Hey everyone! Today’s video is on spring fashion trends 2024! In this video I show you the hottest style trends and how to style them!

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Buckle biker boots (size 3):
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White dress: N/A alternative:
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Brown leather blazer: Similar:
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Leopard print trousers:
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Leopard print jacket:
Navy dress (size 8):
Red public desire heels (size 3):
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Mango rugby shirt (size small):
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Abercrombie baggy jeans (w27 short):
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Sheer skirt:
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These are the trends that all the cool Girls are wearing for spring 2024 so the First main one and I'm just going to get Straight into it are the Buckle biker Boots so an example of these I've got to Show you are these ones which I actually Got from Asos but they're from a brand Called Bronx they're actually real Leather and they've got kind of an aged Um chocolatey Brown look leave links to All of the items and stuff down below in The description box and especially Styling them in a more kind of feminine Girly way with boho pieces called it Kind of rock and roll boho um and that Seems to be like the huge trend for Spring I think by styling the more kind Of edgy leather pieces like these boots With the boho kind of dresses it just Makes it look a lot more feminine and Flattering too also sticking on the kind Of boho rock and roll Trend styling your Kind of flowy girly dresses with Something leather on top so if you've Got a leather bomber jacket that is a Big Trend or a leather jacket or leather Blazer like I've got on here which you Can just throw on over the top it just Adds that edgier feel to the girly dress Another huge Trend this spring are Leopard print pieces especially leopard Print trousers if you can get your hands On leopard print trousers at the moment You are very lucky because I have been

Looking everywhere for a pair and I just Can't seem to find any they're always Out of stock you can very easily style Them with so many different things so I'll include a couple of photos and Stuff on how other people have styled Them think a very foolproof way of Styling the leopard print pieces are Just with an all black look so your Leopard print trousers or your jacket or Top or whatever it might be and then Style the rest of it with black or white You can't go wrong with that even Leopard print shoes maybe if you want to Include it in more of a kind of subtle Way you could definitely include it with Your accessories like your shoes or your Bag um again there's so many different Options but it just seems to be leopard Print everywhere the color red is also a Massive Trend so again it's so broad you Could wear like a red top with your Leopard print trousers for example or Just include a little bit of red in your Outfit these public desire heels to show You and I thought these would be a great Way to incorporate the color red into Your outfit um so you could just style It maybe with your office wear for Example so I've just got on this navy Blue um kind of fitted dress and then Worn these heels with it and it's a Great way to style kind of a bit of Color and a bit of red with your outfit

I especially love Navy and red together I just think they're such a good easy Combination so if you are struggling With the red maybe try it with navy That's always like my go-to or kind of Your neutrals as well so if you've got Like an old beige outfit you could wear Your red heels with that or a red bag Just including a little bit of red into Your wardrobe will instantly kind of Make it such a trending outfit big Chunky belts are also really on Trend at The moment so you could style them with Your boho flowy dresses by just belting Um the belt around your waist or you Could wear it with your jeans especially If you're into lowrise jeans seen that Done a lot I'll include some kind of Inspirational photos now especially over Things like your Blazers so just wearing Your Blazer buing up in the middle and Then putting the belt over the top it Just really helps to cinch in your waist As well polar shirts are very popular at The moment too especially rugby shirts Um they're very easy to style you could Style them with your jeans especially Baggie jeans another big Trend or you Could style them with some wide leg Trousers or like flowy trousers think if You just pick out certain colors of your Rubbie shirt and try and match them Together or wear them with something Neutral so either blue denim or black or

Beige I don't think you can go wrong With that either probably one of the Biggest trends for spring this year are Baggie jeans I know they're not always The most flattering and they can be Quite difficult to style I'm hoping to Do a YouTube video actually or maybe I'll do a Tik Tok re or something like That I have two pairs of baggie jeans Both were from AAC cromi I have a blue Pair which I wear all of the time and a Black pair as well which I probably wear A little bit less than these but I still Wear them so much I feel like they're Just my go-to at the moment I try and Stick to styling them with tighter Fitted pieces on top although sometimes I'll wear them with baggy pieces but I Just kind of put it on and see what it Looks like definitely abber cromby I Really like this because I just find Them so comfortable as well and they Even do um something called Curve love Which gives you a little bit of extra Room around the hips and stuff so I Definit recommend these they are quite Um Expensive but I do feel like if you know You're going to wear them if you buy Them in like a staple color like just a Classic blue um you will definitely get Your wear out of them though not Sponsored not gifted or anything like That I bought them with my own money

Just to say and then the last Trend I'm Going to speak about are Shear skirts Now I think this is more of a trend that People are wearing in kind of warmer Climates but I do feel like we'll go Into this trend as we head into summer Just because again it's kind of not the Weather for it here at the moment um but Your sheer kind of Maxi or midi skirts Um which are kind of not sheer at the Top but then they go Shear towards the Bottom that is a big Trend very kind of Feminine and girly if that is your kind Of style or aesthetic as well definitely That skirt is something to look out for Let me know which Trend was your Favorite personally I think my favorites Are the leopard print trousers I'd love To get a pair of those um and the B Jeans too just because I just seem to be Going for them so much so yeah I hope You have a great day and I will speak to You all in my next video bye guys