Hey everyone! Today’s video is on clean girl hairstyles! In this video I show you mini easy hair tutorials that are quick and you can do them for school, uni anywhere to achieve the it girl / instagram baddie look.

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[Music] Hey everyone so today's video is going To be on clean girl hairstyles and Basically all of the hairstyles in this Video are super on Trend Um really cool kind of unique different Hairstyles which you can try out so I Really hope you enjoy it and let's just Get straight into it so the first thing You want to do is to create a middle Parting in your hair so you can do this By taking your comb just measuring up From your nose and then just making a Middle part straight head in front of That so then the next step is to take a Section of hair one side of the middle Part just kind of above your ears like This so I'm gonna take this section up [Music] You want to brush that out so it's Really kind of thick and smooth Then the next thing I'm going to do is Just take a hair elastic and tie up a Little ponytail there Foreign [Music] Just like that and then you want to do The same on the opposite side [Music] So then once you've created two kind of Little pigtails at the top of your head It doesn't matter if you've got a few Flyaways because we can neaten that up At the end what I'm going to do is take

The first one and I'm just gonna braid It all the way down to the bottom so you Just want to split the hair into three Almost equal pieces and then placed the Right strand over the middle strand the Left strand over the middle Strand and Just keep repeating that until you reach The end [Music] I've gone as far as I possibly can I'm Just going to take another hair elastic And secure that And then I'm just going to do the same On the opposite side Now I've done my two braids I'm gonna Take my second Juan styling cream which Is basically just like a smoothing cream And I'm just gonna smooth down these Sections just so that they are nice and Smooth [Music] Foreign So you could just leave the hairstyle Like this or you could add a headband so This first one I'm showing you is just This ribbon one which you can literally Just slide place there and then kind of Have the braids coming over the top of It [Music] Or the other way you could do it is with One of these stretchy kind of fabric Headbands I'll put it around your neck and then

Just pull it kind of where your hairline Starts [Music] And then that's it So this next hairstyle is also with a Hairband so again you can use a fabric One or you can just use like a classic One and so I'm just gonna place this on Like normal Just like that and then all I'm gonna do Next is take my comb and just pull out Two strands at the front of my face [Music] And then I'm just going to neaten them Up with some smoothing gel Foreign Hair because the Hair Band would really Hide if your hair is a little bit greasy Or dirty or anything like that [Music] So for this next hairstyle again you Want to start with a middle parting in Your hair and also again I'm going to be Gathering up the sections of hair just Above my ears like this [Music] So then once you've gathered all of the Hair above your ears you just want to Scrape it up to the back and create a Little bun in your hair So you just want to take your hair into A little ponytail Then pull a hair elastic through as a Ponytail once

Twice and then you want to create a Little Loop like that the second time And then just take the end and kind of Wrap it around The face And I'm just taking the hair elastic and Tying that in place [Music] You can also add some smoothing cream or Gel if you want to but I'm going to Leave it because I've actually already Put two lots in already and but that is The third hair look [Music] And that is it I really hope you enjoyed This video please give it a thumbs up And subscribe to my channel if you did Like it because that would really help Me out let me know your thoughts in the Comments too and I'll speak to you all In my next one bye guys