I Took TURMERIC (Curcumin) for 30 DAYS and THIS Happened!! Everything is linked here & in the comments!
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So is it turmeric or turmeric curcumin Or curcumin tomato tomato it doesn't Matter but I took it for 30 days and the Benefits of this supplement are Miraculous and I really think it could Potentially change your life or just Dramatically help you in different areas And it's just one of those supplements That has always been really important to Me but has truly helped me in recent Months and I want to tell you all about It all right let's just start with the Disclaimer I'm clearly not a doctor I'm Not saying it's going to cure anything You can do whatever you want with this Information just do your own research But let's start with the basics tumeric So that's what I feel like everyone Knows about like turmeric uh or turmeric Um it's a plant and it's really Pigmented it's often used in Indian Culture as like a nice little spice and It's great but the thing is what people Don't talk about as much is curcumin or Curcumin that is what is extracted from The turmeric plant that actually gives a Lot of health benefits but the problem Is the curcumin only makes up like 2% Maybe maybe up to like 4% of the Turmeric plants so say you take a Turmeric supplement you're not really Getting that much curcumin which is what You want Insert curamed so this is non sponsored

At all okay they have no idea I am Recommending I'm going to be Recommending their products a lot this Is by the brand Terry naturally it's Called curamed and it's literally Equivalent one capsule of this is Equivalent to 500 capsules of turmeric So this is potent this is what's going To really make a difference in your life And maybe I made that confusing so I Just want to be clear this is only Curcumin meaning it is 500 times Stronger than turmeric alone and it's Actually way more absorbable into our Bodies and I do want to say I do like The capsules but just keep in mind they Also have chewables and a liquid if that Would be easier for you to take so I'll Just link all of the options down below I just get mine on Amazon and they Recently changed the packaging though so Keep that in mind as well I have the old Packaging just cuz I I've you know I Stocked up on I stock up on anything That I really like but the next time I Order obviously this will look a little Bit different now there is one caution I Want to throw out there and that is the Fact that curcumin can assist with Thinning the blood if you are somebody That is already on a blood thinner like You're taking medication prescribed to You to thin your blood if you then start Taking a curcumin supplement then your

Blood could get too thin so just Throwing that out there but in general For the average normal person Kiran is So darn good because it prevents blood Clots it makes your your blood flow Through your body so much more I mean There are so many good things about this But I needed to say that to just keep in Mind so I'm going to talk about some of The specific benefits I have noticed Especially in the last 30 days along With some results from my family members And then I'm also going to share just Some other things kiriman is so widely Known to help with I mean there are so Many studies out there backing up Everything that I'm going to say in this Video but I'm sure there's going people Like just disagreeing with it all and That is fine but this really interests Me and I want to put it out there so Above everything else this is known as An Anti-inflammatory and I have had this For years I'm totally giving credit to My mom who who kind of put me on this I Guess it really started with her I feel Like so many of my videos are like my Mom what's happened to my mom so she had Horrible hip pain and I mean she didn't Want to be on Advil and taking you know Aspirin and like all of the Just I mean It was over the counter pain medication But some of that can be harmful to your

Organs and it's just not good to be Taking every day she uh works part-time At a health food store and I think a Representative maybe came in and started Talking about this I don't really know The backstory but she started taking This daily and it completely took her Hip pain away this is so amazing for Just reducing and getting rid of Inflammation in your body like so well That you can stop taking pain medication I mean it's that good people take this Instead of Advil the mega milligrams That I take are are 750 if you have a Lot of inflammation in your body or you Want to use it for pain reduction this Is the the dose that you need like and You might even need to take more than One capsule and kind of experiment they Have lower doses just for preventative Measures and whatnot but this is the one That they are known for that's where it All started years ago like how good this Stuff can be fast forward to me a lot of You may know maybe this the first time You've ever watched my video but I've Gone through a dental trauma in the last Really T years of my life but I had the Front bottom teeth of my mouth extracted Um around the holidays this past year so The teeth you're seeing down here are Totally fake it's a retainer that I'm Wearing right now so I'm going to give You an overall update uh at some point

In the future I have a lot I want to say About things I'll save that for a Different video but I was really Struggling there for a while and then my Mom was like are you taking cured and I'm like oh my gosh no I'm not I started Taking this Within two days two days I Felt like I was a new person and I was Definitely like upping my dose I was Taking more than one soft Jael I was Taking I think 1 in the morning maybe 1 In the evening and maybe even some days I took three capsules but I noticed an Immediate difference I kept doing it for A few weeks and I just I literally felt Like I was I was just a brand new person And then I I kind of started feeling so Good I just stopped taking it and then Within I don't even know maybe like 5 Days the inflammation started to come Back and the thing is I had such trauma Here that I mean I was just healing and So I was like okay I'm going to start Taking the cured again I started taking It again sure enough within a day or two I was back to feeling so good I can tell You without a shadow of a doubt black And white this dramatically reduces the Inflammation in your body now I am Somebody where this has really healed And I've weaned myself off on and I'm Just down to taking one capsule a day Just because there's so many other Health benefits in my body that this is

Helping with but it you know I don't Need to take a high dose noras my mom She just still has that hip pain and so She does just take this every day to Really help and and manage that and and It's it's been great now another thing That I specifically noticed in the last 30 days of me taking curcumin or curamed Is a dramatic reduction in my anxiety And I'm not I'm not even an anxious Person but I have been in the last few Months just with everything going on Here it was so bad there for a while That I would wake up and just not want To get out of bed and like that's is not Me that is not me at all as soon as I Started taking the cured I became like So much happier like I wasn't worrying About things things just didn't bother Me as much I wasn't you know thinking About like what's going to happen in the Future am I going to die like I mean Like seriously like your brain sometimes Can really go down down bad rabbit holes I've just really not worried about Things that much and it took me a while To even realize that but it is Absolutely a curamed or circumin thing Because when you experience depression And anxiety is directly related to Inflammation of the brain it just is and So when you reduce that you're like a Different person I do just want to say There are so many studies again and you

Can even look them up I mean I know my Friend br vur like she's talked about Having to go on medication for her Anxiety and she found a supplement it Wasn't the same thing as this but she Started taking a curcumin supp Supplement and she was able to get off Her prescribed medication I'm not saying That you know if you're already on Anti-depressants or anti-anxiety Medication I'm not saying necessarily This is going to be the end all be all Cure for you but it would be interesting To try and there have been people that Have kind of mixed it together which Again I check with your doctor Absolutely check with your doctor but People have gone off their prescribed Medication and just started using Circumin and people have kind of Combined it with their existing Medication and the effects have improved So again I'm saying this over and over It is very important to talk to your Doctor but it's definitely something to Consider now this next thing I'm going To be careful with but I think it's Really important that I say it curcumin Is also known to have anti an cancer Effects okay so I'm not saying it's Going to cure your cancer but I am Saying there are studies that suggest That circumin may have anti-cancer Effects by inhibiting the growth and

Spread of cancer cells inducing cancer Cell death it may help prevent or slow Down the progression of certain types of Cancer so you can do whatever you want With that information but I wanted to Share it circumin is also widely known To improve cognitive function which Really makes sense if you think about it Because anytime there is you know less Inflammation of the brain you just think More clearly you process things faster You have a better memory and you're less Likely to develop certain diseases like Alzheimer's or dementia so obviously I Have my notes here I've just been I Wanted to make sure I had all of my Information correct here but I find this One interesting so curcumin really helps To regulate the blood sugar levels Actually because it it helps to improve Insulin sensitivity and it helps to Reduce insulin resistance so it actually Can be really beneficial to people that Have diabetes or are at risk of Developing diabetes so obviously I've Said over and over again that carcumin Is a very powerful anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant but I guess I want to be a Little bit more specific for certain People like if you have arthritis I mean This could be a total game changer for You if you maybe struggle with IBS That's literally inflammation of the Bowels I mean corcumin even helps with

Digestion and bloating and that kind of Thing um cardiovascular diseases I Already mentioned that it helps with Blood flow it helps your blood to Literally flow through your body so much Better it helps with cholesterol levels That is a huge one and it helps to Reduce the plaque that is built up in Your arteries I mean I could go on and On and on another thing because it is uh A very powerful antioxidant it really Helps to uh improve the cells and Regenerate the cells and so people that Have problems with their liver maybe It's from taking medication maybe it's From alcohol they will take curcumin to Improve their liver function because it Is such a powerful antioxidant this is a Really cool one too so allergies if you Are somebody that struggles with Allergies like itching congestion Sneezing percumin actually helps to stop The release of histamine which gives you Those allergic symptoms so that's also Something to keep in mind so I did tell My mom that I'm filming this video you Know about turmeric kirkin curamed and I Asked her if there was anything specific I should share and of course she talked About the whole hip pain thing but then She also told me a story that I kind of Forgot about involving her dog so she's A dog named Raina it means queen in Spanish the dog is literally from Puerto

Rico it's a whole thing my mom saved a Dog from Puerto Rico but for the longest Time this dog hobbled around it was hard For the dog to walk she had a lot of Pain in her joints and nothing was Really working and so she started giving Her a different product by the same Brand this time it's called curacel but It's Kirkman for pets it's like for Pet Health and the dog started to be able to Walk like the dog is no longer hobbling Around so that's just something to keep In mind that it also works for pets so That's the video guys I hope you found It interesting this is a whole other Side of me that I I just really find Interesting so I have a few more Holistic natural videos that I do want To share so if that's your thing please Consider subscribing um but otherwise uh Everything will be linked Down Below in The description box and pinned in the Comment section but thanks for watching And I'll see you in my next video bye