Hey everyone! Today’s video is on must have sneakers 2024. In this video I show you the trainer trends for the year ahead to add to your sneaker collection!

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Top & Bottom size UK 6
Shoe size UK 3

Nike P-6000 (size 3.5):
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New Balance 9060 (size 3):
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Adidas Sambas (size 4):
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Asics Gel-Kayano 14 (size 3.5):
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Nike Vomero 5 (size 3.5):
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Black version:
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On Running Cloudstratus (size 4):
US link:
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Hoka trainers:
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Vans Lowland Trainers (size 3.5):
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Hey everyone so today's video is going To be on the musthave sneakers for 2024 I make this video every year it's Actually my favorite video to film so Hopefully you'll see a pair of trainers That you like in this video all the Links to all of the trainers will be Down below in the description box and Let's get into it so the first pair I Have to show you are the Nike p6000 Trainers these are very year 2000 Inspired and they do come in a couple of Different colorways but I really liked The red contrast on these against the Gold stitching I got these in a size Three and a half so just half a size up From my normal size so I'd kind of try Them on and see what you think but I Personally find that these fit better Half a size Up next pair I have to show you are the New balance 960s these are really popular and always Sell out they're really hard to get I Can see why though as they are really Comfortable and I do think they go with Quite a lot of different things Especially in this colorway I would say These run true to size so I would just Opt for your normal size in These I'm leave it to [Music] You this next pair also super popular And a classic too these are the Adidas

Sbers again you can get these in so many Different color options but I opted for This black and white pair because they Are quite easy to style I actually got These in a size four and they fit well I Would probably recommend trying them on In store and seeing how they fit on [Music] You know somewhere that we could go to CR and we could keep a bre Aex gel Cho 14 trainers are also a pair Which seem to be getting a lot of Attention at the moment again you can Get these in different colors some with Kind of a metallic effect on them too Like I'm showing here and it all just Depends on what your kind of style is These again have a very year 2000 look To them which seems to be the defining Trend with all of the trainers at the Moment [Music] The Nike vro 5S I actually mentioned in Last year's video and they are still Very much trending for 2024 these are Actually my go-to trainers at the moment I wore the oatmeal pair all the time Throughout the summer and they're just So comfortable I don't find that they Rub at the back or anything like that Like some pairs can and no matter how Long I wear them for they're just very Very comfortable so I would definitely Recommend these a

Lot tell me you trying to fall I'mma Leave it up to you what to do look I'm Trying to spend time with you the on Running trainers in any style at the Moment seem to be really popular the Pair I have on are the cloud Stratus Style I really like these again I can Wear them all day and they're just so Comfortable if you're on the go a lot And you want something kind of very much For Comfort these would be perfect the Hoker running shoes are also really Popular at the moment too I don't have a Pair to show you and but I'll insert a Little photo on this video clip but They're really really popular as Well the Vans Lan style are very 90s Inspired and I think these are great to Add to your collection they're very Similar I would say actually to the Adidas sambers in the way that they look Um so yeah maybe if you really like that Style and you fancy another pair or Maybe you're not into Adidas these are a Great Alternative and that is it I really hope You enjoyed this video please give it a Thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if You did like it cuz that would really Help me out let me know which pair was Your favorite in the comments too cuz I Always love to hear your opinions and Yeah I hope you have a great day and I'll speak to you all in my next video

Bye guys