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This really could change your life I am Going to teach you how to go seven days Without washing your hair I have very Specific tips and tricks to easily Achieve this and have your hair looking Beautiful all week long and I I know so Many of you know the benefits of Extending the time period in between Washing your hair I mean honestly it Just makes your life easier but it also Makes your hair healthier because it Really is best to keep the natural oils On your hair as long as possible now my Plan is to check in with you every day Give you an update as to what my hair is Looking like and give you a daily tip or Trick into making this a lot easier now My first tip is if you think this is Just insane because you already wash Your hair every single day then I really Think you should start this process out A little bit slow or maybe go two or Three days without washing your hair and You just need to train your scalp into Actually producing less oils tip number Two is to obviously wash your hair on Day one now I have two different routes As to how to do this well number one Would be using a clarifying shampoo Which you should not use all the time You should use it maybe once a week Because it really strips all of the dead Skin cells the hair buildup it strips The oils from your hair leaving a

Perfectly Clean Slate now if you don't Have a clarifying shampoo or you don't Want to use that you could also actually Shampoo your hair twice the first time Just gets the dirt out a little bit of Build up and then the second time just Really gets in there even deeper and Really gets the the oils off of your Scalp and it's just you just want to Start with a fresh clean slate now where The magic comes in and ironically enough It's literally called Magic Mist it's in Commons magic Mist it's a four in one Spray I mean I love this stuff if you've Been watching my channel I have used This for years and when I wanted to Create this video I knew I needed to Work with in common because this is what Allows me to make my hair look good for A long time huge shout out to them I was Able to get a code for you guys if you Want to try this out so I will have them Linked down below and you can get 25 off Site-wide but if you're gonna try Anything I am telling you guys you need To try this four in one product so Number one it's a leave-in conditioner So when I washed my hair preparing for a No wash for seven days I did not use any Conditioner but this is a leave-in Conditioner and I can concentrate it More on the lower half of my end not at The roots this is also a hair detangler It's a smoothing balm and it's also a

Heat protectant so you're getting a lot Of benefits in one bottle and this is a Huge bottle and it's going to last you a Long time I think you saved nine dollars With my code bringing this down to only 26 dollars for like a really big bottle Now what I do is I spray it it's a Beautiful Mist but Sprite again like From here down you know you don't want Your roots to really have much product Oh and if you have a little girl just Keep this in mind because as I mentioned This is a really good hair detangler now I'm pretty sure I discovered this Product from Hilary Duff years ago Hilary Duff is obsessed with this so is Selena Gomez I saw her recently using it So anyway once it's all dispersed in Your hair the next step is critical This Crew this is crucial you must blow dry Your hair blow drying your hair will Make it look better but the real secret Is it evaporates the excess moisture and Oils from your scalp meaning that your Hair is going to look far less greasy Throughout the week now once your hair Is fully dry dry especially at the roots Then I really think you should style it In some way with a hot tool whether it Be curling it or using a straightener as I mentioned this is a heat protectant so Your hair is fully protected and this Also especially when curling I am going To curl my hair this week and I'm going

To show you how long My Curls will last When I use this magic Mist because it Just kind of gives a little bit of Something for the iron to kind of grip Onto and it just makes the the style Last way longer alright so this is what My hair looks like after I curl it using My clipping method where I go Section by Section but then clip each curled Section on my head so I have lots of Clips and then it just cools in the Curled formation and it just makes your Your hair a little bit more curly than You might like the first day but it sets Them and it makes the style last so much Longer throughout the week and again This really does make your curls look Better and last longer so I'm going to Continue on with my day and we'll see What my hair looks like tomorrow okay Guys good morning it is the next day and I realized yesterday I didn't show you The date on my phone I remembered after I was cleaning up the filming equipment But yesterday was August 14th here's my Phone now hopefully you can see it is August 15th it's the next day so my hair Is kind of a mess from sleeping on it Um I'm gonna take it down I expect it to Look pretty decent because the next day The curls slightly fall out but it still Looks really good usually so fingers Crossed but I do have a trick here to Show you

So let me just pull out my hair here Um so at first it's probably not not Gonna look great but this is the trick Um these massive satiny um scrunchies I Actually discovered this from Jaclyn Hill like you know hers on YouTube like Years ago but just it's so loose that You can put your hair back and it like Kind of keeps the formation but it Doesn't leave any crinks or or weird Things in your hair so this is what We're working with let me just brush it Out a little bit I am planning on Filming some today and my goal is to not Have to really do anything to style it But let's see See this is what I mean the curl like it Still looks pretty good like I feel like My hair looks totally fine so that's my Update for today okay I am back two days Later I actually did not do a check-in Yesterday it is officially August 17th Shout out to my mom it's her birthday But yesterday we went to Kennywood which Is a big amusement park in Pittsburgh we Rode roller coasters we rode crazy rides I mean I did nothing to my hair I kind Of just like put it back and it was Flying around like crazy so here is Today all I did was brush it I've done Nothing I don't think it's greasy yet Um my the curls definitely mostly gone Out of my hair but honestly I feel like It's a nice pretty natural wave so I

Still don't even have to do anything With my hair many days later but the tip Of the day when you take a shower I'm Obviously not washing my hair but the Trick into taking a shower is to truly Seal your head okay you want to get a Shower cap or any Bonnet or whatever to Seal out the moisture or when you're Taking a shower because that moisture Can get in and really enhance any Greasiness that might start happening The other little trick that you can do If you have a shower like this but if You have one of those handheld things I Would say like use that instead of the Full-blown shower head so I went to a Rodeo last night Um oh it's August 18th it's Friday um But last night I went to a rodeo it was A great it was a great time it was a Great time have you been to a rodeo Before it was not ideal weather Conditions it it rained the whole time Um and and it was not supposed to do That so I was not prepared so I ended up Putting my flannel over top my head then It got so bad I decided to go find a Garbage bag and I put that over my body It was It was kind of ridiculous but Honestly it was good memories but this Is what we're working with today okay Not good it's just like a frizzy mess Um honestly up here still looks pretty Good I feel like tomorrow though

Definitely we're gonna be dry shampooing But today I'm going to refresh my hair Again I'm going to use this in common Magic Mist a lot of people love this on Wet hair but some people don't know you Can actually spray it on dry hair and Actually use it to again refresh your Hair so then you can go on to style your Hair or curl it however you like but I Do think this magic Mist really tames Down any frizz I think it makes your Hair look super shiny which is nice and It just freshens up your hair so I Decided to go ahead and re-curl my hair But in much bigger pieces I just wanted To save some time and I do think this Spray also just gives the curling wand Some something to grip onto and it just Makes the curls look a lot better so This is the freshened updated look I Think it looks pretty much brand new and I think this will continue to hold for The remaining days so we will we will See what it looks like tomorrow good Morning it is Saturday August 19th it's Actually pretty early in the morning for A Saturday I mean I woke up pretty early I already did my makeup Um and I'm going to take my hair down Again I was using this huge silk Scrunchie and we're getting to the point Guys my hair is definitely like really Greasy it's just it's feeling greasy so We're gonna go in with a good dry

Shampoo I have a lot of favorites um but My tip of the day obviously is to use a Dry shampoo but I use it in a very Specific way that I think makes a huge Difference like this you guys need to Try this um but today I'm using chlorine Um there's so many others that I love You're gonna spray it And really get up like like lift your Hair up Spray lift so obviously it creates this You know cast which isn't great Especially if you have dark hair like me But the trick is to go in with a hair Dryer and dry your hair not only does This Push out the the white cast like the Excess white cast but it also again Freshens up your hair gives it some lift Some bounce and it makes your hair look Like like not brand new but pretty darn Close the curl like I said from Yesterday is still pretty darn prominent And there's some nice lifting going on Doesn't look greasy anymore I'm good to go I have done it guys it's Day seven it is Sunday August 20th and I Haven't washed my hair in a whole week So I'm getting ready for church right Now I'm wearing this dress I've got some Jewelry on I already brushed my hair This morning and put it back just to Wash my face and do my makeup so I think It looks pretty good but I'm still not

Sure if I'm going to wear it down or Wear it back we'll see um but my tip of The day I actually have a couple of them Is to actually use dry shampoo before You go to bed so I did that last night Right before I went to bed I just Sprayed it all through my hair and then Let it do its thing all night long and I Woke up and the white residue is Completely gone it just worked through The night to suck up the excess oils so My other last tip is if it just looks Horrible on this last day you could Always slick it back or you could wear a Hat okay there you go but let's just see What it looks like Um It's definitely like a little like Slick down but that's okay let's just Brush it again I think I might just wear It like this so anyway I feel like this Was successful you don't have to make it The full seven days I hope you learned Some things from this I will have in Common magic Mist linked down below Along with my promo code Shea 25 for 25 Off site-wide again if you're gonna try Anything this is what they're known for I really think you will love it Um but I hope you enjoyed this got some Inspiration learned a few things and I Will see you very soon in my next one Bye