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Hi guys welcome back to another video Today I have another petite styling Video but today I'll be sharing with you Guys how I love to style sneakers on my Petite frame for reference I'm 5'1 I Have a long torso short legs for a Petite today I want to share styling two Different types of sneakers with you Guys so the first one is my tried and True absolute favorite all-white sneaker That I've had for like a little over a Year now best investment I'm constantly Reaching for these specifically when I Want to wear a white sneaker and the Thing I love about Vegas which you'll See is that these look fabulous when You're styling them with like Blazers Long coat colored blouses like they go Really really well with very elevated Pieces and then the pair that I'm Wearing right now is a very sporty Version and the reason why I love these Is because they are great for athleisure Styling the vases look great with Athleisure outfits as we like leggings Or some like athletic pants these are The ones I specifically save for when I Really want to wear like leggings like Really crisp polished I guess you call It like clean athleisure outfits uh so These I wouldn't necessarily pair with Like Blazers and collored blouses cuz I Don't think the combination of like this Type of casual sneaker looks good with

Those but the vasas look great so that's Why I'm sharing two different types of Sneakers a really elevated classic white One and then a very sporty looking kind And the all birds are very practical These are my most practical sneaker that Being because they're all black they're Really easy to maintain and keep clean The white ones I'm really picking Especially since they're a Splurge I'm Really picky about when I want to wear Them especially how the weather is doing Outside I'm definitely picky with those Anyways with that being said let's just Go ahead and start with the outfits Let's start with what I'm wearing so This denim jacket I haven't shared this On my channel for a very long time and I Don't know why but you know when I'm Pairing uh athleisure outfits I love Wearing my denim jackets with it cuz They're casual enough to wear like with Maybe black jeans and stuff but they're Also great with like sports to wear so I'm wearing them with these athletic Straight leg pants and this sporty long Sleeve top underneath this outfit would Look great with a vasia Sneakers but Since it's more on the sporty side with Everything I'm wearing underneath the Denim jacket I wanted to go with my more Sporty option of a sneaker and if I were To wear this outfit out this is most Likely when I'm going on a walk so these

Pants I like to sa for maybe running Errands if I'm going to be like in and Out of the car a lot going on long walks With my kids uh this is just the type of Outfit I'd be wearing so therefore That's why I would choose to wear these Sneakers with it okay next up with the Alberts is with leggings so these um are Ribbed leggings these are the lemon Align rib leggings now I don't like Lululemon align products the only align Products I like from them is the long Sleeve tops that I've had for a while Cuz these actually have been holding up Really well I air dry them by the way And then these ribbed ones not the Regular align leggings those suck they Get destroyed so quickly so I don't Recommend those but the ribbed ones are Really nice they're still so expensive I Feel like you can find an alternative That is like way less so I'm going to Link in a more affordable option down Below but anyways sporty sneakers look Great with a basic long sleeve top Underneath and then I love wearing long Length outerwear if I'm wearing like a Tight legging underneath uh kind of Balances out that longer outerwear try To make sure a sliver of my ankle is Exposed as well especially when I'm Wearing like a really long outerwear Piece like this okay next one I love This outfit it's with my midlength

Puffer vest now I know being petite Going for cropped puffer vests are Probably the main go-to but a lot of Times if I'm wearing a puffer vest I Want to wear leggings with it I rarely Wear puffer vests with denim jeans like I will and I think they look cute but Most of the time I will wear them with Like leggings or my leisure pants and if I'm wearing leggings with a puffer vest I want the booty coverage so that's one Of the reasons why you guys will see me A lot in like a mid-length puffer vest Because if I'm wearing this out with Leggings I do like to have my behind Covered cuz the leggings are so tight They feel very revealing to me so I like To have that coverage there so that's Why I really like this midlength and I Think it's really pretty even though It's kind of like visually cutting me in Half yes because of the mid leg puffer Rest but I am defining my waistline by Tucking in my top a little bit and then The pants that I'm wearing are mini Flares so they you know don't show any Ankle they go all the way down to my Sneaker so it makes my legs appear a Little bit longer so visually I think This looks more balanced yes a crop Version would look better but for me Sometimes I got to choose being a little Bit more practical and just being a Little bit more covered up like

Sometimes I just have to choose that Over trying to look like really tall and Look like I have really long legs and Stuff so that's not my goal all the time Uh sometimes it just has to be really Practical for me and this is one of them That I think I did really well at making Sure it all looks balanced this outfit With the Albert sneakers so one thing I'm trying to do starting now is get More colored leggings cuz I love wearing The I'm going on walks at leisure Outfits but I'm always wearing black as You can tell so I got these dark green Ones I've actually had these for a Couple years now and I thought they Looked so pretty combined with black and These sneakers and my long coat uh so This is something that'll keep me really Warm but I still look very chic minimal I have the coverage I need and want with A legging and these ones are from Amazon I really like them again like I Mentioned if I'm wearing a long Outerwear piece I like to have my Leggings you know a little bit cropped Not cropped but just like a sliver of my Ankle showing and not having it covered Completely because the coat is really Oversized and long so I try to show a Little bit of a sliver of skin and that Really helps keep it just more balanced Especially being petite just that tiny Little bit of skin exposure you can also

Do that instead of having a crew Neckline like I'm wearing you can do Like an open neckline anyways keep that In mind when you're styling like looser Oversized pieces like I am so anyways That's this outfit now I want to share Four outfits with vasia sneakers and Like I mentioned earlier the reason why I love vasia sneakers because I can wear Them with blazers collared blouses and They go really well you know a lot of Times you can mix casual and very Elevated pieces and it will work but Sometimes it doesn't and I want to talk More about that in future videos so for Example I wouldn't wear my older Sneakers with the next four outfits I'm Sharing with you guys I would purely Wear them with like a very clean white Minimal sneaker so I recently gotten This crop trench from goelia by the way Any pieces I share from goelia I have Discount code Elana 25 gets you 25% off Their site uh this crop trench including So and I really wanted to to style with Aasia sneakers so here's what I put Together I'm wearing my straight leg Trouser pants are very petite friendly By the way no hemming needed 51 for Reference uh basic top underneath it and Then I paired it with the vasia sneakers And I love the combination I feel like This outfit is a really great Combination of classic but modern I

Really think think the sneakers have a More modern vibe to them same as the Trench jacket it has definitely a more Modern vibe to it because of the length Of it it's cropped it's different Something that just started recently Popping up last year I finally found a Petite friendly version now I don't know How this trench would do on somebody That is a regular height but I do have To say I'm a petite with a really long Torso so somebody that is average in Height this may work for them if they Maybe have like an average or shorter Torso so just keep that in mind next up Is with a pair of light blue denim jeans One of my favorite ones that I have uh I Paired it with a collared white blouse Underneath it and this mid longer length Trench coat love love love how this Looks this is really a classic spring Alphabit idea so if you're saving Inspiration for spring outfits save this One I think it's so pretty something I Keep re-wearing all the the time the Blouse that I'm wearing underneath I've Shared it before it's from Banana Republic comes in petite I think regular And Tall so very very petite friendly Because it's exclusively the one that I'm wearing in a petite size sleeve Length is fabulous shoulders everything Length of it uh so I'm always reaching For this one when I want to wear a

Collared blouse okay this one I love I Feel like I don't share my camel coat as Often nowadays but I wear this sucker All the time so all monoch Chrome Underneath but I'm really playing around With the accessor so um I have this Beautiful minimal belt layer jewelry and The cross body purse that has gold Accents in it as well uh the straight Fit pants that expose a little bit of Ankle especially since I'm wearing a Really long oversized coat with the Sneakers I think this outfit just looks So cool the coat is very elegant and Then uh the sneakers are very like again Chic kind of casual but very elevated Pairing it with an elegant coat like This I just think it looks so cool last And final outfit I really think this Outfit would look so cool for work if You're allowed to wear sneakers at your Job so this wool Blazer striped tank Underneath the same trousers the Sneakers with the minimal belt I think Look so so cool together I surprisingly Love this outfit combination way more Than I expected and this wool Blazer I Mentioned before but this is great for Winter fall they warm and comfy and fits So well comes in petite right regular And tall and in so many colors I Actually own this one in two colors cuz It's just that amazing the quality is Incredible fully lined I love the dark

Gray color and I really hope you guys Enjoyed seeing the combination of some Sporty outfits and then some really Elevated outfits so again with the alirt Sneakers I love to keep it really sporty With the rest of my outfit with the Vasas I can wear them sporty but I do Love whipping them out when I want to Wear like Blazers again my trench coat My wool coats that are more elegant so These these pair really well with that And not even just these sneakers in General if you just go for a pure white Crisp sneaker you can easily pair them With those really Chic elevated pieces Always everything that I shared I'll Have links to everything down below what Size I was wearing my personal size Measurements thank you guys so much for Watching this video let me know if there Any other wardrobe Staples you want me To style on the petite body type I love Making these videos so give me some Ideas if you have any again thank you so Much for watching I love you guys so Much and I'll see you in my next video Bye by