1. Barefoot Dreams PJ Set(XS):
All Barefoot Dreams PJ’s:
2. Baby Tee (XS):
3. Cargo Pants (XS):
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4. Sleeveless Sweater (XS):
5. Chunky Loafers (true to size):
6. Plaid Skirt (XS):
7. Chanel-Inspired Flats (true to size):
8. Double Lined T-Shirt (XS):
9. Faux Leather Jacket (XS):
10. Nike Sweatshirt (S):
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11. Black Drawstring Pants (XS):
12. On Cloud Sneakers (true to size):
Cloudmonster Running Shoes:
13. New Balance Sneakers (true to size):
14. Urban Outfitters Flannel (S):
15. Plaid Cropped Shirt (S):
16. Half-Zip Sweater (XS):
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17. Ruched Black Dress (S):
18. Black Strappy Heels (true to size):
19. Denim Long Skirt (2):
20. Button-Up Top (XS):
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21. Mock Neck Knit Top (S):
22. Kiehls All-In-One Shampoo & Bodywash:
23. Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo:
24. Kopari Deodorant Set:
25. Dyson Long Airwrap:

Ugg Slippers:
Faux Leather Leggings:
Zella Joggers:
Thread & Supply Fleece Shacket (only $34!):
Barefoot Dreams Blankets (leopard):
Barefoot Dreams Blankets (solid):
Ugg Blanket:
Beis Mini Weekender Bag:
Seemless Bra:
Dior Makeup Set:
Necessaire Body Wash:
Donna Karan Deodorant Set:

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Today I'm trying on 25 things I got from The Nordstrom anniversary sale so it'll All be linked Down Below in the Description box and also pinned in the Comment section but today the sale is Officially open to the public so Everyone can shop I love this sale Because everything is full price after The sale so these are items that Everyone's gonna want for the next year And right now you can get it drastically Off so up first we have something that Took me by surprise it is the two-piece PJ set by Barefoot dreams now in this Sale everyone focuses on the Barefoot Dreams blankets Cardigans robes which Are great but I had never tried the PJs Ever and I wouldn't have picked this out My person at Nordstrom put this in my Dressing room and I put it on and it's Stunning it's so luxurious but it feels Amazing on your skin and I did keep the Tags on a lot of the items just so that It's easier for me to tell you prices so This is normally 200 and it's on sale For 132 which is still a lot of money I'm just saying saying that if you're Drawn to it I do think it's Splurge Worthy next we have something that I did Mention in my initial top picks video But it's this BP baby Tee It is ribbed It comes in like four different colors That are all kind of basic and wearable And that's kind of what it is I knew I

Would love this it's just something I Can always throw on and it looks good With a lot of different things it's Normally thirty dollars on sale for 20. Now I did end up pairing that top with These cargo pants also by BP the sale Price is only forty four dollars which I Think for these pants is such a good Price and I just love I love these more Than I expected so they fit me amazing Up around my waist they are wide leg With some cargo Pockets but they look so Good with sneakers chunky loafers which I'm going to get to in a minute this Does come in a few other Shades as well But definitely army green was what I Didn't have already in my closet and I Just think it's such a warm pretty color Another top that kind of surprised me Was this cable knit sleeve less sweater So this is normally 45 dollars and it's On sale for 24. and I love this creamy White color it's so wearable and I did Pair it with those green cargo pants you Just saw and I just love this outfit Together this does also come in a pretty Green like it's like a teal green which I think is fun and different now I did Also pick up these Sam Edelman chunky Loafers I also talked about these in my Initial best picks video I knew I would Love these and I tried them on and I had To get them because of this color so That it does come in black and some

Other Shades but to me this brown Mahogany is just I don't have anything Like it in my closet I wear a lot of Browns and and again it looks so good With those cargo pants you can wear this In in a lot of different ways they're Comfortable they're chunky they're like You're getting some height but you're Not wearing heels so I don't know They're just like a practical purchase In my opinion I feel like the first part Of this video some of the items are Definitely leaning towards the preppy Styles so we have this plaid skirt next And the reason I ended up pulling the Trigger on this is because it it really Did fit me very well I love the length On it like it obviously is a mini skirt But it's not too crazy short and I've Just been playing a lot of golf guys I I Don't I'm not good um but my family Loves it my two boys love it Josh loves It and so I thought this could be a cute Little golf outfit it looks great with That sleeveless sweater so everything That I purchased I bought for myself That I really like and I will wear Um except for these I feel like I got These because I thought you guys would Really be interested I just have Um a pair that's similar to this that Are a slingback version these totally Remind me of Chanel but they are Steve Madden and they're flats and I love them

And I really thought you guys would too Here's me just you know trying them on I'm just wearing like a Chic pair of you Know black shorts you could wear them With dress pants you could wear them Even with jeans like you could really we Wear them with casual clothes as well This is just like a classic but very Comfortable pair of shoes so this next Top I feel like initially looks boring But it's not hear me out so this is a Double lined super thick t-shirt I guess Um it's very much like an essential it Only comes in black and white and it's By the brand halogen it's only 22 Dollars for the sale you can get so much Wear out of this if you end up getting It or you see it in person and you feel It you'll fall in love with it like me Like I don't think this is something That I would have ordered had I not Touched it I did end up pairing it with This BP faux leather black jacket that I Got I didn't expect to love this as much As I do it's so nice like the quality Blew me away it is a faux leather jacket The price point reflects like it's a Great price I am not kidding you like I Feel like this is the best faux leather I've ever I legitimately thought like This has to be real like it feels and Looks so real I love the vintage style Of it it's a little bit cropped I Totally didn't need it but I did I did

End up getting it moving along to some Athleisure wear I wanted to share this Nike sweatshirt that I got in yellow I'm Starting to get more and more into just Good colors and this is a darn good Yellow it looks so nice on I really Think it just gives life to people like It does come in other colors too so Check out the other colors because the Sweatshirt itself actually feels really Thick I love how it is slightly cropped More in the front than the back like It's not a drastic change I just think The fit of this particular sweatshirt is Really nice but again the color's so Beautiful and then we have these thick Drawstring pants that are kind of a Sweatshirt sweatpant material but They're nice and wide leg they're high Waisted with this drawstring so they Definitely give an athletic or sporty Vibe and you can wear them with your Favorite sneaker so here are my Nike Dunks unfortunately the Nike Dunks are Not on sale for the anniversary sale but They really do just look great with Whatever like casual Seekers you have so These are awesome for going out and About you know being comfy casual sporty But they're a material that if you want To lounge around in your house you could Totally wear them like that too and then I picked up my first pair of on cloud Sneakers which are just all the rage

Everybody Raves about how comfortable These sneakers are if you're a runner or Not like people just have these Regardless they're just so comfortable And so I had never tried them on I saw That a few styles were on sale or are on Sale for this anniversary sale so I Tried them on Um they are incredibly comfortable I was Torn between two different ones Um so I will link all of the styles that Are on sale right now these are best Selling and I ended up picking these Ones I'm not gonna lie purely because of The color I just like this color combo But I am very excited to have them fun I Didn't need these either like this okay These I'm legitimately like okay maybe I Should return them they're the New Balance sneakers but they're the style That like everyone wants they're like The popular best-selling style I have a Pair of New Balance sneakers already and They're just so comfortable they're Green though you know it's like Different but I really don't need these I just think that they're like they're They're neutral they're completely Different than the on cloud ones I just Got which those are very athletic Um they're very like sporty and they're Just a different vibe than these which Are just like it's just like a casual Everyday type of sneaker now if you're

Into plaid shirts some are some aren't But there's some really good ones for This sale and if you can get your hands On the Urban Outfitters one I feel like by the time this video goes Live they're gonna be gone this is the Best material of life like this material I don't know what the heck it is it has To be some type of blend but it is the Most softest material ever I already Have like a few of them from past years I just kind of collect them at this Point uh but there's some other colors To choose from I went with this blue Color because it was different than what I already had this is on sale for 39 and It's normally 60 something I have a Feeling it's going to be sold out by the Time and this video goes live but to Another plaid option to consider is this Plaid cropped shirt which is just Different than what you typically see Most plaid shirts are oversized they're Longer which I do really like but I felt Like this is just something I don't have It's just shorter I feel like it's a Little bit fresher it's kind of like in With the times right now uh it's also 25 On sale which I think is a really good Price for a nice quality plaid shirt I Instantly fell in love with this I I Mean this was the first thing that I Knew I was taking home I feel like it's Not even doing it justice the color of

This is so beautiful I'm So Into just Vibra different colors right now but This is only 35 dollars for the sale Which is such a good price for this Quality of a sweater Um and if you know me at all like I love A good half zip moment I I just love how It just adds something to the sweatshirt Or the pullover or the sweater you're Wearing it kind of opens up to reveal Your neckline you can wear jewelry with It I love the collar on it I just love This style now I know I did just talk About you know vibrant colors but Sometimes it is good just to have a Basic little black dress I guess this is More than basic though this is such a Flattering dress I feel like that's the Word of this address it's gonna make you Look so darn good just the way it's cut And designed it almost has like this Kind of like ruching style that goes Toward the center you cinch your waist And it just shows off your body in all The right ways but then also hiding Anything that you like don't love I Don't know I just am very impressed with This dress the the material is so silky It's it's not like Silk but it feels Really like Silk it doesn't wrinkle like I'm just impressed with this so it is by Steve Madden and it's like 50 bucks okay Now I also picked up these black strappy Sandal slides heels like they're they're

Like everything I think that's why I was Drawn to them they are incredibly Versatile and very comfortable so there Obviously is a heel but it's a smaller Heel it's chunky and I feel like I don't Know they're just again really Comfortable you can dress them up I Paired them with that black dress you Can wear them with a lot of dressier Outfits to like work to a dinner you Know a lot of functions but they are Simple enough and comfortable enough That you could wear them with jeans with Like uh just like a normal outfit I feel Like it'll Elevate you a little bit It'll kind of add some Chic style to Really any outfit I also got a light Wash denim long skirt which is really in Style right now and I I love the way This one I guess was kind of designed if You notice the slit is actually in the Front so as you're walking it kind of Just opens up with your leg and so it's Just really easy to walk in and that's Kind of why I haven't loved some denim Skirts in the past like there has to be Some type of some actually don't have Slits and it's actually just like Annoying to walk in there's not as much Stretch in denim but this one is in the Front versus the side so I love the way It looks I love the light wash style and It just looks really summery but also Something I could definitely wear into

The fall and then here's another top That kind of surprised me so at first Glance this is nothing groundbreaking It's nothing riveting but The material again so soft and so Stretchy and it's a style that you'll be Able to get so much wear out of like You'll be able to pair this with so many Different things because it's such a Wardrobe essential so I did get it in This camel color which I love but it Also comes in Black which I think would Be great this top I was kind of on the Fence with but I think again the Interesting different color sold me so This is definitely like a knit type Sweater and I like how it kind of Broadens your shoulders but then comes In at the waistline and so this is Really nice for a couple reasons you can Actually wear this with dress pants or Really with what anything you want but If you want to leave it untucked it is a Good length and there's some nice Detailing around the waist to make your Stomach look like really flat but it's It's nice in that it is a lot tighter Around your stomach so that if you do Want to tuck it in which is the way I Would love to wear it it's not giving You any bulkiness like in your pants now Moving into the beauty items I picked up At the sale starting with with something Josh actually picked out he beelined for

This in the store and said we had to buy It again I mean every single year I Recommend this it's the Keels all in one Shampoo and body wash so you can use This all over your body for everything And Men love it women love it my kids Even use it I mean it's this jumbo thing The price is fantastic and you get so Much and it kind of just takes the place Of a lot of products in your shower the Pump style is amazing and again you can Just use it for everything I recommended This in my top picks video and I ended Up getting it myself but it is the Aveda Rosemary mint shampoo so I probably Didn't need this especially since we got This but there's just something so Uh it's just like mesmerizing about this Shampoo like it is a good shampoo but It's more like the mint is so fresh Smelling it just smells so good and it's So tingly on your scalp and it's just Like this jumbo thing that will last me So long I also got this kapari deodorant Set so it's a set of three full-size Kapari deodorants which is one of my Favorite healthy deodorants I actually Like ran out of this and kind of forgot That I loved it and so when I saw this Set I thought I would just get it save Some money Um so it comes with two of their Original scents and then one with which Was like a beach a beachy Sea Breeze

Scent which I haven't tried this next Thing I got I'm hiding it and I'm gonna Show you but I can't believe I bought it And I do just want to say like I have Teamed up with Nordstrom for this video But everything that I've purchased and That I'm featuring like I bought myself With my own money Um so I did buy the Dyson air wrap the long Version like for longer hair which is What I have and so this might be Surprising to some of you because if You've been watching my videos for the Last couple years I bought this like the Original version when it first launched Like two years ago and I wasn't that Impressed with it I think that my Problem was I have so much hair and Those were like the small short barrels It was just like really hard for me to Use on my long hair so I ended up giving It to a friend and she's obsessed with It so I'm so happy I gave it to her but Then I started watching YouTube videos Throughout the next couple years Tick Tock videos all these tutorials and then They launched the the version with Longer barrels for people with longer Hair and I genuinely think I'm gonna Really like this now So much money is it worth it I have no Idea no probably not but I figured that If I really wanted it and I'm gonna get

It that now would be the time that I do It so all 25 things will be linked Down Below in the description box and also Pinned in the comment section along with Some additional best sellers that Everybody wants some in stock best Sellers that I didn't pick up this time Around because I already have them you Can save so much money so thank you so Much for watching and I'll see you in my Next one bye