Getting FAKE Front Teeth…Ugh. I have a LONGGG road ahead of me, but hopefully sharing this journey will make others feel less alone. I also hope it’s helpful to those that might have to do something similar in the future. Stay tuned…much more to come… Thank you so much for all the love, kind words and encouragement from everyone – it’s REALLY meant a lot to me!!!!!

Below is my Implant Specialist/Oral Surgeon, along with my Dentist…I wanted to share their info in case you have issues like me. They are the best and I am so thankful for them!!!

Dr. Michele Rich (Holistic Dentist)
Pittsburgh Center for Holistic Dentistry
285 Kappa Drive Suite 170
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Phone: (412) 631-8947

Dr. Sam Bakuri (Implant Specialist/Periodontist)
Instagram: @sbakuri (follow & reach out to him with questions, he’s AMAZING!!!)
Greater Pittsburgh Dental Implants & Periodontics
4290 William Flynn Highway, Suite 104
Allison Park, PA 15101
Phone: 412-201-0633

Hello Everyone I wanted to give you an update It's day Two so it's almost been 24 hours since I've had this Done and I'm in about an hour I'm going To go to my dentist and originally I was Going to get the fake Piece glued to my mouth like glued to my Teeth it's just so swollen right Now I'm from Pittsburgh so most of you Have no idea of this reference but my Jaw is swollen everything's swollen here Reminds me of Coach cower previous Steeler coach he's a big jaw I feel like That's what I look like it's not Horrible obviously I'm not talking Normal either cuz I can't say my s's It's ridiculous it's crazy I'm even Putting this out here but whatever I Don't even care so you can kind of see It see no teeth there I'm going to my Dentist I don't really think they're Going to be able to glue that in today That's my prediction because it's just So spoll in there they also made me like A retainer thing that I can wear I Honestly don't even think that's going To fit correctly I don't know I guess I'm in mediocre Spirits just because I'm Not really in that much pain I slept Pretty well last night and the swelling Just needs to go down and I I guess I Guess I am

Concerned just I'm still worried trust Me like it's still it's all I'm thinking About I'm still Scared but I almost feel like everything They made me for prep isn't going to Work and they might need to remake Things and send things to the lab again And like how long's that going to take So not ideal cuz obviously I'm not going Anywhere like this I'm not really Talking to anyone like This this is not a great time for the Holidays but it's okay um anyway uh We'll see what happens okay so we are Here at my dentist office Office again you can just see how Swollen it is I kind of again I know I Already said this I kind of just don't Think much will happen today but let's Go and find [Music] Out okay so here is the Maryland bridge That they will there's some of my blood On it but they will use that to Temporarily put in my mouth for many Months um but as I Expected I don't think we're going to do It today I think we're going to wait a Few Days guys we have great news first of All this is Dr Michelle Rich she is Amazing and look I have teeth it's at The tray it ended up fitting and I'm Just elated we have the maryn bridge and

You are going to do that Tuesday Tuesday She'll come back back and cement that or Glue it in Whatever but at least I have this for Now anyway she's amazing guys thank you So much you're Welcome okay fast forward a few days That was Wednesday this is now Sunday um Obviously do not have my teeth in I just Got out of the shower and I'm going to Put them in for you give you an update You can kind of see some stuff's going On I want to share a few things with you Can't believe I'm even talking like this But here we go this is just temporary Kind of looks like invisaline Teeth There I'm going put them In yay suddenly I have Teeth so it doesn't look too bad I Actually have not been wearing them like Wearing this like at all because I just Feel like there's still stitches it's Still swollen I mean you can see all of The bruising Here um which they said was normal but Anyway I haven't really been wearing This at all so I feel like if I just Spend a day wearing it I would start to Talk normal with it um because right now You can even tell like my s's are still A little bit off but I go back this Coming Tuesday for them to do what's called a Marland Bridge um I kind of previewed

That a little bit they just wanted the Swelling to go down I expected that um So they'll they'll put that in I don't Know I don't know if that'll work I Don't know if it will work I don't know If I like it I don't know if I won't Like it I don't know if I don't know if It's going to stay in but I'm so Thankful that this seems to be pretty Darn good so if all else fails at least I have this I can't eat with it so every Time I eat I'll have to take it out but At least I I feel like to the average Person I mean almost I don't think Anyone would even be able to tell and I Think the more I talk with this I will Get really good at it and it won't I Won't sound weird again I've literally Worn this in my mouth for for maybe 2 Minutes and that's it again I just want It to breathe I just want I want healing To happen the swelling has definitely Gone down but again there is some Bruising here can even see it up around Here I have a little bit of bronzer on And some like Balm but I don't know I don't look the Best I literally just got out the shower I was like I should do an update where You can like really see this so anyway We I'll take you guys along with me as You can tell like I've this this whole Procedure happened before you really saw It and that's just because I had to film

Um some sponsored stuff that like I Signed contracts for months ago and so I Had to get that out first and so that's That's the update for now so I'll see You Soon hello okay so basically that was Very anticlimactic because we're fast Forwarding like a week and a half and I Do have teeth here but it is still the Retainer so I was going to take you to My dentist and film them adding the Maryland bridge to my mouth but they Looked at my mouth and they did say it Was looking good it was healing well as You can see I'm not I don't think I'm Swollen anymore all of the uh bruising Has gone down it's it's fine however There was still inflammation here along With the stitches I don't get the Stitches out until later this week and So they basically just said it's my Choice like if I wanted them to add in The bridge uh they could but since I'm Talking so well with this retainer I Feel like it looks pretty good I think It looks really good and I'm talking Really well with it they just thought it Was wise to wait another couple weeks For the swelling to go down even further Just that way the bridge would be glued In like better and it would adhere Better it would look better I would talk Better so I completely agree with with Them I just feel like if I didn't have

This retainer and it wasn't working so Well I would be like no we need to do But it's just it's I'm just glad it's Worked out this way now with how I'm Feeling overall I know I probably sound Like Oh I'm a lot more bubbly but with How I'm feeling overall systemically Just the Symptoms I it's it was a lot more than Like oh my tooth hurt like it's through My whole body down my neck like just Toxic like not good I'm still not great So so I guess I want to leave it there I Want to talk to my people um I don't Know I I hope I don't know I in my next Video the next video I'm filming is Actually a what I got for Christmas Video it's ridiculous it's just like all I want for Christmas is to just feel Better but I'm going to wait a little Bit maybe I'll update you next in that Video I appreciate you guys coming along This journey with me it's not over yet Obviously I will share when I get that That bridge placed in the near Future but thank you so much for your Kind words the love I've I've gotten Comments I've gotten so many emails I've Gotten videos I've gotten just like it's Crazy the outpour and I know that always Happens when people do things like this Like serious things and it could like I've said a million times this could be So much worse um but truly I so

Appreciate you guys trying to make me Feel better because it really has made Me feel a lot better and that I am less Alone going through this because so many Other people are really struggling with Crazy teeth problems it's it's a big Deal it it affects your whole body so Anyway I will leave it here for now but I definitely have more updates coming Bye