Suede, cracked leather and a light color leather material, sounds like a triple threat to me! The Craft Air Jordan 4 is the definition of a mixed material sneaker, but with the help of the Essential Cleaning Kit we were able to clean all of those materials with no issues at all.

In today’s Shoe Care Academy video we took on a requested sneaker from the comments and walked you through all the tips and tricks on how to clean the Air Jordan 4 Craft. However, we also walked you through some of the complications, so when you are cleaning these kicks watch out for those!

The Craft Jordan 4 is a monochrome light colored sneaker with small details to really make the shoe dynamic. The uppers are made of suede, cracked leather and regular leather; this is the perfect sneaker for our Soft Bristle Brush. The Soft Bristle Brush was able to break down all of the surface dirt while still protecting those delicate materials. While the midsole cleaned up nice using the Medium Bristle Brush and the outsole as always is the best use of the Stiff Bristle Brush.

Pro tip though… After you clean suede; ALWAYS reset that nap to get the buttery smooth texture we all know and love.

I’m rocking with these kicks, but let us know in the comments, do you like the Craft 4s or are they a total pass?

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What's going on Reshoevn8tion I'm Jordan and 
I'm back with another Shoe Care Academy video. If   You guys are new here make sure you subscribe, 
if you like today's video hit the thumbs up   Button and before I even get started on this 
cleaning make sure you turn on the bells for   Notifications we drop new videos every Monday and 
every Thursday with Customs and Restorations with   Vick and Shoe Care Academy videos on just about 
every sneaker we own, so without further Ado I'm   Going to be cleaning up these Craft Jordan 4s 
that are cooked using the RESHOEVN8R Essential   Cleaning Kit paired with the Dry Suede Kit, 
so let's get into today's cleaning .[Music]   Got the cleaning station all set up with everything that comes in the 
RESHOEVN8R Essential Cleaning Kit. We have   Our four ounce solution, our three different 
brushes and the microfiber towel, but we also   Paired this with some of our other RESHOEVN8R
products. The Cleaning Mat which is an essential   If you are going to be cleaning your sneakers 
it keeps the surface super dry, makes it not   As messy and it is super absorbent hands down 
one of my favorite products in the RESHOEVN8R Lineup. We also have our Drying Rack and 
Bowl combo it stores those three brushes for   Cleaning plus after the cleaning and holds 
our water in solution and then a Shoe Tree   Which we are going to be needing this because 
these sneakers are beat and they're a mixed   Material sneakers so we're going to have 
to put a lot of pressure onto this toe box   To really get this leather and the suede clean. 
Before we get started on the scrubbing portion   Of this sneaker I'm going to be heading over 
to the RESHOEVN8R sister store Many Worlds   It's going to be right next door and I'm going 
to use their air compressor to blow off all of   This surface dust, since these are a light 
colored material and I don't want to put them   In the washing machine because of the suede I 
don't want to push all of that trapped in dirt   Further into this suede material and cause 
damage so the air compressor is our best bet,   But before I go over there you already know that 
on camera we only clean one shoe so I'm going to   Go ahead and set this left sneaker aside and 
then we'll head over to Many Worlds. [Music] I'm back in the studio for Many Worlds now the air 
compressor did a really good job blowing off that   Surface dirt specifically on this portion where 
the netting is with the suede and up here as you   Saw Yared did take over but it's only right 
that he cleaned these shoes because he is the   Reason that these are trashed. Now that we have the 
surface dust off of this shoe we're ready to start   Scrubbing, but first we have to remove these laces 
and insert our adjustable Shoe Tree [Music] [Applause]. There is a lot of creasing on this toe 
box from Yared wearing them so with the   Shoe Tree inserted and leaving the Shoe Tree in 
to dry it'll really help push out that creasing   On this leather. Next step we have to add two 
squirts of our solution to our bowl of water. Now we are going to be using our Soft Bristle 
Brush to start scrubbing this sneaker since it  

Is a suede sneaker we have to be super careful 
make sure we clean the entire sneaker evenly and   Don't over saturate the materials, but lucky for us 
the Soft Bristle Brush is delicate enough to use   On these materials. One important tip when you're 
cleaning these sneakers and using the Soft Bristle   Brush on four's specifically make sure you always 
pull the wings back and this back piece just to   Get the most effective clean. Also since it does 
have suede on it make sure you're patting the   Sneaker dry as you go so you're not leaving 
that water to just sit on the suede because   It can over saturate the material and cause 
water marking and also there is a little bit   Of cracked leather on there so when you're using 
the Soft Bristle Brush just be super careful on   The cracked leather so that you don't cause it to 
crack even more. Now the Medium Brush is the second   In our arsenal it's a little bit stiffer than 
the Soft Bristle Brush, but still works really   Well on leather as well as on the midsoles 
which we're going to be scrubbing right now. [Music] I'm all done using the Medium Brush on the 
midsole. Now this midsole looks super clean   I also went ahead and used it on some of these 
leather panels overall the shoe is cleaning up   Really well. There is still a grass stain on 
the suede toe box I am going to probably have   To hit that with the dry suede eraser after the 
sneaker dries because right now it really won't   Do anything, but until the sneaker dries we're just 
going to be moving on to the Stiff Bristle Brush   On this outsole; clean that up and then we'll put 
the sneakers outside to dry for the next two hours. [Music] That's going to wrap it up on using the three brushes on this shoe. Now I mentioned a whole 
bunch of times that when you're cleaning suede   You have to be super careful also when you're 
cleaning cracked leather you have to be super   Careful lucky for me this shoe has both, but 
what I didn't know was that this part right   Here which happens to be one of my favorite 
parts of the Crafts where the netting is   Actually just indented into the suede material 
there is a chance if you brush this too hard or   Put these shoes in the washing machine that the 
indents can actually fade I wasn't aware of that,   But Vick Almighty just let us know ,so once this 
dries we're going to make sure that it didn't   Fade but I think we're gonna be alright. If you 
guys are cleaning these at home you have to be   Super careful just because of the three things 
that I just said. Before I go set this outside   All we have to do is take care of these laces 
that have been soaking in this water. Now it's time to head outside. We're back we went ahead and let the shoe dry 
for a little bit outside and overall these   Cleaned up super great we got that grass 
stain out of the suede on this toe box and   Just overall the entire shoe is looking 
much better however this suede is crunchy   So we're going to have to reset that nap using 
our Dry Suede Kit and potentially our Medium  

Brush ,but we got to get into that because 
nobody wants to rock shoes with crunchy suede. The Dry Suede Kit, it comes with our suede eraser 
plus our suede brush all you're going to do is   Use the Eraser on deeper stains and then you'll 
take the brush move it in multiple directions   Back and forth you don't need to apply too 
much pressure onto the shoe. However for this   Sneaker we did use our Medium Brush as well to 
bring the suede back just because it was super   Crunchy and you'll do the same thing just in 
multiple directions back and forth until you   Get your desired results [Music]. Another great 
tool for resetting the nap is the Brass Bristle   Brush now I wasn't going to use this brush on 
this sneaker but there was one part on this toe   Box that was just so crunchy that the Medium 
Bristle Brush and the Dry Suede Kit weren't   Getting the results that I wanted so I went ahead 
and grabbed the Brass Brush I didn't use it on   The portion where there's this indented netting, I 
did mention earlier Vick says that if you brush too   Hard it'll wash away that indent and personally 
it is my favorite detail on this sneaker. Now I   Do see on this panel here that we did wash away 
some of the indent so I just didn't want to use   The Brass Brush on that part and potentially 
wash away the entire detail. Overall this suede   Is back to that buttery smooth and now all 
that's left to do is lace up this sneaker. [Music]   The shoe is all laced up now you 
guys don't have to come for me   On my lace job because Vick Almighty already did it.  Overall they cleaned up really good. Now I am a 
fan of this Craft Four I definitely think that   The monochrome on this sneaker is super cool, but 
it does have the hidden details with the indented  Netting which I mentioned that it is my favorite 
part. I personally don't own a pair but I might   Have to pick one up we achieved these results 
using the RESHOEVN8R Essential Cleaning Kit   Paired with the Dry Suede Kit and the Brass Brush, 
but all that's left to do is since these were on   Yared's feet we're gonna have to spray these 
with some Deodorizer before we give them back. Much better. Plus we are hosting a huge 
giveaway right now we are giving away   An Off-White UNC Jordan One or in Off-White 
Jordan 5 or this is the best prize yet A thousand dollars all you have to do to enter is 
hit the link in the description subscribe for our   Emails and our SMS. We're doing this giveaway to 
celebrate us hitting 1.5 million subscribers on   YouTube so thank you for being a part of our 
family and that's going to wrap up Today's   Shoe Care Academy video if you like today's video 
it the Thumbs Up Button if you're new here make   Sure you subscribe and drop a comment if you guys 
entered the giveaway I'll see you guys next time. [Music]