Life Update…I am not doing well. I wanted to share what’s been going on and what’s happening very soon. Hopefully sharing everything will make others feel less alone.

Below is my Oral Surgeon & Dentist…I wanted to share their info in case you have issues like me. They are the best and I am so thankful for them!!! Dr. Sam uses CERAMIC implants which are far superior and healthier than titanium metal implants.

Dr. Sam Bakuri (Oral Surgeon/Periodontist)
Greater Pittsburgh Dental Implants & Periodontics
4290 William Flynn Highway, Suite 104
Allison Park, PA 15101
Phone: 412-201-0633

Dr. Michele Rich (Holistic Dentist)
Pittsburgh Center for Holistic Dentistry
285 Kappa Drive Suite 170
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Phone: (412) 631-8947

Well here we are again another life Update and I'm just not doing so well And I feel like things are really going To change in the next couple days and You guys are definitely going to be able To tell so I just wanted to tell you What's going on I'm already why am I so Upset I'm really upset about this and I'm really scared and I'm really worried Things could be worse I don't want you To like things could be worse Okay so Yes it has to do with my teeth I'm about To go have them all yanked out not all Of them but front ones so I just want to Tell you what's happening and it's going To be a long time I'm scared I'm not Going to be able to eat I'm scared I'm Not going to be able to chew I'm scared I'm not going to be able to talk I'm Scared I'm going to be in pain I'm just Scared so what is happening is and I Know I've I've shared my crazy Dental Journey it's been going on for like 11 Years now everything snowballed after I Gave birth to to my first unpacks in I Don't need to go into all of it it's Been a lot I've had you know tons of Deep deep fillings root canals Extractions um implants and anyway so my Front bottom four teeth like your little Teeth in the front you know those all Have very deep fillings and I think it Stems back from when I had invisaline And then they put a metal bar back there

And then I had super deep cavities And anyway that's not good so I can't Ever I've I can't ever bite into Anything I have to eat everything with a Fork but 8 years Ago uh one of the teeth like one of the Little teeth ended up cracking at the Root I had a root canal the root canal Specialist was like oh it's okay it'll Be fine um and it kind of no as soon as It as soon as he had he did the root Canal it hurt worse and and so I went Back he did a retreat then he like Whatever they stick down in the root Canal area it like filled in the crack The second time and so he was like okay We got it it's going to be good you're Going to be it'll be fine and for 8 Years it's on and off hurt me like some Days it's fine months at a time it'll be Fine and then it'll start to bother me Again I'll like feel it kind of like Down my neck a little bit but then it Only lasts maybe a week and then it goes Away and I have known in my gut that it Needs to come out it's toxic to my body It's cracked it's a root canal it's like Leaking toxins essentially into my body Especially since the tooth is actually Cracked but it's a front freaking tooth And I'm on camera for a living it's like I already have other teeth issues and so I just have put it off because most of The time I feel okay now for the last

Month it has flared up like so much that Like I feel it down like from the tooth In that area all the way down my neck All the way down my throat neck into my Head and it's all stemming from that and Like every day I would wake up thinking Can it just get better can it just get Better and it's not getting better and So I've seen my dentist I've seen my Oral surgeon and we're moving forward in A couple days to have all four of my Little teeth in the front Extracted and you talk with those teeth You make s's with those teeth now I know I'm sounding really dramatic about Dental problems it's just it really does Affect a lot more than you would think Especially with food and needing to eat It's like an essential human function um But I guess the reason I'm also really Scared there's like so many Reasons they're going to obviously make Me like a fake thing that's going to go There but my dentist is very worried That it's going to continue to pop off Because they're attaching it to the the Canines and like the teeth on either Side and she's just like really Concerned she going to continually come Off come off come off and like that's a Crazy way to live especially since all Of this process will take 8 to nine Months I will need to have the Extraction area heal for 3 to four

Months then I will get implants but the Implants need to heal for another 3 to 4 Months so I'll have to wear this thing For like 9 months and she's not even Sure it's going to work like she's Literally not sure it's going to work I Mean she's wonderful like I love my Dentist I love my oral surgeon both of Them are holistic they're real like they They they have amazing technology They're very advanced in everything I Love that they take like a regular Approach to Dentistry but then also a Holistic approach um they use like the Best materials that are good for your Whole body I'm so thankful that I have Them I'm just scared that this isn't Going to go well especially since every Time I seem to have extractions done the Teeth on either side of the extraction Seem to also then hurt so I'm also Worried that we're going to have these Out because they're all compromised and It is like the best decision for that Area but then it's going to snowball Into the surrounding teeth another Option is will'll make me like a Retainer thing that's kind of like an Invisalign looking thing but it'll have Like fake teeth in there and I can wear That you know if the other thing fails Or always falls out or but the thing is That's bulkier it's hard to talk with Like they're concerned I'm not going to

Be able to talk normally with it I can't Chew with it or eat so I'm going to have Like a major Gap and I have to like take It out to eat and it's just like I'm not Going out to eat anymore I'm not going Out to social functions and at the end Of the day like my health And being like painfree even though I'm Scared I'm still going to be in pain um Is the number one priority I just feel Like I don't know I just wanted to tell You guys that I'm going to obviously I'm Going to keep making videos the way I Look is the last of my concerns so I'm Going to still make videos if I'm Talking weird if you can see it I'm Sorry I feel like I I I'm telling you my Appearance is the last of my concerns Now I did write down some of the pros Because I want to look on the bright Side of all of this oh my gosh this is Ridiculous I don't think I've ever been Like this on camera like I could it's Been days of me just like crying at the Drop of a hat this is this is crazy okay My Pros are my kids are happy and Healthy and that's the most important Thing this s it sounds like I have Cancer I don't have cancer that's Another thing like oh my gosh Shay get It together like I could have cancer I Could have a horrible medical problem my Family could have a horrible medical Problem problem someone could die what

If Josh just dropped dead tomorrow like Thank God that hasn't happened like There's so much Worse hold on I have composed myself Another Pro is I have the financial Means to even get this taken care of and I Know a lot of people don't and see that Could make me cry too because people Like I know a lot of people are watching This right now and they're like it's Just teeth issues like it's just like Who care like And I just there's so many people that Don't understand like how much your Teeth are connected to your whole body It literally make it's crazy it's and so My point is I just feel so so bad for People that have ongoing issues but Can't afford to fix anything and I do Have the money to at least I still don't I'm honestly not convinced it's I I I'm Even near the end of my road but at Least I have money to get this done And so this I feel like is is what I'm Like I'm going to help others like I Don't know how I'm going to do it but I'm going to figure out a way for some Of you watching me that if you have Horrible not cosmetic I'm talking just Like systemic issues in your mouth I Want to help you and I want to pay for It also I know this needs to happen so I Know this is the right decision I think

There have been times in my life where I've gone back and forth like should I This should I not do this it's going to Like be it's going to be a nightmare um I'm just going to put it off I know now It needs to happen and then my last Pro I have good doctors so again um shout Out to Dr Michelle Rich who's my dentist Holistic dentist and then shout out to Dr sakuri he is a implant specialist Periodist he's amazing he uses ceramic Implants instead of titanium and I guess I just feel so thankful that I found Them through this Journey because I Really think they're so good and they've Been so good to me so I know a lot of You are always like looking for like who Should I go to um I'm going to have Their information listed below that Almost sounds like this is like they're Paying me to do they have no idea I'm Filming this video like I am paying for All of this myself I do not want you to Think this is like a promo I just like Feel so thankful in my heart for them And I just wanted to share them with you Guys in case you are like live near me Or even wanted to travel to them I don't Know I live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania By the way for I think a lot of you know That but just in case those are my pros And I guess I should maybe say that I do Plan on attempting to kind of film the Whole thing

Because I don't know I say that out loud I'm like do I really want to do that but I feel like it will make others feel Less Alone um but I don't know how it's Going to go because I'm not going to be Able to talk like as soon as those teeth Come out like I will not be able to Pronounce anything so um and then I'm Going to be even scareder when I go to My dentist the next day to get the piece Glued in like is it going to work is it Not going to work like I don't know Everything's a big Mystery and so I just want to I'm going To hopefully document the process a Little and maybe it'll just make others Feel like not so bad I don't know but That's the update for now hopefully at Some point things will be better I keep Thinking back on happy times and I know Things are good in my life but it just Hasn't been so good lately so thank you For watching and watching my videos and Even caring at all so I will see you in My next one and I have no idea what to Expect bye