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I am so excited for today's video Because I will be sharing my fall shoe Essentials for 2023 this is a video I Make every single year for you guys Updating you guys on shoe styles that I Love and re-wear every single year and I Love sharing some new pieces that I Purchased and added into my collection And I have eight different shoes I'm Sharing today if you're happy to be Interested in any of them I will have Links to all of them down below along With Rising details um if something's True to size or if you need to go up or Down to size the previous video I did Was all about fall wardrobe Essentials So if you missed that video I'm going to Link it up here so you can watch that Video after this one I want to start With the ankle booties first and the Knee boots that's probably what we're Most excited for I have a variety of Different styles all the way from Dressy To casual and very practical my favorite Dressy ankle boot to wear every single Year fall and winter is a sock booty got This in like a chocolate brown color and The reason why I love a sock bootie is One they are the most comfortable dressy Ankle boots two I love how they wrap Around the ankle it just makes it a lot Easier to style with straight jeans or With skinny jeans dresses or skirts and Such they're just much easier in my

Experience to style these are fabulous They're by that same brand that I have In Black by Mark Fisher the difference Is the shaft isn't as high as my Previous stock booties and really that's All the difference I noticed maybe They're slightly less pointy they're not As pointy as the previous ones they're Kind of more of that almond shape There's a zipper on the side to get in And out of the boot and this wraps Around your ankle it's not like a Structured sock booty this is definitely Like in between structured but then Around the ankle it's tighter love that It makes it really easy to style with so Many different things this color I'm Really really excited to style I can't Wait to show you guys like what outfits I come up with with these ankle boots Next up I shared this a lot last year They brought it back in stock they're From Nordstrom they're the leather ankle Chelsea boot these are more of a Practical shoe so something that's great To wear when the weather is really Crappy they've gotten worn so much last Year I mean you can tell like the Leather stretched out here and Everything uh they're holding up really Well and I've worn these babies so much Last year because they're very practical So they're really easy to style for Really casual days when it's cold rainy

And wet and personally I really believe Every woman needs a practical pair of Ankle boots like the dressy ones for Sure are wonderful to have and recommend Those but we all need something that's Honestly very practical that just makes Sense for day-to-day life these are not Only practical and comfortable But they are stylish at the same time I Feel like it's really hard to find a Pair of stylish practical ankle boots I Would say they're definitely worth it The quality is great and they were tight When I first got them in but then as you Can tell they stretched out and now they Are incredibly comfortable so I have two Recommendations for a knee-high boot the First one being is this leather one here This is the newest one I picked up and These are by the brand Dolce Vita I Think this is my first pair of shoes From this brand so far I really like Them I think they're really good dressy Knee-high boot uh leaves enough room for My calves I would say my calves are Probably average they're not narrow by Any means but I don't think I have wide Calves either uh I would say they're Just pretty average there's a zipper on The side right here so you can slip on The boot a little bit more easily I Think this is a three inch heel and I've Always wanted a pair of like the smooth Leather knee-high boot uh the other ones

I have are in Suede and I love them but I wanted something that was maybe a Little bit more dressy kind of more Elevated I guess and these I wouldn't Say they're the most comfortable I do Think they're gonna need some breaking In especially you know obviously on the Foot part where I noticed the most Discomfort is actually in the heel for Some reason typically where I notice the Most discomfort in shoes is right here Like where the widest part of my foot is That's not the case with these it's Actually on the heel so just wanted to Point that out so I'm really hoping that I can break these in and they'll be just More and more comfortable each time I Wear them the next knee high boot Recommendation this one is a much more Comfortable pair I bought these last Year they are so incredibly comfortable But it's this pair of suede knee-high Boots These Are by the brand Franco Sarto every shoe that I've shared so far Is true to size so all the boots I would Say are true to size I got them in all My normal size six and these are Incredibly comfortable for a knee-high Boot and these are also like three inch Heels great dressy boot I love the point It's not too pointy which you guys know I always pay attention to that I don't Want my heels boots to be like super Pointy

Um I kind of like in between just a Little bit more rounded at the top not Too pointy but anyways there's a zipper In the back so these are incredibly easy To take on take off the previous Knee-high boots those are a lot harder To put on and take off because it just Has a small zipper on the side these are Really comfortable and there's this Really long zipper which makes it so Easy to put on take off again keep you Guys posted on the previous knee-high Boot that I share just you know and Share you guys later on in the year if They hold up well and how they wear and Such because they are an expensive pair Of boots but these I would say are Definitely worth the Splurge I wore them A lot last year and very comfortable Easy to wear and style so these I can Confidently say are a really really Great pair of knee-high boots and Nothing beats honestly a really Comfortable shoe so that's all the more Reason why I love the anyways those are The boots now let me go ahead and share Some flat options so I recently picked Up these two-tone Flats now I know I Have already so many two-tone Flats I Really do not need another pair but These don't have a bow the previous ones That I've shared have a little bow and In case you don't like that style these Are a great option now one thing I was

Really surprised about is the reviews on These I think they're rated like 3.2 Stars like something I was really Surprised about Um the reviews are just all over the Place some people say they are way too Wide people say they're way too narrow I Mean I just think the reviews are all Over the price it's hard to tell I would Say in my opinion and I've already worn These so much I bought these about a Month ago and so you know I wore these a Lot for summer and I would say if you Have narrow feet I could see them being A little too wide but for me with my Foot width it's average and I would say They are incredibly comfortable and fit So well they are true to size and they Do stretch out as you wear them so I've Worn them on lunch already and I noticed Them stretch out so they became even More comfortable so if you have narrow Feet these are probably not the best Option for you but if you have average Maybe a little bit wide feet I think These are going to be a good option and If we're talking about quality I would Say quality is great kind of what you Would expect from Steve Madden it Doesn't feel cheap to me and I love that So anyways these are great uh give that French Parisian classic look okay so These I actually bought in the spring And I love them they're also another

Pair of Steve Madden shoes but it's the Sling back Flats I got them in just the Pure black they also come in the tan and Black combination too but of course I Didn't need another pair of those Um so I went with the black and I love The slingback I think it just looks Really classic and Timeless and uh the Straps here are adjustable as to make it Tighter or looser if you want to and I Would say the width of these shoes are Great for average feet the leather does Give as you wear them which is also Really nice it's hard for me to comment On like the width of shoes because my Feet are like average when it comes to With maybe a little bit on the wide Sides so oftentimes I do get quite a bit Of shoes that actually do work out for My feet but one thing I always like is Shoes breaking in I actually don't mind It if shoes stretch out a little bit at The widest part of my foot because they Just become a little bit more Comfortable and really easy to wear so These I've worn allspring all summer Definitely a great recommendation of Mine for something very classic and it Comes in multiple color combinations too Then I wanted to share a pair of dressy Heels uh kind of similar to the previous Shoe but this is so freaking cute and I Would say these are probably the most Comfortable heels that I own and I'm so

Excited to share them so these are Actually by Anne Klein uh first pair of Shoes I've ever purchased from this Brand uh I got the black color Combination because I already have the Tan and the nude in a pump version of These what I noticed about these so it Says iflex here I'm assuming that just Has to do with like the comfort of the Shoe it's very cushiony and padded and So freaking comfortable I was actually Not expecting it I was either depending On getting these or a pair by Mark Fisher I decided on these and I'm so Happy I actually got them because they Are so freaking comfortable like they Have all this padding and cushioning in There so you see that it's all cushiony There and I don't know it's just like It's so so comfortable here I actually Wore these shoes the other day All day I kid you not my feet did not Hurt at all and the leather here is very Soft and it does stretch as you wear Them so it is incredibly freaking Comfortable like truly shocking so Amazing I would say this is my most Comfortable pair of heels that I own They are great right here the widest Part of my foot is doesn't ache doesn't Blister again I wore them for the first Time all day absolutely zero issues like My entire foot was comfortable so these Are totally worth every single penny

They are so stylish and I believe they Also come in multiple colors I love the Point it's not too pointy so anyways if You're looking for a pair of heels I Love these so much cannot recommend them Enough okay last but not least is a pair Of sneakers I totally have to recommend A pair of sneakers for fall now I wear White sneakers during the fall time when It's not raining which can be kind of Rare here in Washington but I still wear Them and pull them out uh I love Visions I know they're expensive it was probably So annoying me sharing them but I really Do love them and do think they're worth The investment these are the v10s these Are a sportier shoe I've share them Already I think a couple times here on My channel have the Campo style as well Those are fabulous but this is my newer Pair I recently invested in and I think They're going to be so fun to style with Athleisure outfits casual outfits I love The black and the white I think it looks Great and they are incredibly Comfortable too but I would say these You have to go down a full size I'm a Normal US size six I did the size Conversion with this and I went with the Size five which I pretty much never get That size Um but these run big so if you are Interested in them the v10s you have to Go down a full size one of the

Complaints I have with these is the Tongue is quite thin and it kind of does Rub around your ankle but what I found What helps with this is you just push The tongue back in a little bit you Won't get all that friction and rubbing Around your ankle so that helps and then There's actually a little Loop inside on The tongue and you can just weave the Shoelace through it and then that way It'll stay secure in place so you don't Have tongue of the shoe rubbing on your Ankle so anyways aside from that they're Absolutely fabulous alright so that is It for this video that were my top eight Fall shoe Essentials for 2023 I really Hope you guys enjoyed seeing these Pieces me reviewing them it's all linked Down below if you guys happen to be Interested in anything and if you missed My fall capsule video All About clothing Pieces I again that video is linked up Here subscribe if you're new and I will See you in my next video bye