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Guys so in this video I'll be sharing Six petite friendly summer outfit ideas And specifically all the outfits I'll be Sharing with shorts so I'll be sharing Denim shorts satin shorts like tailored And linen shorts I have six different Outfits I want to share with you guys And as always if you are interested in Any of the pieces I shared today I Always link everything in the Description box for you guys and for Sizing reference I'm five foot one so I Love making these petite styling outfit Ideas videos for you guys uh Specifically I love this minimal very Timeless style very classic Um pieces and outfits that you can Re-wear year after year you'll never get Sick of them they'll always look so good Polish put together and very stylish so Before we get into today's video I want To talk to you guys about our sponsor Native so if you're unfamiliar with Native they're most known for their Deodorants which is what I'm going to Talk about today actually already been Using native for almost two years now The reason why I love them they're the Only deodorant that actually works and Provide provides odor protection and the Odor protection for me lasts up to three Days and I know that they're most well Known for being aluminum free and Paraben free they're also vegan and

Cruelty free as well they have very Clean and very simple ingredients that Many of us already know coconut oil and Shea butter and I love their ranges of Scents they all smell amazing you can't Go wrong with any of them my personal Favorite is the Sweet Peach and nectar Because it really smells sweet and I Love that very fruity very sweet I also Love the lavender rose which has a very Floral scent to it and then the Blackberry and green tea is another Favorite of mine and that one just Smells very refreshing and the Application is so smooth truly the best It actually works and it smells amazing And they did give me a 20 off code for You guys that you can use for your first Purchase so the code is Ilana Kenda I'll Put it on the screen here and you can Save 20 on your first purchase I'll also Have all the links in the description Box for you guys the first outfit I Wanted to share with you guys is with These linen shorts here and I've worn These shorts already so many times and Styled them so many times for you guys But I don't think I styled them with This adorable bow tank that I've had From anthropology for a while now um Love the little boat details this top Also comes in many colors these linen Shorts come with a different belt but I Decided to swap it out for a thinner

Belt Um I loved how that looked I also really Like thinner belts being a petite I feel Like it doesn't overwhelm my frame too Much with the Fabrics that I have going On here they're not bulky or large or Thick so I think going for a thinner Belt does the outfit really well and I Wanted this outfit to be a little bit More girly more feminine a dressed up in A way I should say so I added these Slingback pumps to give me a little bit Of height and make the outfit look a Little bit more dressy and then I styled It with this minimal bag which is from Amazon by the way it's one of my Favorite purchase from Amazon it's very Minimal very Timeless very durable and Stylish it comes in many colors and the Price point is so affordable so fair and I love this album combining different Textures here I have ribbing going on With the top with the bow details and a Different material and then I have linen Shorts as well and I love mixing in Linen with different materials Especially just wearing Linen in the Summer time looks very Timeless and very Chic this next outfit that's petite Friendly with shorts Um is this one here I think this one is My favorite outfit out of everything I'm Sharing today I really love this um Slightly heathered wrap oatmeal colored

Top the length is perfect it's at my Natural waistline so I don't really need To tuck it in I feel like the length is Perfect if you're wearing anything High-waisted I love the wrap detail I Love the color of it it's very well made Very high quality and just looks so Flattering on and I paired it with the Satin pleated shorts that I have been so In love with lately I just love the more Tailored and sophisticated shorts I Think it looks so beautiful for the Summer time definitely a really good Wardrobe staple if you're really into That elevated Chic and classy look next Up is another outfit with these pleated Tailored shorts but I really wanted to Style it with this striped tank top that I got from Abercrombie I feel like it's So minimal and so Chic and this is not Cropped by the way I feel like nowadays I'm getting a little tired of having Like half shirts now I'm starting to Really appreciate a shirt that's a Little bit longer and this one is it's Not like super long words just awkward For a petite it's just at the right Length where it goes to my hip bones so It tucks in easily it looks very Polished and seamless and the quality is Incredible I feel like with Tang's Abercrombie stepped up their quality Which I've noticed comparing to ones I Purchased from last year I feel like

This year's versions are a little bit Thicker they hold up really well so I Really love this tank I think it looks So minimal and classic and then paired With very classic tailored shorts looks So beautiful together next up I wanted To share an outfit with denim shorts and I'm pairing it with this Sazon Khloe Blouse and then I'm wearing my slingback Pumps with it and this straw bag okay You guys I say this in almost every Outfit ideas video that I make at this Point for summer but if you're looking For a good straw bag I definitely Recommend this one I got two this year One from Amazon which is still fantastic And then I got this mango one but hands Down the mango one is the most worn of All time for a summer bag Um I think it's very tight Timeless I Love the leather design to it I feel Like it just elevates it a little bit More it also has a cross body strap so You can wear it multiple ways so if you Are looking for a good straw bag I one Thousand percent my top recommendation Is this one it just goes with everything But anyways I'm wearing the Abercrombie 90s high rise shorts that have been a Favorite of mine for this summer I feel Like Abercrombie does really well in Denim shorts I personally love going for Their curve love fits and I'm personally Not a curvy person I don't have curvy

Measurements I guess I should say However the curvy fit I love it's so Comfortable it really snatches at the Waistline and then it is looser around The hips and thighs for me which is what I really love in a short so these give That then this is on blouse is a Splurge But it's one of my favorite blouses I've Ever purchased this is a piece that I Re-wear all the time with many different Outfits I have it buttoned down quite a Bit to expose some neckline I rolled up The sleeves so I can just make it a Little bit more appropriate for the hot Temperatures and this blouse is very Lightweight so it's so easy to actually Wear in the summer months where it's Really warm you can just roll up the Sleeves button it down a little bit and Make it a little bit more Breezy for Those really hot days but since the Blouse is really lightweight it's really Easy to style on days where it's really Hot okay next up I'm actually going to Style this knit tank a couple ways this Knit tank is from everlane Um so I will link it down below in case They bring it in stock but I found a Similar version from mango which I'll Also link below but this tank is such a Good summer staple it goes with denim it Goes with Linens with satin it's just a Really good texture that's great for Summer time and also great to transition

Into The Fall season and it's not too Hot it's an open knit design so it Allows airflow so you don't get too hot In this which is amazing so the first Way I'm styling it is with linen shorts Is these brown ones that I got from Uniqlo very well made I have these Shorts in two colors now I believe and They're just very well made very stylish So comfortable and I love the length They're not too short they're not too Long either I feel like they're great For petite Um you can adjust it around the Waistline if you need to I'm wearing an Extra small in them I feel like the size Is very forgiving so you can stay true To size if you want to and I loved Pairing the knit with the linen just the Two different textures and then the Straw bag which adds another texture to The outfit I think looks very beautiful All together and then the last and final Outfit is this one that I'm wearing here So this one's very minimal wearing this Beautiful knit tank with some nice black Denim shorts I got from Madewell these Are a last year purchase they wore my Favorite short last year and Still Loving them this year they brought these Back this year Um but in a little bit slightly Different more updated version so I Think the color still looks the same but

The side of the short and the updated Version has a little slit this one Doesn't Um I think that's the biggest difference Between the two and I love this mom fit Because it's not super tight around the Waist like it fits and it sits there but It still has some room has some give and Then um it's not too tight around the Hips here a little bit looser in the Butt and they are a little bit shorter Compared to all my other shorts so if You like something more on the shorter Side these are a great option and the Denim feels very high quality like very Very good then to tie the look all Together the black slides and then the Straw bag again make it very summery Kind of looks beachy I love how this all Looks together the denim with the knit And this leather slides and the straw Bag I just I love this look anyways that Brings it to the end of this video I Hope you guys enjoyed seeing these Petite outfit ideas with shorts for the Summer time as always I have everything Linked down below if you wanted to check Anything out grab anything for yourself I also put sizing details in the Description box like what size I was Wearing in each piece also big thank you To Native for sponsoring this video I Have all of their information linked Down Below in the description box for

You guys thank you so much for watching And I'll see you next time bye