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Everyone so today’s video is gonna be on How to look good in flats as a petite Now as a petite person myself i’m only Four foot eleven and i really struggle Sometimes styling flats to make them Look flattering on me and still make my Legs look kind of elongated because Flats can be really difficult to style If you are short as well so hopefully These tips help you so i’m just gonna Get straight into the video so tip Number one would be to choose a pair of Flats which have a little bit of an arch To them So a good example of this would be these Loafers from h m and i’ll leave links to Everything that i’m kind of showing and Speaking about down below in the Description box it just really helps to Elongate your legs especially with Styles like platform and style flats Like this so they’ve just got that Little bit of a chunky heel um at the Back and then kind of slope down and This is really flattering just to kind Of lift your leg up a little bit so Arches and it just helps to elongate Your legs and instead of something flat For example like i’ll get onto in a Minute um If your shoe is just like that it’s just Kind of Finishing it’s not really giving you That nice tilt which really helps to

Kind of flatter and elongate your legs So yeah definitely opt for a pair of Shoes which have a little bit of an arch To them another great option for flats If your petite is to opt for a pair of Flats which have a bit of a pointed toe Now this doesn’t have to be you know an Extremely pointed style it can be if That’s you know a pair that you like um But just optical styles which tend to Have more of a kind of elongated pointed Style rather than a square toe square Toe um flats can really chop your legs Off um if you are that little bit Shorter just because it’s kind of making Your legs finish at a very kind of blunt Point whereas the um kind of pointed toe Helps to kind of Elongate everything out it’s very hard To explain these tips um but i’m trying My best but yeah opt for pointed toe Styles instead of square toe styles and This pair brings me on to my next tip Which is to opt for neutral tones Depends what your personal style is but As a generic rule and if you’re wanting To kind of elongate your legs and you Just want a foolproof way to style flats If you are shorter definitely opt for a Neutral color like this that’s kind of a Similar tone to your skin tone it really Helps to elongate those legs out again Because there isn’t a direct finishing Point um

So let’s say if this was bright red for Example and they were flat like this You’re going to notice them a lot more When you’re kind of glancing at someone Whereas when they’re a neutral shade it Just kind of blends everything in Together so yeah neutral tones are Definitely a win for a petite frame now Another tip when shopping for a pair of Flats if you’re petite is to go for Flats which have a little bit more kind Of around the sides now again this is Really hard to explain but Ballet flats for example can be really Hard to pull off if you are petite just Because they give you kind of no support At the sides um so it just kind of I don’t know how to explain it just Makes your legs look really flat whereas If you opt for um a pair of flats which Have this kind of section at the sides I have no idea what they’re called i’m Not into like fashion design or anything But bits at the side really just help to Kind of again sculpt your kind of leg And ankle into the shoe and it just Gives that nice seamless finish rather Than it being really flat and your ankle Is just there and you’re just in the Shoe if that makes sense next tip would Be to style the flats with high-waisted Pieces So this could be with a high-waisted Pair of trousers high-waisted jeans

High-waisted skirt anything that just Kind of brings um that waistline up it Really helps again to elongate your legs In the flats because it just creates More of the illusion that your waist is Higher when you know you’re glancing at Yourself or someone glances at you your Waist just looks like a little bit Higher so it makes your legs look longer And you can also do this by wearing Cropped jackets Anything that just kind of brings that Waistline up is super flattering with Flats and another big tip i would Suggest if you are shorter so a big Trend at the moment is to wear the black Loafers with a white pair of socks and I’ve tried this and it just doesn’t Really look right and maybe it’s just me But i feel the reason for that is Because when you are shorter if you’re Wearing a white pair of socks or a Contrasting pair of socks with the black Loafers it’s just too much contrast and It really breaks up your leg and makes Them look shorter and so I personally and i feel like this would Be beneficial if you are shorter as well If you’re wanting to wear the socks With the loafers try and keep them the Same color or very similar colour socks And again this just really helps to kind Of even out those proportions and Doesn’t chop your leg off with the

Contrasting white with the black another Thing i would do as well is i would wear Your flats with either your ankles on Show or i would wear the socks kind of Going into the jeans and i’ll insert a Clip of how i would style them in a Minute so you kind of get what i mean um But i feel like that’s a really good way To style them and just an easy way when You’re putting outfits together to know How to style the flat so that they are Still flattering on you so a good Example of what i mean is what i’ve got On here so i’ve just got on these beige Suede flats with my ankles on show and Then my blue jeans and if you see it Just kind of really helps to blend in Because the shoes kind of match my Ankles and it just really helps to Elongate the whole look here is an Example of what i meant by the socks and The loafers matching so i’ve just got a Pair of black socks on with the loafers And again just kind of really helps to Blend everything in together so Definitely opt for a pair of socks which Is a similar kind of color to the flats That you are wearing shoes flats that You’re wearing and also wearing your Flats with a pair of tights and a skirt And a dress works so well too again just To really elongate all those proportions And that is it i really hope you enjoyed This video and the tips in it as i said

Everything i’ve kind of spoken about and You know product wise product wise items Piece of clothing i’ll leave them down Below in the description box please let Me know your thoughts in the comments And also please give this video a thumbs Up and subscribe to my channel if you Did like it as i always say really Really does help me out so i’d be very Grateful for that have a great day and I’ll speak to you all in the next video Bye guys