I had my FRONT TEETH pulled…I can’t talk 🙁 Hopefully sharing this journey will make others feel less alone. I also hope it’s helpful to those that might have to do something similar in the future. Stay tuned…much more to come… Thank you so much for all the love, kind words and encouragement from everyone – it’s really meant a lot to me!!!!!

Below is my Implant Specialist/Oral Surgeon, along with my Dentist…I wanted to share their info in case you have issues like me. They are the best and I am so thankful for them!!! Dr. Sam uses CERAMIC implants which are far superior and healthier than titanium metal implants.

Dr. Sam Bakuri (Implant Specialist/Periodontist)
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Dr. Michele Rich (Holistic Dentist)
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Phone: (412) 631-8947

So today is the day I'm leaving in like 45 minutes to go get my front four Bottom teeth Extracted and oh my gosh I'm just so Scared I'm so scared and I think maybe I Don't know I'm worried people are Thinking it's because of the vanity Aspect I it really it's not the vanity Aspect I don't care how I look I just Want to feel good and I'm really just Scared this is going to snowball into More problems in the teeth beside the Extraction site I'm also scared that That stupid fake piece of like the fake Teeth are not it's not going to stay in It's just going to keep popping out um So I'm going to take you guys with me I Don't even know how I'm going to film I Don't know how it's going to be I don't Even know what to expect but I just Thought I would attempt to show this I I Feel like at the end of this by the way Like end of today I am going to have a Horrible headache I've figured this out Over the years and I think it's kind of A thing but the Nova cane or whatever I Don't even think it's called Novacane Anymore the whatever it is that makes You numb that can cause headaches in People it's like a side effect so I just Don't think I'm going to feel good later Although I kind of woke up with a Headache today on this side it's Probably stress

Related so I'm not really starting off Great either either they're not putting Me to sleep or giving me laughing gas or Anything I don't even like I don't even Care like I'm not even nervous about That I I've done so many things that's Like the the actual procedures the least Of my concerns is just like what happens Afterwards and then tomorrow I go in to See my dentist for them to put in the Fake piece guess I also just wanted to Explain the fact that this is going to Like this whole process is going to be Like almost a year long I think there's People that are probably confused about Why that is and it's because this Extraction site down here where they're Pulling the teeth has to heal for 3 to 4 Months at least and then they can do the Implant so they're kind of doing also a Bone graph today to just build up that Site so it's thick enough to hold and Sustain implants so after that heals for 3 to four months then they can go in and Drill in implants but the implant sites Have to heal for another 3 to four Months and then they can prep me for Teeth there and then they can Essentially screw in the teeth so the Whole process is almost a year Long which is really scary um again I Just don't want to be in Pain I want to be able to actually eat I Want to be able to

Talk so wish me luck I'm eating a banana As my last Meal oh and look at this here's our Really pretty Tree which is nice but what a sucky time To be having this done around Christmas And then outside is cold and rainy Pretty much represents my mood I also Just got this text message from my Dentist Dr Michelle she said I will not Say good luck because you do not need it You have positioned yourself in Excellent hands and all will be good I Talked to Dr Sam again this morning and Everything is aligned Let The Healing Begin so I definitely don't think it's Normal that your dentist texts you I Think I've just gone through so much it Just really shows The Compassion she has And it just really does just kind of Calm me down a little bit so I just Really appreciate her so much and So I Responded saying you're so nice for even Even reaching out thank you so much and I will see you tomorrow because we'll be Seeing her tomorrow hopefully in good Spirits [Music] [Music] So we're back here we've got nurse Megan And Sarah they just took my blood so That's a little bit different of a thing They take your blood they spin it down To like the best parts of the blood in

Your cells and then they'll take that to Stuff it in the extraction site So so I am fully numb like really numb All right I'm here with Dr Sam hello Hello he's the Best this is a big day for Shay it is And um she will absolutely be fine thank You and then moral support she going to Be stored from the past we will remember It and smile at some point I'm going to Bite into a burger absolutely that will Be the Day okay we're back everything went Really well doc said everything went Very well better than he expected Actually uh I think it was like a very Complex issue he definitely said there Was some like a lot of signs of bone Loss behind there and issues Brewing but I think everything went really well She's feeling okay I'm feeling okay it's Hard to talk as I expected I can't Pronounce things correctly I can't even Believe I'm going to show you guys this Like you can see it there it is I'm a Vampire he said 14 days it's going to Take to feel any kind of like a little Bit better so after the first week it'll Go down swelling wise and then hopefully 2 weeks it'll be slight better and Improving that's what we're hoping for Also one thing to note is this is the Side that had the crack tooth a lot Of some form of pathology infection

Brewing bone loss it was all bad but This especially and this already I can Tell just has more pain even when he was Doing it I was completely numb but I Could even feel more on that side like There's just so much so hopefully he Cleaned it all out can't believe I'm Talking like this for all these people To hear it's okay but I don't know how Tomorrow's going to go because there's Just like sutures and stitches and it's Inflamed like I don't really know How the dentist is going to go Tomorrow what do you think of things We'll see how it goes I don't think They'll do it tomorrow but I don't know Maybe yeah okay