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Hi guys welcome back to today's video so I'm so excited to be sharing some classy Petite outfit ideas and wait till you See all of these outfits all of these Clothing pieces I am so excited to be Partnering with goelia for this video Everything will be linked down below if You happen to be interested in anything And I do have a discount code with them It's ilana25 and that'll give you 25 off Their entire site let's go ahead and Dive Right In I'm going to start with This first outfit which I believe this Is their best selling piece on their Site I had to get my hands on it to me It just screams class it looks so Luxurious and I love the button Detailing so this comes as a set I would Say this is totally true to size so Again this is outfit number one the Button detailing is just phenomenal so Classy so beautiful very high quality at The same time and it's not see-through As well and I'm wearing this piece in a Extra small the skirt is actually a Skort so it looks like a skirt in the Front but it's actually short so this This is really great very classy Sophisticated piece but yet that's still Very wearable because they're shorts I Just makes it a little bit easier to get Around for the day and a lot of you guys Probably know that I love tucking in my Tops I'm just like the cropped tucking

In shirts type of girl because I just Love highlighting my waistline but with This one I love it like this I Definitely wouldn't Um tuck this in or anything just the way It lays is just fitted not too tight not Too loose and just the way it's all Designed and cut is just done very well And the sleeves I love how there's like The little button detail on the side and Then they're not too tight not too loose I highly recommend this set I love how It comes in a set too you can wear it Separately as well I mean you're not Limited to just wearing it like this so The next outfit is I'm wearing these Shorts with this striped tank and when I Saw this on their side I mean you guys Know I'm such a Stripes girl clearly I Have one right next to me here I'm I'm Going to share in a moment but it I had To pick up a striped shirt I think it's Just very Parisian very French again Classy elegant and I love this one Actually gonna pull it out here uh this Material was different than what I Expected but in an amazing way it's Thinner very lightweight and super Stretchy like I think this is very size Forgiving Um I went with the smallest size it Comes in either extra small or small I'll put down what size I wore in each Piece in the description box if you want

To use that for reference but it is so Stretchy very soft and just like hugs Your body and looks absolutely Incredible I love the neckline how Lightweight and Breezy this is I can see You know wearing this in the summer time Is fantastic in the springtime and in The fall time right now as we're Transitioning into cooler weather soon This will be perfect for fall I'm very Excited about this piece I highly Recommend it it is so well made so Classy I'm going to bring out this Beautiful skirt with this amazing button Detailing over here it's a little bit Pleated on the side it's almost like That wrap style and then it has this Gorgeous button detailing here uh it's In that A-line cut and silhouette skirt Is a little bit on the longer side so if You do like a little bit more coverage a Little bit more length I think you'll Really like this and I love again the Button detailing it has a little bit of Pleating on the side as well it's that Wrap style so it has built-in shorts on The inside so it's a skirt but with Built-in shorts which I appreciate I Think we can all agree it's just so much More wearable that way and you feel just A little bit extra secure you know so I Love that and I paired it with this tank I think it looks so beautiful so French So classy thing I notice about skirts

Like this that have very elegant button Detailing make the item look so Expensive make it look so luxurious and Very classy so I love buttons clearly a Lot of their pieces you'll notice when You go through their site they really Pay attention to button detailing and Placing it on their their clothing Because it really does give that Luxurious classy look and then the next Way I want to style this beautiful skirt Is with this bow tie ribbon blouse uh This together I think again looks very Classy very elegant what I love about This blouse is you can make a beautiful Bow right on your neckline I think that Looks very classy very sophisticated I've mentioned that before I think it Looks just absolutely phenomenal and I Love how the ribbons here they're not so Oversized or frumpy they're very Lightweight very elegant and when you Tie it on it doesn't look like it's too Much fabric on your chest which is Amazing and then there's also this Beading detail on the seams and I think That's such a beautiful little touch Little design to the blouse I think it Makes it look extra fancy and I could See this blouse also styled for the Holidays coming up I think this would be So stunning with again the skirt or with A pair of trousers where you can even Make a little bit casual wear with some

Denim jeans and I think that will be so Beautiful especially for the holidays This just kind of Screams Holly days to Me in the best way and I can just Picture this being styled in so many Different ways but with the skirt again It makes it look very classy very Elegant and sophisticated and with fall Coming up I really wanted to pick up a Sweater and try it out this one really Took me by surprise the weight of it is Very heavy very warm this is a piece you Can definitely wear in the wintertime as Well it is just so thick So Soft so warm I hope like showing the close-ups you Could see just how smooth and how Buttery soft this is I mean the material And fabric is just incredible and it Does not shed I want to point that out I Know you can really see like the fibers And such but it absolutely does not shed Which is fantastic and also it has these Beautiful bow detailing on the shoulders And these bows if you're not into them You can actually take them off they're Detachable with a little pin that's Attached to it so you can have them on Take them off if you want to another Detail I love about this blouse is the Neckline it's not your tip local just Straight V neckline it has a little bit Of a curve to it best way for me to Describe it and I think it makes it look A little bit more romantic and girly and

More feminine I love it's kind of in Between of a sweetheart neckline and a V-neck if you just combine those two Together that's how I would describe This neckline I think is just phenomenal The length is amazing so petite friendly I wanted to share these tailored shorts Now if you love shorts with a longer Length you'll love these they are lined On the inside so they are not See-through you have pockets as well so If you like a short with a longer length These are phenomenal they give me such Again classy elegant Vibes and I paired It a pleated blouse which I'll show you Right here uh we'll pleat it on the Sleeves this is actually so unique I Haven't seen a blouse like this where You have a classic blouse like in the Torso and then on the sleeves it's Elevated with the pleats I think that's Just so feminine and the way it just Drapes the pleats on the sleeves looks So amazing and another detail I noticed About this blouse is the collars if you Notice they're like a little bit more Sharp and they're larger as well and What I really like about these collars Is that if you want to open up then your Neckline a little bit more you can do That it won't fall back in and kind of Scrunch back in like a lot of blouses do This one since they have the larger Collars and the way it's just structured

And designed stitched you can open it up A lot more in the neckline and it'll Stay like that which is such an amazing Touch and attention to detail and then Styling these shorts again with this Beautiful striped sweater I I love this It's so thick so warm and I actually Cropped it a little bit in the front Just to Define my waistline a little bit More since the shorts are a little bit Looser and flowy so I just cropped it a Little bit in the front I also love the Buttons on this sweater uh you can Actually wear it like this or you can Actually open it up and wear it as a Cardigan at the same time so you can Wear it multiple ways here I styled it As like a sweater a little bit it and I Think it looks great I love the stripes The thickness of the sweater and I also Appreciate that on the hemming all Around the sweater it has a different Knit design to it so it makes it look a Little bit more unique makes it look Really expensive and high-end alright You guys so that is it for this video That was six petite friendly outfit Ideas also reminder I do have a code It's ilana25 and that'll give you 25 off Their entire site everything is linked Down below along with sizing details Thank you so much for watching and I'll See you in my next video bye