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So in this video I'm sharing ways to Style wide fit pants on a petite body Type and this is a new series I want to Start doing here in this channel is Taking wardrobe pieces that can be Challenging for a petite to pull off and Finding ways to tweak it and make it Work for PT body type now this wider fit Style whether it's jeans trousers pants Is definitely really trendy right now And I know a lot of you guys probably Love it I probably love it some probably Hate it but this video is just ways to Make it work and I actually do like this Style I am very particular about what Style of a wide fit pant I like I'm not Too into the jeans the wide fit jeans Although petites can make those work um I really like the more thinner looser Kind of like pant trouser style so I'll Be using this example today this is the Widest fit pant that I have so I'll be Styling this for you guys my first Recommendation when you are wearing Styling wider fit pants as a petite body Type is you want to make sure they're The correct length honestly almost like Any pants but especially for a while Wider fit pant because I'm showing an Example here these puddle on the floor And especially if you're wearing flats I Don't think it gives the best look you Can pull it off if you're wearing the Old ankle boots like a sock booty but

Then that really limits you to only Wearing one type of shoe where they Don't puddle on the floor so I think the Easiest way obviously to get around this Is making sure they're either a full Length or a little bit cropped not too Cropped but just slightly cropped so That way you can wear almost any single Shoe with a wider fit pant and the Difference is amazing so sharing here I Actually um I didn't hem these I Actually just folded the waistband I Will hem these pants though eventually But I just folded the waistband so you Guys can see how much a difference it Makes when I pull it up I think two or Three inches so this is more of like a Full length pant for me I couldn't make It even shorter and that would help me Really pull off a lot of shoes like Sneakers combat boots and such except I Want to share different jacket since We're getting into the fall Seasons Getting cooler so styling wide fit pants With different jackets there's two Jackets that I recommend and one it Doesn't look bad but I just think the Other two options look better and that's Just personally what I wear and Gravitate towards so I would avoid with A loose fit pant like this a wide leg Fit pant avoid mid length brackets Blazers I mostly wear these mid-like Jackets Blazers either with skinnier fit

Pants or with mini skirts or mini Dresses I have the loose fit pant and Then you have the jacket that's more in That boyfriend style fit and even though I'm wearing a fitted top underneath the Jacket there isn't too much balance Going on it kind of just cuts me in half And Visually I think what looks better Is if you go for either really cropped So right around your waistline your hips Or a really long jacket I've mentioned This before in different ways to style Other things but here's two examples Here with a structured leather jacket That's a little bit more cropped and Then a really long wool coat the cropped Leather jacket it stops right around my Waistline hips and then you have one Line going through from my waist all the Way down the leg and it makes my legs Look longer it looks way more petite Friendly and flattering and especially Since the jacket is tailored and Structured it's well fitted so looks Really balanced all together and then With the next one with the longer jacket Yes this is a looser more oversized coat But again it fits me well in the Shoulders and the length of it again Creates that one long visual line where It can make me look taller for me Personally if you're wearing a looser Fit pant like this you want to go either Really cropped or really long so that

Way visually everything looks balanced The next examples I want to share before And after is with a striped sweater one Is a really oversized fit and the other One is a slim fit so first one is this Oversized fit now I have to say this Does not look terrible if you love this And you think it looks really cool and Effortless then I'm happy please wear What you love Um but to me this just feels like a Little bit too much fabric it feels a Little bit too loose especially with a Wider fit pant like this I want I really Want to pay attention to balance and you Know I would wear an oversized sweater Like this with um skinny jeans or even a Straight leg fit pant just not as wide As this pant I'm wearing right now at Least for me personally so to me this is Just too much fabric going on looks a Little bit too loose especially being Short everything just looks too big and There's not enough balance here and even Though it's tucked in it does look Better again to me it just doesn't have Enough balance so instead I swapped it With a Slimmer fit stripe sweater very Similar tucked in I have an open Neckline which is exposing more skin Creating more balance and I think the Slimmer fit obviously to me I feel more Comfortable in it I feel like there's More balance and when you're petite and

Styling larger oversized pieces the Biggest thing we have to pay attention To when styling those pieces is balance Even more so so than somebody that's Taller because somebody that's taller Can easily pull off something that's a Little bit more oversized on top and on Bottom uh it definitely gives that cool Effortless look for them for us it just Looks like it's too big showing more Skin on top if you're wearing a looser Fit bottom also creates balance in your Outfit really well and this outfit here I'm wearing this off the shoulder top That I'm wearing right now with the Looser fit pant and since this exposes My neck my shoulders uh it's off Shoulder and it's a tighter fitting top As well it really creates balance in two Different ways it's a tighter fitted top Which balances out the looser pants and I'm showing a lot more skin as well so This definitely looks really flattering Definitely balanced and so amazing for Petite body type then same thing goes For when you're styling Cardigans Um with wider fit pants I would suggest Going for the crop length and if the Cardigan is a looser fit I would Unbutton it and just have it as a Layering piece so like in this outfit This is a cropped cardigan I unbuttoned It wore a tank underneath it so that way It's almost like I'm wearing an

Outerwear piece but I mean it's a Cardigan and then I'm layering and Creating balance by having that open Neckline with my tank and then having The cardigan unbuttoned having more of That layered look and shorter and it's Still really cozy and very comfortable Now one thing that I believe is really Tricky styling as a petite with wider Fit pants is Chelsea boots ankle boots Specifically that don't have a heel so Like these boots here I've shared the Many times I love them so much but with A wider fit pant this is actually the Full length here and sure it doesn't Look bad but you're not wearing a heel And it's a full length like this just Think it could look better so if you're Wearing a Chelsea ankle boot that Doesn't have a heel I think the best way Is to take up your pants just a little Bit more so have them be a little bit More cropped versus a full length so Showing a before and after here a very Subtle change makes a huge difference in How it looks and how you style The Wider Fit pant now you don't have to go too Cropped where you're showing your skin In between the boot and the pants I Think if you just take it up just Slightly where you see a little bit more Of the boot makes a huge difference the Fuller length works for all of my other Shoes if I just take it up like one more

Inch or even a half inch then I can wear Any shoe with them all right you guys so That is it for this video that was I Believe six ways six or seven ways two Style wider fit pants on a petite body Type once you keep these tips and tricks In mind it actually becomes really easy Styling these pants if you have another Wardrobe item that is a little bit Challenging styling as a petite let me Know I love a challenge I want to figure Out ways to make different pieces work When you're shorter I just want to be a Really good helpful resource for you Guys so anyways I really hope you guys Enjoyed this video let me know any other Videos suggestions you have if you are Interested in anything I shared I will Link everything down below in the Description box subscribe if you're new And I'll see you next time bye