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Hi guys so in this video I am sharing 10 Chic Timeless and classic petite Friendly Fall outfit ideas I love making These videos every single year if you Happen to be interested in any piece I Share today I'll have all the links Down Below in the description box for you Guys 10 beautiful outfits I cannot pick A favorite I seriously love all of them So much and fall fashion is my favorite So anyways without further Ado let's go Ahead and hop right into the outfit Ideas and I have partnered with Uniqlo For this video I love working with them If you are unfamiliar with them they Sell very classic simple and minimal Pieces and they are budget friendly Quality is amazing as well so the first Piece I wanted to share is this oatmeal Colored sweater it is very petite Friendly a little bit long on the Sleeves but I actually like that they're A little bit longer especially for Sweaters I don't mind sleeves being a Little bit long because it just makes it Feel and look more cozy I do have it Cuffed you can actually fold down the Turtleneck if you want to uh which is Really neat length I would say is great For petite this is how I styled it with A cute little mini skirt some slingback Pumps and then if you want it to be a Little bit warmer I paired it with this Wool Blazer and I love this outfit idea

Very feminine girly classy and this Sweater also comes in many colors and in A printed version so here's the next Outfit with the same sweater but in Stripes feels looks fits exactly the Same as just in stripes and one thing I Wanted to mention about Uniqlo is their Trousers their pants so I'm wearing Their straight leg fit trousers right Now they're high-waisted I'm wearing Them in a size extra small so they're Good to go true to size but the one Thing I really love that they do is they Do customized lengths so it only costs Five dollars extra to get a customized Hemline so these I think originally come In a 28 or 27 inch inseam but I went Ahead and picked the 25.5 half inch Inseam price for a hemming like this is So incredible and you don't have to Drive anywhere there's no fuss in trying To find a tailor or go somewhere to do It and it goes by every half inch which Is great because you can be really Precise with it too okay so the next Outfit is with the same trousers but With this cardigan this is a shorter Length cardigan I do have it tucked in Just slightly just to Define my Waistline a little bit more but I could Leave it out it's a great length it has These cute little pockets in the front I Love the buttons it's very cozy very Soft and it's incredibly petite friendly

Then another cardigan option is this Longer length one this has two big Pockets in the front this looks more of Like a heathered oatmeal color it's a Little bit lighter and it's heathered Again very cozy very soft and petite Friendly at the same time I have it Styled again with the black trousers the Minimal belt and then some slingback Pumps and I think this looks so classy And comfortable at the same time those Are all the pieces that I got from Uniqlo that I wanted to share today There will be links in the description Box down below if you're interested in Their pieces okay this next outfit idea Uh I wanted to style this gray coat that I shared in my fall wardrobe Essentials Videos telling you guys I don't have a Gray coat like this I'm really Interested in coming up with different Outfits with it I'm not really used to Styling cooler toned pieces and I love The silhouette of this jacket like the Cut the fit and everything I have this In black and I repurchased it this year In the gray color it's a style that I Love and wear all the time so here I Love the gray with these medium wash Denim jeans which are perfect for fall Great fall color for a denim jean I Paired it with just a basic white T-shirt and then some slingback pumps uh So this outfit is kind of casual yet

Kind of dressy at the same time the Jeans and the tee are casual the Slingback pumps dress it up and the gray Outerwear piece dresses it up at the Same time and I really love this color Combination the white the dark blue navy Jeans and then the gray I think it all Looks really pretty together and Casual Yet dressed up at the same time okay Next outfit is definitely really dressy So it's uh the same pleated skirt that I'm wearing right now but in black and I Paired it with my ruched off the Shoulder bodysuit and then this wool Plaid blazer in a mo belt with it and Then knee-high boots uh these are Leather knee-high boots they definitely Make the outfit look quite edgy to me Mini skirts and knee-high boots as a Petite is so flattering I mean you're Defining your waistline you're showing Off a lot of leg but you're also wearing A knee-high boot that's adding height And really complements your legs at the Same time and you're showing just a Sliver of skin in between the skirt and The boot which looks so flattering and I Love this flat Blazer I'm so happy I Purchased it for fall it's been on my Wish list for forever and I do wear a Lot of salt colored pieces so having Outerwear that's printed is actually Really fun and I'm so excited to be Styling it some more this season so this

Is a fun outfit and also one thing I've Learned to really pay attention to is Accessorizing my outfits so a lot of my Outfits from now on you will see me wear This minimal belt I have it in a four Pack I share it all the time and Something simple like this really Elevates outfits okay so I recently got These like chocolate brown colored Booties and I told you guys I cannot Wait to style this for fall it's a new Sock bootie I purchased and my first Outfit I thought of with this boot is With my camel coat I love matching my Shoes to my coat color is not exact to My coat but it is similar enough to Where I think it looks great I love the Brown with the brown and then wearing All monochrome look underneath again I Paired a minimal belt with this outfit So I wanted to mention the pants I'm Wearing for this outfit these are from Everlane I shared this in my fall Essentials video These feel like Sweatpants but they look like a trouser Or like an elevated pant they have the Seams going down in the front of the leg Which makes it look like a pant but the Material is like sweatpants which is so Cool because you're so comfortable but Yet elevated at the same time and you Guys know comfortable Chic elevated is So my vibe because I want to look put Together but I want to be comfortable at

The same time these pants they're true To size I'm wearing them in an extra Small they're a little long so they are Folded in one time and they actually Stay put like that all day because even Though they're like a little bit thicker And more of like a sweatpant they have Structure to them and when Pants like This have structure to them and you fold Them inside they stay put now you can't Have fall without wearing a trench coat Now at least if that's your style I know It's not for everybody but trench coats I wear them pretty much all year long And this one is my favorite out of all The ones I've purchased I have some that Are more higher end I have some more Inexpensive ones I feel like this one is More in the mid-range for pricing I Think it retails for around 1 30. I love The longer length it's petite friendly I'm wearing this in a double extra small Petite comes in regular comes in tall I Think it also comes in a black color it Is an incredible trench guard it's from Banana Republic Factory and they did a Fabulous job designing and creating this Trench coat especially for petite body Type like the sleeve length is perfect The fit on the shoulders the length is Amazing I paired this with my medium Wash denim jeans then I also paired it With a sleeveless sweater and I Mentioned this in another video believe

In my fall Essentials video that Sleeveless sweaters are going to be my Go-to for fall because I love to layer But sometimes for the fall time it's not Cold enough yet to wear like a thick Sweater and then a coat over it I just Get too sweaty and too uncomfortable so A sleeveless one is perfect for adding That texture and having those layers but Not feeling so stuffed inside of a Jacket and getting too hot so this one Is from Abercrombie I highly recommend It quality is amazing comes in multiple Colors it fits really well definitely Petite friendly I have it just slightly Tucked in but you can wear it untucked If you want to okay this next outfit I'm Actually really excited for because this Is something I would probably wear on a Day-to-day basis it's really practical And this is a casual outfit idea so this Is something I would definitely wear Being a mom of two little toddlers it's Just easier to go about my day so I Wanted to style the gray coat again and So I paired it again with the white tee But I styled it with these athletic Pants they're a straight leg fit I've Shared them before they're from Amazon They're a good dupe for the Lululemon Version which I have but I actually been Wearing the Amazon versions more because They're a little bit loose around the Thighs and the leg and they fit better

At the waistline and they are stretchy So comfortable they are folded because They are just a little too long paired It with some white sneakers and then a Minimal crossbody bag so I love how Casual this outfit is with the tee the Athletic pant ants and the sneakers but Then if you add this long Chic outerwear Piece it instantly makes the outfit look So Chic and elevated and that's how I Also love to dress in a casual way I Love mixing athleisure pieces with very Chic and elevated pieces because if you Combine the two correctly you'll have Some stunning outfits that are cool Effortless and Chic at the same time Last and final outfit is a dressy outfit And it is with the pleated skirt again I Love this skirt I've been having so much Fun wearing it and styling it in the Black pleated skirt with a striped shirt That I got from Suzanne and then I Wanted to wear this Olive drape trench Coat and then paired it with my Slingback Palms of course the minimal Belt and then the Gabby and crossbody Bag and I did share this Olive trench in My fall video but it is such a good Trend you guys same thing with the Banana Republic trench coat that I just Shared this is also from Banana Republic Factory I think it's around the same Price fully lined on the inside fits Well on the sleeves and the shoulders

The length is great it is a lot thinner So this is perfect for fall and for Spring I wouldn't recommend it for Winter because it's not going to keep You warm enough it's pretty thin and Drapey so I think for fall it is great So with this outfit I'm wearing a long Sleeve underneath it and it doesn't Actually feel bulky which is great too So I would say you can go true to size With this outerwear piece and you could Possibly go down a size I personally Went down a size and I actually love it I can actually layer underneath it with A long sleeve and it looks great I don't Feel too stuffy in it and it's not too Tight all right you guys so that is it For this video that was 10 incredibly Chic effortless minimal outfit ideas for Fall that are great for petite body Types and as always I have everything Linked down below if you happen to be Interested in anything thank you so much To Uniqlo for collaborating with me on This video again their pieces are linked Down below as well they are so amazing Thank you so much for watching this Video again all the links are down below Subscribe if you're new and I'll see you Next time bye