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So is the famous scuba sweatshirt worth 118 dollars are the aligned leggings Worth the Hefty price of 98 in this Video I will be comparing Lulu items Versus Amazon item and I went ahead and Went on Amazon and purchased exact Duplicates to see if the Lulu items are Worth the Hefty price if we can find Something that looks similar or is the Same for a much lower price so I have Five different items I will be comparing And seeing if there's a better duplicate For less if you are interested in Anything it's all linked down below and Let's go ahead and hop right in and you Guys for this video I was on a mission I Wanted to find literally exact Duplicates so I was even looking down at The materials from Amazon products Comparing it to the Lulu products and Trying to find as close as I can to the Lulu items as far as what the materials Are made out of so let's go ahead and Start with the famous scuba sweatshirts Make sure you see every influencer Content creator own one wear it rock it So I have this gray one which is the Lululemon version and then this white One is the Amazon duplicate version the Lululemon one is 118 dollars it's 100 Cotton and the Amazon version is 42. and It is 50 cotton and 50 polyester so Looking at all the ribbing detail the Stitching it is shockingly so similar if

You put these two side by side you Really have a hard time telling which One is the Lulu version and which one is The Amazon version like the similar Version from Amazon they really nailed It on the stitching I mean they got it Right in the back they got all the Ribbing right in the front they even did The exact same zipper where it has the Shoelace eye to it and it is like darn Similar I was honestly surprised the Only thing I noticed the difference Between the Lulu version and the Amazon Version is if you look at the bottom of The sweatshirt the Amazon version it Tapers in to your hips versus the Lulu Version it kind of has that boxier fit So it tapers out a little bit so putting It side by side here you can see the Difference and by the way the Lulu Version I'm wearing it in the smallest Size extra small slash small the Amazon Version I accidentally ordered it in a Medium regardless of the sizing Um it does look different at the hemline Odd the Amazon version is longer in Length the Lululemon one is more cropped That is truly the only difference I Notice as far as looks with the two Sweatshirts now if we're talking about The material I feel like the Lulu Version feels more like a solid Sweatshirt like your Classic 100 cotton Sweatshirt that's very durable and to me

The way the Lululemon scuba sweatshirt Fall I think it looks more pretty I Think the way it lays on and drapes on My body I just think it looks more Flattering I also like that it's a Little bit shorter in length it works Well for me being five foot one and I Have to say the Amazon version it is 50 Polyester and 50 cotton you can feel That like it doesn't feel like the Lulu Version hide the Lululemon sweatshirt For a year and a half now this thing has Been beat up you guys like I constantly Put in the washer I always put in the Dryer which I know you're probably not Supposed to do that it holds up so well Stains get off of it so easily so if I Were to pick between the Amazon and the Lulu version of the scuba sweatshirt I Personally prefer the Lululemon scuba Sweatshirt now if you're into the Sweatshirt but you don't want to spend a Lot of money on one Amazon version Honestly I think is totally fine to Purchase and save some money on I mean It's less than half of the price of the Lulu version so that isn't incredible And you have almost the exact same look Now let's get into a line dupe leggings Now I think this is the one you guys are Going to be so surprised about with my Opinion the Lululemon a line legging Their most famous product probably on Their site it retails for 98 freaking

Dollars the material is made up of 81 Nylon and 19 Lycra I think I'm Pronouncing that correctly Lycra liquor No it's not liquid that sounds weird and Then the Amazon version is 81 polyamide And 19 Lycra and it retails for 32 so Right off the bat they feel So similar this is the one I was truly The most shocked about I can't even tell You guys how many freaking leggings I've Tried in my life and this is literally Like Amazon whoever sells this nailed it In being a dupe for the Lululemon align Liking now I have to say the Align Legging quality wise I'm sorry it sucks I hate saying that I just want to be Just straight up and honest with you Guys I've had the legging for a little Over a year and I haven't even worn it Enough for it to look this morning and Camera you can't tell but on the left Leg around my thigh I'll try to put a Close-up I okay this was my fault Obviously but I spilled Rob batter on my Leg while I was making waffles for my Family and I could not get it off the Texture is there no matter how much I Cleaned it I could not get it off the Legging which was so sad And it pills so easily it also the Fabric looks so worn in after like a few Wears which really sucks and I even gave The line legging two chances I purchased Another a line legging and it's starting

To do the same thing the fabric is Looking worn out the stitching is coming Apart which is so sad that's the Amazon Version the difference I noticed in like The fabric it feels a little bit thicker And it feels like it has a little bit More compression not too much I think This is still great as like a loungy Legging personally I actually prefer That it's stretchy and very soft very Buttery and the material if you look at It is almost exactly the same to me I Say forget about the 98 dollar stretchy Pants and just go for the Amazon dupe Version next up let's compare a pair of Lululemon shorts to an Amazon dupe Version so this one is called the Inner Glow shorts the one from Lululemon it Retails for 68 dollars and it is made up Of 92 percent cotton and 8 percent Elastane and the Amazon version here is 21 and it is 82 cotton and 18 polyester So right off the bat I'm just gonna put A side by side here the Amazon version Is huge for me Um I can tie around the waistline but I Have to tie it so much that it looks a Little silly still very comfortable and Very nice it's not as stretchy as the Lululemon version as well because the Lulu version has eight percent elastane So it has a really nice stretchiness to It but still holds its shape I went with The smallest size I could get my hands

On in these shorts this is a size small And it's just a little too big around The waistline uh the length is good it Fits well around the butt and thighs It's just the waist is a little too big I think if I went down to an extra small If they had it in stock for me would it Fit a little bit better but I can't Imagine it fitting more similar to the Lulu version the Lululemon version of The Inner Glow short again very stretchy The fabric is thicker the stitching in My opinion is better but if you look at The look of it it does look very similar In my opinion I prefer the Lulu version Even though it is so expensive it holds Up so well now let's move on to the Align long sleeve so I'm wearing the Dupe version from Amazon so the Difference between the two is the Lulu Version is 81 nylon 19 Lycra which I Think is the same as their align legging Yes it is it retails for thirty four Dollars it's on Final sale by the way But it's originally 78 dollars and then The Amazon version is 81 polyamide and 19 Lycra which is the same as the Align Legging dupe that I shared the Amazon Version actually retails for 32 dollars For this top so the only difference is Two dollars because the Align long Sleeve is on Final sale so the Difference between the two you can tell The fit is a little bit different on the

Align long sleeve it's scooped in the Front and scooped in the box so it looks Very feminine which I really like then The Amazon version is just scooped in The front and it's a little bit it more Cropped however the feeling of it is Literally exactly the same but again the Amazon version is a little bit thicker For me personally I think the Amazon Version is better in my opinion because I love how the scoop neckline isn't as Low as the Lulu version so that's why I Really appreciate the Amazon version Because the neckline goes up a little Bit more can't see any cleavage the Price difference is two dollars so it's Really honestly up to you what you Prefer personally for me I think I'll Stock up on more colors of the Amazon Version and then last but not least I Will be comparing the Lululemon straight Jogger pant to a similar version I found From Amazon the Lulu version it retails For 118 dollars but it is on Final sale For 69 Limited in sizing but just wanted To point that out they do have it on Final sale and then the Amazon version It retails for 35 dollars and it comes In so many more colors than the Lulu Version so the Amazon version in Material it's 69 polymide and 31 spandex They feel so so similar like the Material it's shocking how similar they Feel but if you look at the waistband

You do notice a difference between the Two Um the Lululemon one kind of has that More scrunchy look to it the Amazon Version doesn't look as scrunchy they Have like the same look but there's just Like a little bit of differences between The stitching and where the lines are And stuff the material is seriously the Same very smooth very stretchy I have to Say this is where I'm really torn I Really love both of them I think the Amazon version is a little bit more in That looser fit naturally I'm wearing an Extra small and then the Lulu version I'm wearing it in a size zero but I do Have to say I should have went with a Size two because it does run small in The waistline so it is a little too Tight for me in the waistline which can Be uncomfortable comfortable especially Towards the end of the day but it does Fit well in the legs and the Amazon Version has more of that straight fit a Little bit more tapered out versus the Lululemon version is a little bit Slimmer but I think if I went up a size I would have more of that straight look Similar to the Amazon version now again This is where I'm torn I can't pick a Favor between the two because both of Them the quality is fantastic I don't Know I'm torn you guys can pick which One you like the best the Lulu version

Sadly is getting low on stock it's final Sale I'm not sure if they're gonna carry It anymore maybe they will restock it When it gets into the fall winter months When people will be more interested in Buying these pants but I love the Amazon Version I really like how it's not too Tight at the waist and just the way it Sits right on my hips and just lays Looks so flattering I just love the fit Of it alright you guys so that is it for This video that was Lululemon versus Amazon I hope this video was really Enjoyable to watch hear my honest Opinion let me know if you would like me To do a other video like this because I Am a Lululemon fan but I do want to find Similar looks for less and I hope this Was enjoyable and helpful and thank you Guys so much for watching I will see you In my next video bye