These are my favorite easy mom on the- Go outfits first I've got on a Blazer a Pair of leggings and trainers something Super easy and quick to throw on and the Blazer just makes it look a little bit More Chic and put together leggings Hoodie and a Gile I love adding a Gile To just a plain hoodie and leggings look Because I just feel like it really Dresses it up super practical because I've got pockets too so I can put Bottles phone everything I need in them As well shirt Cami and leggings it's Just such an easy goto outfit especially For summer WID leg elasticated waistband Trousers so comfortable so easy to just Throw on and a sweatshirt if you try and Keep the same colors it makes it look Even more kind of put together even Though it literally takes two seconds And final look same wide leg trousers Slogan t-shirt and a trench coat the Trench coat just finishes it off again Makes you look so much more put together But it's so quick and easy and you can Just walk straight out the door