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Hi guys welcome back to another video so Today I'm really excited I'll be taking Basic outfits and attempting to Transform them and make them look a Little bit more Chic I have a variety of Like some casual outfits I wanted to Elevate today and some more dressy Outfit ideas and I also want to point Out if the lighting like right now is Getting brighter and dimmer it's a Cloudy day outside so I apologize for That I believe I have five different Looks I want to share today five Different pieces that are casual that I Want to transform and give you some Casual slightly dressy and really Practical outfit ideas that you can wear Going on walks running errands maybe Dressing up slightly hopefully you guys Get some inspiration from this video as Always I'll have everything linked down Below let's go ahead and hop right in With what I'm wearing so this flannel You guys guess where I got it Costco for $10 I kid you not this was definitely an Impulse purchase but it happened to be One of the best impulse purchases Because I wear it non-stop I'll share With you guys a couple ways I'll style It I decided to wear some like washed Black or dark dark gray jeans I also Love rolling up the Cuffs cuz I think it Makes look a little bit more polished And not too casual so if I wear it like

This it feels really casual I don't know For some reason just like lifting the Sleeves on lots of tops feels just more Put together which I really like so Going back here here's the jeans these Are the abomi jeans I've been raving About I love these they fit really well I love wearing them with a sock booties I love whipping out my longer black coat Here and I just love styling it like This so especially right now during this Time of year it's more chilly so this is How I would wear like a dressy way to Wear a flannel which is it normally Something I would think I would want to Wear for you know this time of year or For something a little bit more dressy Usually I go for other tops sometimes I'm just craving something like this That's a little bit more casual and I Really like it I am way more likely to Wear this flannel this way so I just Like slightly tucked it into my bottoms Here actually need to fix that here Flannel is actually quite long it's like The length of the this puffer vest but I Did want to tuck it in just to kind of Define my waistline a little bit more Since I have layers going on here uh but Very simple I'll step back here oh hi Coco I decided to throw on my vasia Sneakers here cuz I really think these Sneakers help Elevate so many different Pieces in my outfits wearing a very

Casual puffer vest like this a casual Flannel if it's not too chilly outside I'll roll up the sleeves like this which I feel like makes it look a little bit More polished and yeah this is just one Way I would love to wear this flannel so I either wear at home with leggings like Very casual um or like this if I want to Style it out to run errands and do Things but um I really like it okay next Up is this shacket I am obsessed with Wearing it this way uh I feel like I've Mentioned before that I don't like Wearing my outerwear clothes like this But specifically with this type of Shacket I have one in black and then I Got one in this like medium gray color I Think it's so flattering because they Make it where it kind of flares out a Little bit like on the skirt part and It's really flattering around the Waistline to cinch it in it looks Beautiful all around and I love this Because I have really good booty Coverage so if I turn around I mean my Booty is covered which means for me I Can wear leggings which is so nice this Is like such a comfortable and really Wearable outfit for me that I can wear In so many different occasions if I want To look a little bit more dressed up Going grocery shopping I would wear this I would even wear this to church to be Honest because I think this this it's

Just so adorable I don't know I love it So going back here I have my knee high Riding boots which I think suit this Really well I'm really warm underneath As well you can uh layer in like Thermals underneath this to stay even Warmer for like the colder days um make A cute little bow in the front and this Is how it looks like if I roll down the Sleeves I think it looks pretty good I Do like rolling it up if it's not too Chilly for me so this is how I would Normally wear it and I think it's Adorable there's big pockets in the Front too so it just lays beautifully It's petite friendly I think you guys Know I'm 5'1 for reference and I love How it looks with the writing boots they Kind of dressed it up a little bit more Next up I wanted to style are these Barley pants so these are like a slim Straight pant they come in a petite Friendly inseam which is the one that I'm wearing this is in the 25in inseam They fit like a glove absolutely perfect I'm wearing them in a size extra small I Feel like they fit really well they're Not too tight they're not too loose they Truly feel like a dream on they have More of a lux and elevated look to them You can definitely Lounge in at home uh Wear this as like a airport outfit idea If you're traveling or if you're going On walks running errands so many ways to

Wear them so I would just style them With like a basic long sleeve underneath And then my puffer vest I have been Loving this one I actually got this for My birthday and I love it it's by Eddie Bower I think you can get it on Amazon Probably other sites I'll link it below It is so cute the puff on it is really Pretty like the seams the stitching is Really pretty doesn't look you know too Aggressive or bold or doesn't look like A mattress which I feel like a lot of Puffers can look like a mattress uh this One doesn't it actually just looks Really pretty and flattering uh the Pockets inside are flee lined uh so it's Really warm and cozy and I really love It so for shoes I since this is like More of a sporty athleisure outfit I Wanted to go with more of my sporty shoe Options I've mentioned these before These are by Alberts I love them for Going on really long walks running Errands something really casual and Comfortable and especially the pants Just kind of elevate the outfit more This is one of my favorite ways to wear These pants um and you can also fold Over the waistband so let me show you Here you can fold it over and you have This elastic waistband here you can make It tighter so if you want these to be More of a mid-rise you can uh this still High-waisted it's like right at my belly

Button so that's how it looks like I Think that also looks great but if you Want it more of like a Ultra highrise You just fold it all the way up Tuck the Laces in and there you go it sits a Little bit higher okay are you guys Tired of seeing this puffer vest can you Tell I've been loving it so I have one That's like a shorter length that I Really like especially if I want to show Off like more of my legs and such uh but I don't know I've been loving this Midlength for some reason I feel like it Looks really good even though I'm 5'1 a Lot of times I'm not wearing this length I don't know for some reason I love how This looks I think especially since I Wear it open I can show off like my Waistline probably just balances it out And just makes it look nice so been Sharing a lot of black I feel like a lot Of outfits I've been sharing is a lot of Black I really wanted to show way to Style this puffer vest which is the next One I wanted to style uh and Elevate for You guys but with like lighter color so We have light blue jeans which are my Favorite ones and then the white long Sleeve I wore in the previous outfit and Then when it comes to jeans and casual Outfits I love wearing my vasia sneakers When it comes to with like jeans Specifically the alberd sneakers that I Just wore I love wearing those with like

Leggings uh a Leisure bottom since They're more of a sporty shoe I don't Normally wear them with jeans uh but if I am wearing sneakers with jeans I love Wearing the vasas or some my other white Sneaker options I think they just go Well with it and it elevates the Jean And looks really nice so this outfit Very casual I mean again this is Something I would wear running errands Going hanging out with family or friends And I want to wear like something really Casual and practical for the day next up I'm styling some super casual black Sneakers so I feel like when it comes to Wearing sneakers if you get the color Black they look really casual I really Do think white sneakers look way more Elevated but you could still do that With very casual practical black Sneakers a lot of the times I don't want To wear white sneakers because the Weather is really sucky and I don't want To ruin them I like to save them to wear On dry days so that's why I love having A pair of black sneakers these are my Favorite ones that I really think look So elevated again I styled them earlier These are by all birds I'm obsessed with Them completely recommend them if you're Looking for a very minimal clean very Comfortable black sneaker I highly Recommend these I'm styling them as you Can clearly tell with my camel coat I

Love the drama of this camel coat and I Always wear this in dressy ways casual Ways so I'm wearing my ribbed leggings With this to add some texture and just To make it more like athleisure and Comfortable a basic long sleeve Underneath and altogether I love this Outfit this is one of my favorite ways To wear a camel coat is like with Athleisure underneath it because the Coat really adds that drama to the Outfit that makes it look more Chic kind Of clean a Leisure or elevate a pair of Leggings and very casual sneakers like These sneakers are super casual but I Think it looks so cute with everything That I have paired on it's kind of like An upto-date typee of outfit idea camel Coat just adds so much drama to it which Makes it look really interesting it's Really cozy comfortable practical uh if You want to look a little bit more Dressed up adding like a nice dramatic Long coat like this really does that Love this outfit and that actually Brings it to the end of this video you Guys thank you so much for watching I Hope this style of a video was Interesting to watch taking basic pieces And elevating them making them look Really clean sleek and Polished that's Just what I love about my Styles Definitely really minimal and simple and I love making it look really clean

Simple and polish and elevating it in Different ways whether it's you know Keeping it more casual or dressing it up A little bit more like this one Combinations of those so hopefully just Give you some outfit ideas inspiration If you were interested in any of the Pieces I shared I will link everything Down below thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you next time bye