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I'll be sharing ways to style outerwear Pieces on a petite body type I'm 5 foot One for reference and I'll be sharing Outerwear pieces in different lengths That I'll be styling so crop length Midlength really long and believe it or Not I actually was surprised how petites Can pull off honestly any outerwear Length I mean I'll be sharing ways where All of these different lengths will work For a shorter person it just really Depends on what you style underneath the Outerwear piece one of my favorite Wardrobe pieces as a petite is anything Mini style so mini skirts mini dresses In this example specifically I'll be Styling this mini skirt in my opinion Mini skirts or mini dresses work for Almost any outerwear length so either Crops around your waist uh midlength and Really long I think works great too Because everything looks balanced you Have a crop that where it's really Defining your waistline or you have a Midlength that stops around the same Length as the mini skirt or you have a Really long outer piece which you're Creating one visual line all the way Down from your shoulders to that mid Length so past the calf and the outfit's Examples I'm sharing here so one with a Crop jacket and I'm wearing sling back Flats I think this is incredibly Flattering I could also Swap this out

For knee high boost that would also look Great I just wouldn't wear sock booties With this and then with a midlength Outerwear piece here this also looks Fabulous because the length is around The same length as the mini skirt and Then I'm wearing knee high boots so Really tall boots so gives me long Visual line which is really flattering Showing a sliver of skin in between the Skirt and the boot and I want to point Out that the outer work piece is Incredibly flattering for petite body Type it kind of has that A-line cut Silhouette so it cinches a little bit Around the waistline and kind of flares Out with the skirt and I'm exposing skin Around my chest you know in my legs a Little bit uh the skirt is high-waisted Defining my waistline so overall this Looks very balanced and very petite Friendly and I even think like a boxier Midlength outwar piece would still look Absolutely fabulous because everything Underneath more fitted and very balanced The next example I want to share on a Midlength outerwear piece that's a don't For me styling it with any midi length So a midi skirt or a midi dress so this One specifically I'll be styling the Slip midi dress and it has a slit on the Side you know midlength outerwear pieces Definitely can really cut us in half Because again in the name it's a

Midlength so it's going to stop halfway Usually this can be a little bit tricky Styling if you're petite so in this Example here this midi dress with the Midlength outward piece this visually Cuts Us in half even though the skirt Has a slit in the side it's still not Enough balance for me to style an Outerwear piece with a midi style like This instead my top two recommendations For outerwear pieces is a crop outerwear Piece and a really long ouward piece Because again you're creating balance so With the crop outward piece you're Covering onethird of your body which is Very flattering so and it stops right Around my hips right around my waistline Visually it looks a lot more balanced And as well as with the really long outo Piece you're creating one long visual Line so the rule of thirds is a great Rule to keep in mind when you're styling A petite body type you can find a Midlength dress or skirt that has a slit In it that's a huge bonus because that Is even more flattering for a petite Person with a mid-length outo piece I Again love wearing it with minis skirts And I also think it looks great with a Pair of fitted structure trousers or Jeans they can even be in like a slim Fit straight leg they don't have to be Skinnies even though with skinnies it Would still look fabulous but in this

Example I want to actually show with More of a slim fit pant that's Structured tailored looks incredibly Flattering with a midlength outerwear Piece yes visually it is kind of cut in Half however how I styled everything Underneath really helps balance out the Outerwear piece so the pants they're More slim they're fit they're High-waisted they're not super big baggy Really loose uh the top that I'm wearing Is an open neckline so that balances out I'm wearing sling back pumps I'm giving Myself actual inches to my Heights which Really helps balance out my petite frame When I'm styling pieces that can be a Little bit more tricky styling and this Specific outerwear piece is so Flattering like I mentioned because it Has that beautiful A-line silhouette Really highlights my waistline Especially from wearing fitted pieces Underneath and my top is tucked in as Well as everything underneath is Monochrome so all one color which is Really easy for me to do with black Because I am literally wearing all black So my favorite color can you tell but It's definitely the easiest to do with Black because everybody has uh black Clothing in their wardrobe so that's Another way to pull off midlength Outerwear pieces is go all monochrome Underneath and then styling uh trousers

Like this also look absolutely fabulous When you are wearing a long outerwear Piece or cropped outerwear piece uh Styling Slim Li fit trousers pants or Jeans you can pretty much wear any Single outo piece I mean I have three Different lengths I'm showing you here And I think they all look great they all Look balanced and I'm 5 fo1 for Reference there's so many tips advice Dos don'ts on YouTube when it comes to For petite body type where can kind of Put us in a box and where we have so Many rules here I just want to show you Ways how you can make many wardrobe Pieces actually work really well for Petite body type because there's so many Beautiful styles out there and I know a Lot of us really want to wear them so I Want to be that resource for you guys And showing you ways how you can wear Them feel great in it and have Everything look balanced so yes if You're petite you could totally wear Midlength outerwear pieces uh slim fit Trousers skinny jeans straight jeans uh Just make sure they're not super baggy Or super loose so that way it does look A little bit more structured and polish When you're wearing a midl outo piece Okay last but not least I have this Maxi Pleated skirt that I recently got in From Quint I shared this in a fall to Winter new in my closet type of video so

I love it it's beautiful I love the way It flows and moves this definitely is One of my more tricky Pizza styling as a Petite because one it has no slit and Two it's very flowy so uh this can be a Little bit more tricky so I actually Wouldn't wear this skirt with my really Long outerwear piece there's just too Much volume going on I mean I think we Can all agree I mean the very voluminous Outerwear piece with a very voluminous Maxi skirt there's just too much fabric Going on which is really overwhelming For my height and I'm wearing like 3in Heels which adds inches to my height it Still doesn't help as well as with a Midlength so pictured here I definitely Don't feel great in this it's just again Too much volume I feel like it's just Not flattering my body type very well so This is actually two out ofar pieces I Wouldn't wear with this skirt so you Guys can probably guess what what Outerwear piece I would wear with it It's a crop length I think it's Definitely more flattering and we're Playing with the rule of thirds so I Have my top half 1/3 and then the bottom Half 2/3 covered up and then I'm wearing Heel which adds inches to my height but This is more balanced because I have an Outter wear piece that stops around my Waistline here and it looks much more Balanced much more flattery and now that

I'm looking at it I probably should have Swapped the sock booties maybe for like A sling back pump so that way I can Expose at least a little bit more skin But rolling up the sleeves in the jacket And then having an open neckline Underneath I think helps a bit so you Know definitely have to pay attention to Maybe showing a bit of skin here and There wearing something oversized with Something fitted if you are styling Oversized pieces or flowy pieces that is Really all comes down to balance the Rule of thirds gr a little bit of skin Balancing out fitted with loose pieces So hopefully this video gave you some Great examples on how to style aoar Pieces in different lengths for petite Body type really wanted to show examples On myself cuz I know that's really Helpful for you guys so that way we Create outfits we love we feel great in And we can still pick pieces that we Love and find ways to make it work for Our petite frame so that is it for this Video if you guys have any specific Wardrobe pieces you would like me to Style find ways to make them work for PT Body time let me know in the comment Section down below if you have any Subscribe if you're new and I'll see you Next time bye