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Hi guys welcome back to another video Today I'll be sharing some petite Friendly summer outfit ideas that I am So excited to be wearing this season and I have seven different outfits I want to Share with you guys today walk you Through and as always if you happen to Be interested in any of the pieces that I share in this video I always link Everything in the description box for You guys I put sizing details my Personal size measurements and if you Happen to be new I would love for you to Hit that subscribe button it truly helps Out the channel a ton and especially Helps push out my videos to more women That are in the petite category and I Love helping as many women as I can with Style recommendations or style tips or Even just outfit ideas Um so if you can hit that subscribe Button if you haven't already I would Love love love love love and appreciate That so this first outfit I want to Share is what I'm wearing here I feel Like this is such a Parisian French Inspired outfit I feel like this is like A really good go-to outfit for spring Early summer Um this just common Nation I feel like It's so French I am obsessed so I have This beautiful striped long sleeve shirt From Cezanne Um you guys know I love this one if

You're looking for just the most basic Perfect classic striped shirt long Sleeve shirt that is that is incredible Quality like honestly if you purchase This and you get it in it is truly Shocking how well made this is you're Looking for something very classic as Like a long sleeve striped shirt highly Recommend this one and then these jeans So I'll be styling these jeans two more Outfits I don't know what it is like I Come up with these outfit ideas like on A whim I'll just record on my camera and I'll just try on tons of different Outfits record my favorite one style These jeans into two more outfits so Three outfits total these are the Carolina Jeans by girlfriend you guys Know I'm obsessed with this brand Specifically girlfriend jeans the Carolina style is my number one favorite I have the hardest time finding white Jeans that I like because honestly I Feel like most white jeans are just Unflattering also see-through which is So sucky these are absolutely not you Guys know the Carolina jeans that I have That are light wash material this is the Exact same fit I mean they look and feel Just like them but I'm wearing these in A size 23 which I was so hesitant on Purchasing because when I get white Jeans I like to get a bigger size Because really tight white jeans I feel

Like just don't look that good but these Do give as you wear them so I do suggest If you're in between sizes you can Definitely go down because they do give A little bit as you wear them but they Are truly so flattering and so beautiful If you like the Carolina jeans that I've Been recommending for a long time I Really think you'll love this white pair It's really good investment piece if You're looking for one okay so the next Outfit with these white jeans is a Really basic one and the shoes are kind Of like the highlight of this outfit so I kept everything's very simple so this Scoop neckline bodysuit tank from nudes Uh the white jeans and then these Strappy espadrille Flats I love these so Much I was super duper hesitant on like Keeping them I had like my doubts about Them because I was like they're so Expensive so it's hard to know like how Often will I actually wear them but I do Love them paired with like straight slim Jeans and um I just love that Strappiness I feel like it goes so Perfectly for spring and summer and I Specifically just love it like this I Shared it with my light wash jeans Before in another outfit I think they Look absolutely stunning with a Monochrome look here the white jeans White Tank white crossbody bag Um I do have like an affordable dupe

That I recommend for these espadrille Flats if these are out of your price Range they have like a similar Vibe but They're not like a dupe I would say they Have like a similar look to them so I Will link those down below if you're Interested in a sandal that's kind of Strappy like this but love these Qualities exceptional okay okay so the Next outfit I'm wearing this Abercrombie Like scrunch Um strap top and then the white jeans And then slingback pumps so kind of Gives that Parisian Flair to the outfit And I love the top because it's very Simple yet it's a little elevated Because the straps is that like scrunchy Design I feel like that's been really Popular for spring and summer now a lot Of brands are coming out with like Either tops that have a bow tie on the Straps or like the scrunchiness is super Popular which I really like because Typically it does fit really well Because it has an elastic in it so it Actually stays on which is really cool So love this one and again love the old White monochrome look I think it's just So stunning for spring and summer also You guys see Coco back there she's just The absolute freaking cutest she's just Been sleeping on that chair for the Longest time ever I actually really love How she's just in the background I think

It's just I don't know precious I love It so anyways this next outfit Um I have been really into wearing a Little bit more classier looking shorts Now I do love denim shorts I love those But I've been really into just very Minimal and classy looking shorts that Are just slightly longer in length Compared to some denim shorts so this Next outfit I'm wearing these linen Shorts that I got from Uniqlo not too Long ago and then I paired it with a Ripped tank a trench and some slides so Love this combination because it does Feel very classy because I'm combining All Basics but I love the looser fitting Classier looking shorts lately I think It looks great even just with a tank and Slides or even popping on this uh crop Trench that I have here I think looks Really cute with it I've been getting a Lot of use out of these shorts they are Just so incredibly comfortable and so Stylish and practical and they are at Such a fair price point and the quality Is great too so they come in Many Colors Next outfit combination again with these Linen shorts I paired it with this Beautiful like ruffle romantic blouse This definitely gives French Vibes and Then I paired it with two-tone flats and Again I'm wearing Navy white and then I Have like a tan and black shoe so I love This whole color combination again looks

Very expensive and all these pieces are Actually very inexpensive even though All these pieces are inexpensive you put Colors like this together and then focus On really classic fits uh put all Together it looks so much more expensive Than it actually is so I know I always Share a variety of like high-end things And inexpensive things like this outfit I'm wearing here together these two are Very expensive pieces without a doubt And they do look very expensive and look Does look very stylish put together but If you are working on a budget like I've Always said you can still get such Beautiful stunning expensive looks for a Lot less you just gotta pick the right Pieces and the right Styles next up is This outfit I really really like uh These light wash straight jeans these Are actually the gold days high rise Pinch waist kick jeans it's a really Long name I'm trying to remember it but Uh these are very well made high quality Denim jeans these are very high-waisted So if you have a longer torso I think You'll really like these and actually I Did a video All About reviewing my like Designer jeans which I can link that Video up here for you guys if you want To see uh just a Roundup of um Investment genes if you're looking to Invest in into any jeans it's a really Good video where I shared lots of

Details so anyways I love these jeans They're just a Teensy bit long so I kind Of cuffed them a little bit I do plan to Get these hemmed but if you wear like Really tall ankle boots and then have Them over the boot the length will be Great but if you're wearing them with Shorter heels or flats they do need to Be coughed or altered so I just wanted To point that out I think these are a 28 Inch inseam so they're quite a Full-length Jean so anyways high waisted Great if you have a longer torso that I Paired it with this bow tie tank which I've been so obsessed with lately the Quality is incredible people the comfort Is amazing so petite friendly and this Is actually in a petite size I'm wearing It in an extra small petite fits Beautifully love how it looks tucked in Love the bows on the shoulders I feel Like it's such a beautiful girly flare Paired it with these strappy heels and I Think it just looks so stunning all Together okay and then this next outfit I think this is the last one but these Paper bag waist pants I have been really Loving these I feel like they give such A cool kind of casual vibe to the outfit So I shared an outfit like this Um but with a black tank and then black Strappy sandals and here it is in the Pieces swapped in white so I'll put Actually the two outfits side by side

Here so I had a black tank black strappy Sandals in another video I shared this And then this video I thought it would Be so pretty to just swap a different Color and do White Tank white strappy Sandals and a white crossbody bag and I Love how it looks um definitely very Minimal cool casual comfortable easy to Wear very wearable very practical all The things all right you guys so that is It for this video that was seven minimal Classic outfits that I'm so excited to Wear for the spring early summer time And as always I will have everything Linked In the description box for you Guys if you happen to be interested in Anything again I always put sizing Details tons of information for you guys Down there if you happen to be new I Would so love to have you back I make Tons of videos like this petite related Styling videos style tips hauls all the Things Um I would so love to have you back and I make videos twice a week every week Sometimes I'll be once a week but most Of the times I post two videos a week Every single week so lots of fun content I share here thank you guys so much for Watching this video I will see you in my Next one bye