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Hi guys welcome back to another video Today I wanted to share my favorite Places to shop as a petite how I shop Because that's part of my job here on YouTube and I thought why not I just Round up my favorite brands that I love Going to when I'm shopping from season To season shopping for YouTube videos Hopefully not only do you get some good Recommendations on what brands to shop At for some petite friendly pieces but I'll try my best to share some styling Tips along the way what I look out for For what is helpful keeping an eye out When I'm looking for petite friendly Pieces up is ABI they have one of the Best selections for petite friendly Pieces they have short and extra short Denim jeans and I've always said their Quality is the most similar to premium Designer jeans that I own as they'll Even have petite inseams for some of Their jumpsuits their rompers dresses Styles that most brands don't carry in Petite sizing and if you have have a Shorter torso as a petite a lot of their Tops are cropped or even their ful Length tops a lot of them are just Shorter in length I've noticed sometimes I do struggle with sleeve length through Them uh they can be a little bit too Long for me but other than that most of The time most of the pieces that I Purchase and try out are just spoton

Also with their petite sizing I mean It's hit in the right spots Proportionately for example dresses if There's a slit the slit is at the Perfect spot for a petite height if you Purchase a petite length the the rise of Jeans as well spot on for petites cuz Not only do you have to count for the Length of things but you also want to Keep in mind of maybe straps on tops or Dresses where the waistline sits on Certain items and in my experience Fortunately it fits really well as a Petite quins I've shared many many Pieces from Quint I'm actually preparing For a quint summer try on haul I want to Come out with soon so I've been browsing Through all their summer selects and Surprisingly they have quite a few Petite friendly pieces especially Bottoms one of my favorite trousers I've Ever purchased that I share all the time Here these trousers I believe these come In a 25 in in seam and for me being 5'1 That is my perfect length it's not a Full length it's just slightly cropped Which is something I love I have these In three colors they're incredibly Comfortable and they're so flattering Around the waist and hip they're a huge Hit come in many colors and as well as Their jumpsuit I have their linen Jumpsuit that I recently purchased that One is a petite friendly inseam which is

Amazing and dresses at the same time if I'm going for a midi dress I noticed Their midi dresses hit below my calf for Me which is my preferred length for a Midi dress so they're tops I've shared In the past like sweaters and stuff Obviously the sleeves are just a tad Long but everywhere else I would say it Fits wonderfully Banana Republic and Banana Republic Factory this brand is a Brand that I've been shopping at gosh Since I was probably 14 15 years old I Love their work wear pieces and how you Get really stylish Oro pieces that don't Break the bank as well at least with Banana Republic Factory Banana Republic Is actually very expensive so I'll only Really get pieces from there if I really Want to splurge on something but most of The time I shop at factory which I've Noticed their quality is great and it Holds up really well and also with Banana Republic and Factory they carry Petite sizing probably has the best Petite selection because almost every Single item they carry it in a petite Size which they're probably the most Spoton with petite measurements like Making sure the sleeve length is right The seams on the shoulders the neckline The waistline on things I do enjoy Loft And J crew but I don't shop from them Too much I do love them because from Time to time they'll have certain pieces

I really like and want to try out so They have a better selection I would say Of trousers and pants come in short Lengths as well which is really cool so That's another couple places I just Wanted to throw in there I don't shop From them too much I have purchased Pieces from them in the past and I have Been happy with them this next spot has A lot of splurgy items but this is Probably my main spot when I look for Mini dresses mini dresses is one of the Hardest pieces to find as a petite Because most brands don't carry mini Dresses in a petite size if I get a Regular it goes to my knees which I Don't like I try to aim for mid thigh so So usually the dress length has to be Between I think 28 in and up to 30 in Revolve has the best selection in my Opinion of mini dresses that are so Stylish cute girly fun unique and they Don't come in petite sizing but if you Look at the dress length most of their Dresses are between 28 to 32 in in Length most of them being 2728 and I'm able to score so many Beautiful dress dresses mini dresses That fit perfectly right out of the bags I also love mango for the classics that Have a modern twist to them so I don't Usually I haven't tried their mini Dresses before I have tried their jeans I did not like how they fit on my body

Shape but they did have some cheet Friendly inseam so that's worth checking Out but I do love them for outerwear Their outerwear selection every fall and Winter is just so freaking pretty I love The blanket coats love their tailored Wool coats they have such a pretty Selection very minimal and classic and Their pieces are my most worn in my Wardrobe as well especially the fall Items the fall and winter items mostly The outerwear pieces is just like my Favorite also I do love uniclo they're Very basic very simple kind of more of Just like your core Essentials but one Thing I discovered from them that I Shared I believe last summer new custom Hemming for $5 which is so so cool so They have many trouser selects online And I was actually able to go in a pair Of trousers I really liked request them To be hem to a 25 1/2 in Inc right out Of the bag it fit perfectly lengthwise I Don't see very many brands have that Option if you're extra short for example Be under 5' Z extra $5 for the custom Hemming is absolutely worth it and you Only wait I think an extra 3 days it Which is absolutely worth it in my Opinion I mean $5 you don't have to Drive anywhere wait a few extra days and That's it so for my regular viewers you Guys know I have been partnering with Goelia I believe three times now I love

Working with them they have some of the Most beautiful classy Timeless pieces I've ever come across they're a new Brand to me because I discovered them Last summer but it's been so fun working With them and trying out their pieces And reviewing them for you guys one of The things that shocked me the most is How petite friendly their pieces are I'm So curious how they fit on like a tall Person or regular but for petite it's Shocking like the shoulder seams are Perfect and they're one of the brands Have their sleeve length spot on for a Non petite sizing which makes me think It's probably too short for women that Are taller it's bummer but for us Petites it's literally so cool it's so Nice like finding something that fits Really well so like they're jackets They're structured tailor jackets I've Shared so many of them they're trench Coats they're blouse houses they're Cammies like the length of them is a Petite friendly length the sleeve length The shoulder seams really cannot Recommend them enough if you're like me And you love investing into a quality Pair of denim jeans I love a Goldie and Girlfriend jeans I mean it's been almost 2 years I believe since I've had my First pair the fit and how I feel in the Goldie and girlfriends is just unmatched For me personally it just checks off all

My boxes and I feel so confident wearing Them and I used to be the type of person That did not enjoy wearing jeans Honestly I just feel like I couldn't Find one that just checked every box for Me and these two design only these two Designer Brands specifically have been My absolute freaking favorite especially For is Slim straight Jean the last one Is saon they are definitely a Splurge But I found that they have many tops That are very petite friendly I mainly Get tops from them I tried a pair of Pants that weren't really petite Friendly in the inseam they needed to be Hemmed a skirt as well um that was a Little long and length as far as tops They do a great job on tops and sweaters Actually this that's what I'm wearing Today this is on sweater do love their French Parisian pieces especially those Are the Styles I love splurging on Because those are my most worn and I Really want to get something usually Really special and high in quality they Just nail every single detail so those Were my 10 favorite places to shop at as A petite hopefully this video was Helpful as like a guide I'll have all The brands listed down below if you want To to check any of them out if you've Never heard of any of them thank you so Much for watching don't forget to Subscribe if you're new and I'll see you

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