is this Striped wool sweater so the neckline of This one is different than the black one That I'm wearing so this is a boat Neckline which is really pretty and Obviously this is stripes and the really Pretty part about this too is that the Stripes the brown camel stripes are Sparkly so if you like a little Sparkle This is really fun and I really like the Color combination of this so white and Then Brown I think this goes great for Pretty much every single season of the Year you can easily wear this for spring Wear it for fall you can wear it for Winter the colors are just beautiful Really easy to style such a good classic And basic and again this the same thing

It's really thin and really stretchy um So easy to layer great to tuck in petite Friendly okay next up is a cotton tank This is made up of 61% cotton and I know This is definitely premature to share Cuz this is more of like a spring summer Item but I did want to share it because It's so gorgeous I mean I know it's Really simple and I'm sharing more Stripes like shocker but again great Layering piece and look how peti Friendly that is I mean the length of it Is perfect really easy to tuck in I Would say this is thicker than the the Wool sweaters I just shared this has a Thicker knit to it um but it's not too Thick but it still looks really polished Really put together uh the white is not See-through it's just all around Beautiful and a really great basic that I think will be really fun to add um Into your wardrobe for the spring and Summertime next up is this uh zipper Collar vest so something sleevess so This is different than my other striped Shirts and sweaters it has no sleeves It's a vest I think this is again going To be so fun for spring uh and and you Can you know obviously transition this To other seasons and if you want to wear It now you could layer like a black long Sleeve underneath this I think that Would look really cool of this isn't too Long so uh I usually fold it in and

Actually the structure of it and the Hemline of it stays put if you actually Just fold it in but just folding it out That's the length of it and I would say It looks great normally I would just Fold it in just to show off my waistline A little bit more and the arm holes are Kind of big so if your BR shows you Might want to wear like maybe a tank Underneath it or something something Just to kind of hide it okay so next up Are these faux leather brown shorts I've Been loving shorts a lot for fall and Winter and I normally layer tights Underneath it wear knee high boots and a Really pretty outerwear piece with it And this has kind of been one of my Favorite outfit combinations to repeat In different ways nice they have an A-line cut so cinched at the waist kind Of flare out a little bit out the hips And thighs so it has that A-line look Which is really flattering and then on The waistline the back of it is stretchy And I love this chocolate brown color You guys know like I said it's been my Favorite color to wear in style lately It also has these full pockets in the Back too so elevates it a little bit More and for reference I'm wearing a Size 25 um I would say these fit really Well so they're not too loose around my Waistline they sit well uh they're not Too tight or too loose around my thigh

So overall really great short super Stylish guys so that is it for this Video that was some new pieces that I Got in from goelia that are so petite Friendly like truly impressive every Haul I do with them I just get more Impressed every single time I've been Getting lots of positive feedback from You guys saying how much you love their Pieces I feel the same way truly Impressed like the outo pieces just Really just take the cake I'm so Impressed with them um at least the ones That I've been sharing here so anyways Like I mentioned earlier all of this Will be linked down below along with What size I was wearing my discount code Don't forget to use that at checkout Elana 25 to get 25% off the site and Again big thank you to gelia for Collaborating with me thank you guys so Much for your love and support and Watching this video and I'll see you in My next one bye