Hey everyone! Today’s video is on how to make sneakers look elegant and chic! These tips are great if you want to style sneakers for work, maybe in a formal setting like an office! Hope you like the style tips and hacks!

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I've got some really easy tips for you To make your trainers or sneakers look Very elegant and Chic these are great Ways to kind of elevate your trainer Looks which would be perfect if you work In an office or a formal setting but you Don't want to wear heels all the time or You just want to upgrade your kind of Weekend style so the first tip and this Applies to any of the outfits is if You're wearing a colorful sneaker to opt For a more plain outfit or if you're Wearing a plain sneaker you can go wild With prints and colors and everything Else I just feel like this is such an Easy rule to remember firstly and it Just makes putting your outfits together Very effortless and easy and it's just a Very sophisticated way to style them so For example a colorful pair like these You'd probably think at first oh I don't Know if they' be very sophisticated or Office appropriate if you styled these Right with I don't know similar colors Let's say if you went for a tan outfit With these or if you just went for an All white look or an all beige look or Maybe just all one color this would work Really well with these trainers because They wouldn't kind of clash too much With other patterns or anything like That so by keeping the rest of the Outfit plain it really helps to Incorporate these sneakers and make them

Look very classy and Chic still or Another example if you had a very plain Pair like these these are just a very Light Beige shade no kind of bright Colors on them or anything like that you Could wear these with pretty much any Color you like so you could have a Really sophisticated I don't know red Two-piece on for example and these Trainers and it would work really well To still keep the outfit looking very Polished and put together I will leave The links to all of the trainers that I'm talking about Down Below in the Description box although I have had some Of these for quite a while so if I can't Find the same ones I'll link some Similar for you same with the outfits Too if you style the trainers with more Formal kind of tailored pieces that Works really well to kind of elevate Them as a whole and make them look a lot Less casual and a little bit more kind Of um elegant and sophisticated so for Example if you was going for your kind Of office job and maybe you had a Tailored two-piece so maybe if you had Some tailored trousers and you wore your Trains with them that would really Elevate the look also if you just wore An elevated pair of kind of like WID leg Trousers with a plain white T-shirt and The sneakers that works really well as Well or if you had a tailored two-piece

On so a tailored kind of waist coat with Your tailored trousers and your sneakers That would work really well as well well Um also pieces like Blazers Incorporating them if maybe you wanted To still wear your jeans with your Sneakers but you didn't want them to Look very casual you could still wear a Blazer with your jeans and your sneakers And that would work really well too midi Skirts are also a great option with your Trainers to kind of elevate them so if You've got a pleated midi skirt or a Denim midi skirt um any style really Works really well to kind of elegate Elegate I guess that is true Elevate Them and make them look uh more elegant So definitely incorporating more formal Pieces into your outfits with the Trainers works really well let me know If you have any tips on how you make Your sneakers look more elegant with Your outfits because I would love to Hear them and I will see you all in my Next video bye guys