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Guys so in this video I'm sharing ways To style boots on a petite body type and I'll be sharing lots of tips and tricks Favorite outfit combinations uh what to Avoid what to wear kind of like a do's And don'ts Style video on all different Types of boots I'm going to be sharing Knee-high boots ankle boots and sock Booties and as far as shoes go I really Do think boots are one of the hardest Styles of shoes to style for a shorter Person and in this video I'm sharing Just again my favorite outfit Combinations tips and tricks do's and Don'ts and as always these are purely Just suggestions these are not rules and I always say this dress in a way that Makes you feel your best and confident Because at the end of the day that's the Only thing that matters but I love Sharing styling tips and advice and Tricks for pity body types I love to use Myself as an example the first boot I Want to style for you guys is knee-high Boots so I really do think knee-high Boots look great on petite body types Now there are some ways I would avoid Wearing them so let's start with this Knee-high boot a lot of times I see Women styling these kinds of boots with A midi style dress now here's an example On me this is a silk slip midi dress With a slit on the side and I paired it With this thicker chunkier knee-high

Boot and I just think it looks a little Too bulky for a petite person so what I Would swap instead is another knee-high Boot that is in a suede material and It's a lot thinner and it hugs my calves My legs perfectly so there's no extra Fabric there's no gapping or anything so That way everything looks balanced and Very put together now with a knee-high Boot in the first example I shared with The midi dress I love wearing these with Mini skirts or mini dresses so in this Example I think this looks absolutely Fabulous I'm showing more skin in Between the skirt and the boot the top Part of my body is uh fitted I'm Cinching in my waistline the skirt kind Of flares out a little bit I'm wearing a Thinner slim fitted top and then paired With a really fun a little bit more Dramatic knee-high boot I really do Think ties the look together and looks a Lot more balanced next thing I would Avoid is wearing mini skirts with uh Ankle Chelsea boots or with a sock booty So I think a lot of us can agree Especially if I'm wearing a black sock Booty or black ankle boot it looks Unbalanced I have the mini skirt where It stops their right mid thigh and then I'm exposing my leg and then kind of Cutting off around my ankle but if you Want to wear these shoes with a mini Style skirt or dress I highly recommend

Just pop on a pair of tights and it Instantly changes the look looks so much More balanced and put together because Visually you're not cutting anything off Uh you're having one color going all Throughout your leg now I do think this Tip Works only really with black tights And black ankle boots or you can just Wear a knee-high boot like I shared in The previous example I have to mention Uh the tights with the ankle boot tip Only really works with black tights and Black boots now what if you want to wear A brown colored boot in this example Here I don't think it looks put together Obviously visually it looks cut off Around my ankle and foot so instead if I'm wearing a colored ankle boot I Prefer to wear it with a slim or Straight pant or Jean and I just make Sure it lays perfectly over the ankle Boot and doesn't scrunch up or it's not Too long or too cropped where it's Showing like too much skin around my Ankle so here I'm wearing it with these Dark blue denim slim straight jeans to Make it look even better I can actually Swap the jeans with a pair of black Straight fitted pants trousers and I Have a black top black bottoms a Monochrome look going on and then Exposing my ankle boot pop of color I Think looks fabulous and what I think Looks even better is when you crop your

Pants just slightly to show off more of Your ankle boot also by doing this if You're exposing more of your ankle and You're wearing a soft booty that hugs Around your ankle which is the Slender Part of the body and if you show that Part off and the sock booty is wrapped Snug around your ankle it'll give a Slimming look and appearance especially When you're pairing it with a straight Slim fitted pant next up is wearing Chelsea ankle boots so specifically that More combat Style with straight or slim Fitted pants when you're pairing a Thicker ankle boot it doesn't hug around Your ankle and then you're wearing a Straight fitted pant for that it can Look bulky around the ankle and around Your foot so my biggest suggestion and Tip is actually again crop your pant Just a little bit to show off more of Your boot and again to me this looks Very balanced and more put together Again you're showing off your shoe a Little bit more which is always so much Fun so I'm sure there's still a lot of Us out there that still love to wear Skinny jeans next few tips is how to Wear skinny jeans with different ankle Boots so skinny jeans with the Chelsea Boots again I would avoid avoid either One tucking your jean completely into The boot and two avoid having your jeans Sit above the boot at least where it

Creates that ankle scratch if you have a Full length skinny jean and you have it Just sit above the ankle boot it'll Create that ankle scrunch which of Course isn't flattering but then if you Tuck the excess into the boot as well I Think it looks a little funny at the Same time too so instead what I would do Is just fold the pant in a little bit so That way it sits just above the boot Again you don't have to show skin if you Don't want to around your ankle you can Just have it sit slightly above the Chelsea boot so that way again it looks Balanced more put together this is a lot Easier to style if you're matching the Color of your shoe to your pants but Here I just wanted to show example with My dark blue skinny jeans with the black Chelsea Boot and I still think this Looks great I have no ankle scrunch Going on it's not going completely into My shoe all the way where it looks a Little silly now sock boots with skinny Jeans this can be a little tricky I've Worn sock boots and skinny jeans in so Many different ways days and even on the Don'ts Parts I'm going to show you I Even worn them like that but you know After years of styling putting outfits Together see what I like what I don't Like Um I figured out what I personally Really like and just wanted to share

That with you guys so for the don'ts or What I personally avoid now when I'm Wearing skinnies with a sock bootie I Don't tuck the Jean inside the shoe Because what that does it creates bulk Around your ankle doesn't look very Slimming Um it looks a little messy kind of Sloppy and I also make sure I don't wear Skinny jeans that are a full length over My sock booty because again I think this Also looks silly so you can see the two Right here side by side Um they don't look terrible I do think It looks better again if you wear the Same colored shoe as your jean also if I Was wearing black jeans this would Actually not look too bad but since I'm Wearing a dark blue jean it looks more Noticeable what I do instead is I just Make sure the Jean that I'm wearing is Just a little bit cropped again sitting Up above my ankle bone so that way I'm Still exposing enough of my boot but I'm Not having any ankle scrunch going on it Still looks very slimming and as you can See in the after here I think this looks A lot better I just folded the Jean in Just a little bit like I did with the Chelsea boots but as far as sock booties Go I personally love wearing them with a Slim or straight fit pant I think it's Fine wearing them with a skinny jean I Think it works like I showed in this

Example here but you know I usually wear My sock booties with a straight slim Fitted Jean or pant I think it looks More balanced put together and then like I shared earlier if the Jean pant is Just slightly cropped showing more of The shoe it creates a really flattering Look where it makes it look slimmer more Sleek and Polished so that's why I Prefer sock booties with a slim or Straight fitted pant so that is it for This video that was ways to style Knee-high boots ankle boots Chelsea Boots on a petite body type I really Hope you guys learned something found it Informative everything that I shared in This video I will link in the Description box for you guys I really Hope hope this was helpful love you guys So much and I'll see you in my next Video bye