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Hi guys welcome back to another video so Today I am sharing how to style Midlength outerwear pieces on a petite Body type so there's so many style tips Out there for petites including from me On what to wear What Not to Wear and Surprisingly petites can actually wear So many different styles of clothing it Just really depends on how we style them So I wanted to start this series on Taking pieces wardrobe pieces are a Little bit more challenging styling on a Petite and just sharing with you guys Ways I love to wear them be sharing what I avoid what I like to wear outfit Combination let's go ahead and get Started I want to share first what I Avoid wearing with this style before I Get into what I love to wear with it so First thing I avoid right off the bat is Pairing this style with midi length Skirts or dresses that's one I think Visually and I'm sure a lot of you guys Can see by the examples it can really Just look a little too choppy I do think Taller women can really pull these off And make it look effortless for shorter Girls like me it just looks a little Funny a little off and then same thing Goes for maxi skirts and maxi dresses Again usually with these dresses there's So much movement and it's flowy has more Volume to it so it's not really showing Our shape as best as it should and same

Thing goes for if we're wearing pants so Any wideleg jeans or really flowy wide Like Bottoms those I avoid wearing with Midi length cuz essentially you get a Very similar look you do with midi Skirts midi dresses as well as maxi Dresses there's just a lot of fabric a Lot of volumes you really want to make Sure when we're styling midi length Pieces like this we're showing our shape Somewhere now when we're pairing it with You know really long pieces that have a Lot of volume to it it can become a Little tricky so essentially that's Pretty much it I just avoid a lot of Pieces or bottoms specifically dresses Skirts that have just a lot of volume at The bottom because we're not really Showing our shape very much anywhere Those types of bottoms whether it's Skirts dresses pants that are really Wide flowy those look fabulous with crop Length for petites but here in this Video we're talking about midi length so One trick I always do 95% of the time I Would say when I'm wearing a midi length Outerwear piece and you'll see in all These outfits I wear them all unbuttoned I think that really helps show the shape Underneath especially Define my Waistline because these wardrobe pieces Yes essentially cut us in half because It's a midlength that's in the name so It can cut L than half so if we have it

Closed up which doesn't look bad if this Is how you like to wear it please wear It all that matters is how you feel in It at the end of the day but it does Visually cut us in half so having it Just unbuttoned you can see your outfit Underneath and Visually just add length And then another way I love wearing midi Length outerwear pieces is going Monochrome underneath so I have two Outfit examples here first one is with Navy monochrome underneath with this Wool Blazer that I'm wearing right now And then the next one is more of a Athleisure inspired outfit I wanted to Show two different styles of outfits one More casual and athleisure and then the Other one more dressed up so one is Navy Monochrome underneath one is brown Monochrome underneath and I think both Look fabulous I have it unbutton we have One color going throughout the top and Bottom visually we're adding that one Long vertical line from the top to the Bottom I think this is a really easy way To pull off May length ouward pieces so Unbuttoned go mon Chrome or tonal Underneath it will look so Chic so Effortless and it'll look absolutely Fabulous on a petite body type another Way I love wearing mini length outerwear Pieces is wearing mini Styles underneath Whether it's mini shorts like wool Version or mini skirt also looks

Absolutely fabulous you can go for mini Dress at the same time as well just Something and I've mentioned this many Times essentially something that's Around the same length as the midi Outerwear piece I think visually you Have more balanc going on here Everything is around the same length and Then you can go ahead and add knee high Booths which are very flattering for Petite or even over the knee boo Slightly over the knee because again You're adding that long visual line Anding some sheer tights also looks Fabulous with it especially if you're Pairing it with knee high boots so this Is one of my go-to combinations easy Combination when I'm wearing midi out Pieces actually essentially this was one Of the reasons why I wanted to add midi Style outerwear pieces to my wardrobe is Because they look absolutely fabulous When you're stying in it with mini Pieces go monochrome with it underneath If you want to it look absolutely Fabulous or you can mix it up have a Different color top and skirt or short Or go tonal so not essentially the exact Same color but you know similar Shades And you'll get a very balanced look that Looks so stylish Chic and effortless and As well as very flattering for a shorter Person then one of the easiest ways to Wear midi outter pieces as a petite is

Simply adding a heel because that gives Like I've always said literal height so These sock booties that I'm wearing I Think they're probably like around three In I should measure them because I keep Saying maybe 3 in maybe four but I Should measure them one of these days I Love how these look especially with slim Fit straight pants and so when I wear These I'm essentially 5'4 so it makes it So much easier pulling off midi length Outerwear pieces thing to keep in mind Is you can have the outerwear piece the Same color as the bottoms the easiest Way for me to do this is with black like You see here so the black outer piece With the black trousers I think look Absolutely fabulous together and gives The outfit a lot of balance and then I'm Kind of breaking it up a little bit with A striped top underneath but it's still Very balanced I have it tucked in the Outer wear is open see my shape Underneath as well as adding a heel to The outfit so visually you add all these Little tweaks and little details to the Outfit you put all together you have an Outfit that looks absolutely fabulous on A petite you can easily pull off wearing Midlength outward pieces as a short Person keep in mind I'm 5'1 and to me This outfit looks so balanced and Absolutely fabulous as a petite so a lot Of these style tips that there are on

YouTube or Instagram are great to keep In mind but also if you just play around With just how to style some of these Pieces that can be a challenge te can Actually pull off so many different Wardrobe pieces it all depends on how You style it with everything else in Your outfit a lot of the time and then The next one is not so much monochrome There's several colors going on I have My light blue jeans the gray Blazer the Black bodysuit underneath and then I Have a shorter heel but even just a Shorter heel like an inch and a half 2 In still makes a difference to the Outfit and especially since these jeans Are really high rise I'm wearing again The outer piece unbuttoned you can Really see the length of my legs it kind Of makes them look a little bit longer Because I have really high-rise jeans Going on I have a nice fitted Blazer on Over it and then adding a little bit of A heel so this is another way to Balanced outfit as a petite so again the Biggest tips I should say in this video Is you can always add a heel go Monochrome underneath have the same Color of your outerwear as your pants And this can be with any color for me The easiest to do again like I said is With black but you can do this with Brown with other neutral colors can Really play around with what you have in

Your wardrobe midlength outerwear pieces With mini skirts mini dresses mini Shorts those are my favorites that's Probably my favorite go-to outfit Combination when it comes to it I would Say my favorites is the mini styles with The midl outter piece or doing Monochrome underneath it makes me feel The best especially also adding a heel To it anyways I hope these were great Visual examples to share with you guys On how as a Pity person again remember I'm 5'1 and I also have a really large Bus so that plays into styling my Outfits as well definitely be a Challenge but hopefully these examples And little tweaks that you can do to Your outfit can help you more Comfortable in styles that can be a Little bit more challenging to style as A shorter person so anyways everything That I shared in this video will all be Linked down below really hope these tips Were helpful I love you guys so much and I'll see you in my next video bye