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1. Gloves
2. Chalk Paint
3. Metalic Paint
4. Baking soda
5. flour
6. Gorilla Spray Adhesive
7. Chop sticks
8. Paper plates for mixing
9. Any ornaments of your choice of size, or shape! You can even reuse what you’ve had in the past!

Powdered ornaments instructions!
1. mix chalk paint and baking soda
2. apply to ornament with gloves on
3. poke chopstick through ornament and make a hole in a cardboard box to dry the ornaments
4. once FULLY dry, apply the gorilla spray adhesive and immediately sprinkle flour and blow off excess!
5. let it fully dry and add ribbons! 🙂

Black Metallic Ornaments
1. mix paint and baking soda
2. apply to ornaments with gloves on
3. poke chopstick through ornament and make a hole in a cardboard box to dry the ornaments
4. once fully dry, take a paint brush and metallic paint, dab and brush out the paint!
5. let it fully dry and add ribbons! 🙂

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Wooden Ornaments-
Burlap Bows-
Velvet ribbon-
Garland(I used 2 for my mantel!)-
Cow Bells-
Twinkle Lights-
Tree skirt is from home goods! I think they charge $40 for this one. I love it!

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Okay so today I thought it would be so Fun to decorate for Christmas so Nathan's I'm here in the tree skirt I Got my Christmas tree back there I have A bunch of ornaments over here so I Actually have a really fun ornament yeah Look look you're going to see yourself I Have my kids and for today which might Get kind of chaotic we'll see how it Goes and I have a fun ornament DIY Tutorial I'm going to share in the video So but first I'm going to start setting Up the Christmas tree and they're so Excited they've been waiting all day for It so you guys ready to set up the Christmas tree yeah yeah let's do [Music] It okay Coco is really Loving true I figured you would really Like it um okay so there's a couple Reasons why I love this tree so first I Love how the colors uh fade a little bit At the tips it kind of gives it more of A realistic look also the trunk actually Looks like a trunk it's brown a lot of Christmas trees there is just Green in The center so it just doesn't give it That realistic look also another reason Why I love it is that when you hang the Ornaments they actually hang versus sit On the tree example here's an ornament So I just set it on here and it actually Hangs rather than sit on the tree and That's one of the reasons why I love

This tree is because it actually just PS There it's just like a little detail That I personally really like so this is One of the ornaments I DIY so I painted With black and did like a metallic paint Over it and then another one is this one Here I Pur a Mossy green paint and then I gave it like a powdered look so these Are the two tutorials I'm going to share Next but I highly recommend getting Large ornaments I going to decorate my CH mixture of both like small and large But like the large ones just really give That L dramatic look that I really like Um and so trying to make different like Colors and a little bit different see When I hang it here it actually hangs And I think it so pretty you find Styles Like this something like more modern and Really expensive so that's why I wanted To DIY something um that was more Inexpensive but still gave that really Nice looks look so these are older ones That I've had in the past and I wasn't Really a fan of the color anymore so Anyways can use any colors I'll the tut Right here next for you guys so first to Help dry these ornaments I took Chopsticks and I inserted them in here And this will just help dry them when You have wet paint on them and so first I took baking soda and then I took Waverly chalk paint I'll have the exact Colors linked below but I purchased

These from Walmart I just mixed the two Together and I tried using a brush to Apply the paint but it just was so much Harder so it's just so much easier if You have gloves And just go ahead and just slather it on It'll go through it much faster and then I just punctured holes in the boxes to Help them dry and then I took this spray Adhesive and this is what's going to get The powder to stick and for the powder I Actually just used regular flour so I Went ahead and sprayed it first and then I went ahead and sprinkled the powder And the best way to just remove the Excess is to blow on it I tried rubbing It with my fingers but then it just kind Of makes it almost in like a goopy paste So this process is just so much easier And you'll get a really beautiful Powdered Dusty look on it so I recommend Using chalk paint because it has a matte Finish so it gives it a really Luxe look So this is how it looks like finished And then later I'll add a ribbon to it And then this next one is the black ones With the metallic finish so same thing Black paint and then I mixed it in with Baking soda and then I went ahead and Just slathered up all of the ornaments And again this is a much easier process Than using a paintbrush but I did use a Paint brush brush to apply the metallic Finish that was a lot easier so I can

Get really beautiful brush Strokes so I Went ahead and just did this with every Single uh black one that I had and I Think it looked so beautiful it has like The matte black finish and then some Metallic finish to it as well so it just Looks so beautiful when you put all Together add a nice Velvet Bow and then I also added a different type of bow to These Mossy green ones and that's it Super easy you can use any colors you Want uh I love the Waverly chalk paint Again because has a beautiful metallic Finish in the description box I will Have all the supplies I used the paint Colors all the details will be listed Down There I'm actually loving this color Palette this color scheme I wasn't sure How it was going to look coming together But I'm loving the vibe my kids had so Much fun putting it together but I'm Going to go ahead and start putting on These large really cute bows and by the Way I'll have everything link down below If you were interested in adding Anything to your Tree [Music] Next up I wanted to add these wood in Beads I love how they're different sizes And I just love just the natural look of Them too I think it's so pretty and I Got these from Amazon they were fairly

Inexpensive for 24 of them which is Definitely enough for my I think it's Like a 7 and 1/2t Tree [Music] Okay so now I want to decorate uh my Fireplace mantle so I kind of have Strings hanging here to secure my Garland so I have right here so I'm not Quite sure how I'm going to have it laid Out but I have two of these pieces that I'm going to kind of like together like This to make you a little bit more full Uh this is from last year I still have Bows on it from last year and then I Wrapped it in twinkle lights as well so I think that's going to give it uh some Warmth and it's going to look just Really cozy and nice so I'm going to Start with this but first I actually Would like my coffee before I get Started with That cheers that afternoon coffee just It'ss Different But You these are the good times with You baby [Music] This sorry if you hear but look what I Bought I got these gorgeous Cow Bells From Amazon they're actually fairly Priced too considering how vintage and Just unique and cool they look I think

They were like 15 bucks but I just Needed one that I think is going to look So cute right over here just give a Little bit more style so super cute I'm Going to have them linked down below I Love [Music] These making our Christmas Memor I've been wrapping presents for You I've been hanging marbles in the Tree and the live my house with Christmas light so you should come back Home to me when we wake up in the Morning I'm going to play those cars That you love we'll be singing All The Melodies until the sun comes Up these are the good times with [Music] You okay so last but not least is my Dining table so I wanted something Really minimal this was my Pinterest Inso so I have this beautiful vase that I actually DIY from the thrift store it Used to be like this teal color but I Made it like this textured taupe and Off-white ivory color so I'm literally Just going to do what the picture Ino Was but the inspiration picture was of These faux I actually just went outside To my backyard I don't if you can see Back here we have a ton of trees so There's no reason for me to spend money On buying faux ones and I can literally Just clip off covering my backyard so

Anyways I'm just lit going to plop this In here and then that will be my Centerpiece Don't even care what we Do if I spend it with [Music] You I think it looks good I that is a Biased opinion let's see here you know That's not too bad it's pretty cute Minimal simple I I might change it Though there is this one tree back there That I noticed the branches are a little More fluffy The Greenery and they look More firm so they might actually sit Upright right So tired though so after all that Decorating so we might do that on a Different day smells so so nice I Definitely love the scent I'm going to Wait till my husband comes home and I'm Going to I might test out the other ones But we'll see there's some like really Fluffy ones out there that have like Really good shape and structure I just Can't reach them so I need my husband to Help me with that so I'm just going to Set it here and I actually love it very Minimal very simple also let me know if You guys like this kind of Vlog style of Videos like home style related um DIY Stuff if you guys like that I don't mind Doing more of that cuz it's really fun And I get my kids involved in it too so It's fun for everybody so if you guys

Like seeing this type of content just Let me know than you guys so much for Watching love you guys so much and I'll See you in my next video bye