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So in this video I have partnered with Goelia to share some beautiful spring And summer dresses for this year I have Reviewed several dresses from goelia in The past and I was so impressed that I Wanted to do a dedicated try on video Just their dresses I think will be Perfect for this season for sizing Reference I'm 5'1 and I also want to Mention for anyone that's new I am 26 Weeks pregnant nothing is maternity I Just got bump friendly Styles and I went Up a size as well so I'll have every Item listed in the description box down Below if you wanted to check it out I'll Also put what size I was wearing in each Piece so you can use that for your Reference I do have a standing discount Code with goelia it's Elana 10 that'll Get you 10% off their entire site and This code is actually stackable with Current promotions they have going on on Their website so let's go ahead and get Started with this First dress is the Tensil ruffle tiered maxi dress so I Actually am wearing this offsh shoulder On the photos online it's wor on Shoulder so I can just pull it up like This and you can see you can wear it Both ways I think it looks gorgeous like This or wearing it off your shoulder Which is how I wanted to wear it today Uh it's really stretchy around the Neckline so you can wear it either way

Is lined on the inside I love just how Easy and relaxed this dress is I paired It with some strappy sandals a straw bag And I think this is perfect for spring To Summer waist band is very stretchy so If you are pregnant you can wear this Above your bump cuz you can just hike it Up and and then it'll sit perfectly it Just looks so flattering around the Waist and hips and just the way it flows And moves is so beautiful reminds you Something that would be perfect for a Beach day a lake day or going to the Park like a picnic dress this is the Floral tiered midi dress so this fits More like a maxi dress on me because I Am 5'1 and I just love the pattern it is So stunning it has colors it feels very Fancy and very elegant and classy I love The subtle Puff sleeves the collar is Great and what I love is the buttons the Button detailing has the exact same Print as the rest of the dress so it Looks very seamless and Polished it Comes with the belts to tie it off at The waistline I love how it's teered and The Tear are separated with this Beautiful blue stitching that just goes So seamlessly and perfectly with it this Dress has a really good weight to it so It just flows and moves drapes Beautifully I fell in love with this Print and I noticed they had several Styles of dresses in the same pattern so

I went ahead and got the same pattern But in a more sweetheart Square neckline Puffy sleeves a little bit more fitted It's not as flowy as the previous one Has a slight puff sleeve uh but it is Smoked in the back as well so this is Great if you have a fuller chest size And it has a beautiful A-line cut fit to It has pockets as well also has a zipper On the side to get in and out of the Dress very seamless I honestly didn't Even notice it at first cuz this dress Already is easy to SL slip on on its own Because it's smoked in the back here so Just really easy to slip on and go this Isn't lined but it's a really nice thick Material so that wasn't needed for this Dress I feel like next up is the Gathered waist maxi dress it has pockets On the sides it also has pockets on the Chest here which I love that and I also Really love the cap sleeves uh I don't Have many pieces with sleeves like this But it's actually really flattering Especially with a bigger bus that I have Uh I think it just looks great and it's Really comfortable in my arms and just Flattering all around love the button Detailing uh so again if you're not Pregnant this just sits right at your Natural waistline uh this is Bump Friendly so I can just pull it above my Bump and it actually looks really pretty And I paired it with some slides and a

Straw bag but you can also dress this up Even more uh I love the weight of the Skirt it has a good weight to it so it Flows beautifully skirt is fully lined On the inside as well and just the Movement and drape it has to it looks so Elegant so classy I love this beige Color as well I think this is perfect For spring to Summer next up is this Mulberry silk mini dress and this comes With a belt so you'll see me wearing it With a belt and this is slightly pleated Here it has lapels colors uh the button Detailing gorgeous very wellmade as Always I love this dress so much I was Actually really surprised how well it Fit me uh because you know clothing Right now being pregnant is such a hit Or miss with a bump I'm trying my best To find bump friendly Styles not Maternity but bump friendly Styles and I Wasn't sure if this was going to fit but This silk dress has like a tiny bit of Stretch to it I've noticed uh mostly Around the waistline and even with the Buttons it fits so beautifully so I'm so Excited to see how this is going to look Like after baby it's just a very elegant And classy dress and you guys know I Love silk I also love satin just that Shine in the fabric makes it look very High-end expensive very Lux and this Dark navy color is just one of my Favorites for spring and summer and I'm

Probably going to carry this into fall As well next up is the silk floral print Maxi dress this also comes with a belt Uh but I did not style it with a belt Here I just looked a little funny with My bump but it does have an elastic Around the waistband so I just put it Above my bump and it just looks so Beautiful this is a style that you can Also wear on your shoulder off your Shoulder cuz it has an elastic on the Neckline it is line on the inside as Well and it just flows and drapes so Beautifully like the fabric on top the Printed fabric it just very light and Airy and looks so elegant and effortless When you're walking and moving and this Just would be so pretty for maybe like a Garden wedding if you have one coming up Next up is the Mulberry silk Rose Printed maxi dress uh also such a Beautiful dress and I love again that It's smocked in the back so if you have A fuller bust fits really well and and Very comfortable and very light so I Mean this is made up of silk so it feels Very light and luxurious on the skin Drapes and moves beautifully uh this Also has a subtle puff sleeve with a Seam going down in the shoulder where It's kind of gathered around there so it Gives a little bit more style the color Palette is also very very pretty again Kind of just reminds me of this Garden

Theme going on here uh you got the pink The greens the blues uh the yellows goes Beautiful together and it's in one of my Favorite colors here black so uh I love It for that as well also has the open Slit on the side this dress is unlined Next up is this silk halter dress I fell In love with the colors this just Reminds me of like a strawberry Milkshake when I first saw it I'm just Like strawberry milkshake that's what it Reminds me of and I love it uh it's a Halter style and on the neckline it's Actually braided which I actually love This detail normally I'm not too into Braids but I think how this was done It's really pretty it's very subtle it's The same exact print of the dress goes Beautifully very seamless really easy to Go in and out of the dress and with this Dress I actually went with an extra Small and it fits great so I would say If you're not pregnant you can consider Maybe going down a size in this dress Cuz it seems like it runs pretty big I Think that's the intent of it to be Really flowy and kind of dramatic uh It's a maxi length for me and it has Hints of orange in this dress as well And some green but mostly pink again Like that strawberry milkshake theme Next up is the spaghetti straps silk Dress and one thing I noticed with this Silk dress when I got it in is the

Thickness it's a little bit thicker Which I love has a little bit more Weight to it and the straps are Adjustable and it also comes with a silk Scarf I mean how gorgeous is this this Is stunning and on their website um I Didn't style it but on their website They have so many pictures of different Ways you can wear this silk scarf with The dress or you can tie it to your Purse as well I mean silk scarves like This are amazing to GL in your wardrobe Because they give very minimal outfits a Lot more style whether you're tying it To your purse to your hair to your neck Or they gave so many options on how to Wear this with a dress cuz it comes with These elastic straps say fits true to Size so if you're not pregnant go with Your regular size love the length Definitely petite friendly uh I like That it's like a little bit of a thicker Silk dress silk slip dress it's very Well made and the stitching is done Really really well so that actually Brings it to the end of this video thank You so much to goia for collaborating With me on this video on sharing some Beautiful spring to summer dresses They're not only petite friendly but They're Fuller bus friendly and they Have so many styles that are bump Friendly all of these dresses will be Linked down below if you wanted to check

Them out for yourself reminder my code Is Elana 10 and that is stackable to any Promotions they ever have going on on Their website all of that will be listed Down below thank you guys so much for Watching and I'll see you in my next Video bye