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I been using castor oil for the last 30 Days in really weird ways and I want to Share everything that has happened to me This stuff does so much I mean I am Obsessed I'm obsessed like this has Blown my mind I'm going to share Everything that you guys could try all The different things that that have that Have happened to me some befores Afters It's crazy okay let's just start with The basics the foundation if you're Going to try anything with castor oil Which brand should you order because That's extremely important because this Stuff is so powerful so I went down a Crazy Rabbit Hole none of this is Sponsored but I narrowed it down to two Brands that I feel really good about two Brands that check all of the boxes in my Opinion so there's this brand and then There's this I feel like they're very Similar they're almost identical very Similar price points I will link both They're both from Amazon I just went With this one because it was going to Arrive the very next day but in my Opinion it must be 100% organic it must Be extra virgin castor oil it must be Hexane free it must be cold pressed and It also must be stored in a glass bottle That is very important also needs to be A tinted glass bottle because again this Stuff is so powerful that it will Actually start to break things down that

It touches which is a really good thing We're going to get to that a little bit Later but if this is stored in a plastic Bottle it'll start to break down the Plastic and leech some of the plastic Chemicals into it which you don't want So again a glass bottle that is tinted Because over time the UV light will also Start to make the castor oil go bad now There are so many different ways you can Use castor oil I have a whole list here And I'm going to start with what I tried First and then we're going to work our Way through the video to just some weird Stuff okay but the first thing I tried Was just using it as a skin moisturizer And it's a very thick oil so I know a Lot of people initially are going to be Scared that it's going to clog their Pores and you can look up other videos Look up other testimonials like this Does not clog your pores at all in fact It's amazing for people with acne Because it is so antibacterial Antifungal it literally kills all the Bad bacteria it really reduces Inflammation it's so good for people With acne prone skin but it's so good in Many other ways it's full of minerals And antioxidants and vitamins and fatty Acids there's 18 different fatty acids In this Omega sixes and Nines It plumps Up Your Skin it gets rid of fine lines And wrinkles it's l Al known as Nature's

Botox you can actually put it like on Your hand and just slather it on your Face it is so hydrating and it actually Will make other skincare products work Better because it forces absorption like It's also known to just like fully Absorb into your skin really well so if You have expensive skin care that you Spent a lot of money on you can actually Use the expensive skin care put some of This on it mix it together put it all Over your face and it will make those Products work better if you're somebody That likes to use the gacha tools you Can use the castor oil first and then Take the gacha tool and really move it Around get the circulation going the Lymph nodes draining that is another Botox thing it's not Botox but it just Like instantly Works to get rid of Puffiness and fine lines and wrinkles it It really does work wonders and another Thing this is known for is its high Vitamin E content which vitamin E can Break down scar tissues which again We'll get to that a little bit later on Other areas of the body you can use it But vitamin E will also get rid of Pigmentation if you have dark circles Under your eyes holy moly this will Really get rid of the the the darkness Under your eyes I didn't struggle with That too much but overall my skin is so Much better in only a few weeks after

Using this I do want to move on to Another thing that castor oil is known For and that is hair growth so if you do Want to put it on your scalp over time It really will start to help with hair Growth but this is such a thick oil that I don't really think most people want to Be doing it that often so I didn't Really mess with that I already love Vegamore I feel like that really works For me but what I did decide to do is Really put it on my eyelashes and my Eyebrows which my eyebrows have always Been fine but my Lashes 1,000% % I'm convinced that it Has made my eyelashes longer now I Started this about almost a month ago 3 Weeks in is when I started noticing that My lashes were longer and if you even go Back to other videos I mean my lashes Are just like they're known to be super Short like so short and I feel like you Can like literally see them like they're Just longer I did end up ordering from Amazon these clear plastic which I'm Like kind of torn about cuz it's plastic But these mascara Tubes and Wands that you can just fill It up with the castor oil so we've got The mascara wand like a lip gloss wand Because this is actually amazing for Your lips too it's like a a natural lip Gloss it makes your lips so hydrated and Moisturized but really really shiny as

Well and so I filled up all of this and You can put it on directly on your Lashes you can even just swipe the Castor oil over your eye lid and lashes Like you would another eyelash serum and I'm just going to kind of keep this in My nightstand so that again it doesn't Really have the UV light touching it and Just use it that way but for most of the Month I actually just put it on my hand And just like rubbed it on my lashes and It it that still worked too another Thing to consider regarding the eyes Because this is so Moisturizing there have been so many Different testimonials and things and Just so you know I should have maybe Even done a big disclaimer at the Beginning of the video I am not saying This is going going to cure anything I'm Not saying this is going to heal Anything like you can check with your Doctor this is just my thoughts I don't Want you know you to be thinking this is Going to like fully cure anything but a Lot of people a lot of people have said That if they that they have struggled With dry eyes in the past and they've Also struggled with even like floaters In their eyes and they started using Castor oil on their eyelids and suddenly Their eyes are so moisturized they're Not having dry eye struggles anymore They don't have to use like eye drops

And the floaters have gone away moving Down a little bit lower on the body as I Mentioned this does break things down Which can help with a lot of things as I Mentioned the acne scarring on your face If you have scarring this will help to Get rid of it which would also work on Other areas of your body but also Stretch marks say you have pregnancy Stretch marks you can start slathering This on the stretch marks and over time This will literally start to get rid of Them I have seen so many befores and Afters and you could even use it to Prevent the stretch marks from even Happening again if you're pregnant you Can check with your doctor but I will Say I did use this on my belly Throughout my pregnancy probably not That consistently but I definitely Remember having a jar of it in a glass Bottle that my mom gave me she probably Doesn't even remember this and I would And I have zero stretch marks maybe it's Because of that maybe it's not but it's Something you could at least look into o And cellulite this will break down the Dimples and the ripplin of cellulite you Can just rub it on your thighs or your Butt or wherever it is do it every night Just as a general rule I do like to use Castor oil at night before bed now I Mentioned my mom and that is because she Used this to break down some lumps and

Bumps in her body and this is where Things can get a little weird I'm not Saying this is going to cure anything But it is something that she did and I'm Not even going to go into too much Detail just just because this is YouTube And ah basically castor oil is known for Castor oil packs like people use castor Oil packs on different areas of their Body and so basically you just need a Clean healthy like organic cloth like Not plastic just like a plain piece of Cloth you soak it with castor oil and Put it on to different areas maybe like A cyst or something that you would want To have it start to break down my mom Did this for like a month or two and it Worked wonders yeah so just going to Plant the seed there that's kind of how My Mom like a long time ago was really Really into this um and so that caused Me to have a light bulb moment okay well I have this callus on my foot that I've Had for the last 15 years it was from Wearing a terrible pair of high heels at My first job I was like I'm going to Look professional with this like really Good pair of of high heels they were Really bad because um they just created This callus on my pinky toe and it has Been there for the last 15 years started Putting like a Band-Aid filled with Castor oil on my toe and again you could

See the before it's just always kind of Like a big bump it's red it kind of Bothers me sometimes it is so much Better in only like a week and a half I Fully expect that if I keep using this For another week or two I think it's Going to be completely gone oh one of Thing about my foot oh my gosh I can't Even believe I almost forgot this this Is such a good story I had have or had I'm not really sure yet planner Fasciitis this was a whole thing when I Went running I wore bad shoes and just On my right foot I developed planner Fasciitis I'm sure so many of you Actually struggle with that I had these Socks that are just meant for the heel To kind of like moisturize the dry skin On your heels and I started putting Castor oil on the one foot and the first Two or three days I didn't really notice A difference but like on the fourth day I got out of bed and it's really Noticeable as soon as I get out of bed Just like walking to go to the bathroom No joke I just walked to the bathroom Like there was no kind of like stumbling Until it like kind of stretches itself Like it was just like go like the pain Was gone I just haven't had it since um So I don't know if it's just cured I Mean there's no doubt in my mind I've Been struggling with PL of fasciitis in The morning only for probably the last 9

10 11 months it's been almost a year And it's it's like completely gone now Now because this is so lubricating and Moisturizing and hydrating and it just Absorbs so well people love this for Arthritis or pain in their joints and You just like rub it on and you like I Think over time feel relief but also Instantly because I have been putting This on Josh's knee and it really helps Him and it's also been helping his Shoulder which I actually think he just Has something torn in his shoulder like I personally think he kind of needs Surgery but still he is feeling relief From just using castor oil now we're Going to get into kind of the weird Thing that I tried some of you are going To be like you're a wacket but it's an Eastern arotic medicinal practice and It's actually putting castor oil in your Belly button but like pouring like kind Of a lot in your belly button and then Rubbing some extra uh oil around the Surrounding areas and this has done a Lot for me okay so I do this before bed I'll be like laying horizontal I'll Either read a book or I'll watch a show Or whatever I'll be on my laptop but I Just pour it directly into my belly Button and also like I said rub some Lower in my lower abdomen and this helps With so much so the immediate thing that I noticed I'm just going to be kind of

Graphic here uh also I want to say Another disclaimer if you're going to Try it in your belly button and rub it Down your your abdomen I would suggest Starting out slow maybe try it one night And then skip a night like go like every Other day don't just immediately jump Into this because this can detox your Body and if there's tons of detoxing That needs to happen you might start to Feel a little sick and so you want to Just start slow but putting it in your Belly button and rubbing it in the Surrounding area the first thing I Noticed the next morning Was uh more regularity in the bathroom So that was a good thing sometimes I Struggle with that wasn't anything bad It was just like good also it Drastically improves digestion if you Are somebody that struggles with Menstrual cramps or endometriosis it Really helps with those symptoms and so This is something I noticed like this Blew my mind I every single month for Years this is what happens to me when my Period comes would I like to call George I'll be like George came today like That's what I say every single month I Either get a horrible headache like a Menstrual uh hormonal headache or I have Really bad cramps it's like one or the Other it's every month it's one or the Other really really bad headache or

Really bad cramps I I don't know why It's it's it's just always been the case This is the first month ever since using This in my belly button and rubbing it In that area I had no symptoms I had no Headache I had no menstrual cramps I Just went to the bathroom like oh my Gosh George here and then George Continued and it was like the easiest Month and I'm like Oh my like It so this also just really helps with Bloating and again it just detoxes the Body of of bad toxins and so I I love This like I at this point I'm starting To want to just slather this all over my Body because it does so many good things That's why I wanted to do kind of like a Dedicated video on it this is not the Kind of normal content I create where It's just so dedicated to like one thing I will have uh the the the brands that I Like linked down below if you want to Try there are seriously so many other Things that this does if you have tried Castor oil in other ways put it down in The comment section and I encourage you Guys if you're watching this video read Some of the comments I bet there's so Many other things that this has helped Other people as well so I hope you Enjoyed it if you're new consider Subscribing and I'll see you in my next Video bye