My 23 BEST Purchases of 2023…you NEED these!!! Everything is linked here & in the comments!
23. Clear Bins:
22. Bidet:
21. Garlic Rocker:
20. Wood Cutting Board:
19. Mini Roasting Cocotte:
18. Warm Gloves:
17. Eucalyptus Shower Spray:
16. Scalp Therapy Shampoo:
15. Egg Cooker:
14. Darn Tough Socks:
13. Electric Bottle Shaker:
12. The Bogg Bag:
11. OnCloud Sneakers(true to size):
Another Style:
10. Fleece-Lined Leggings(S):
9. EMF Meter:
8. Avocado Mattress:
7. Damp Duster:
6. 100% Pure Beeswax Candle(Unscented):
5. Oversized Sweatshirt(M):
4. Plug-In Bug Light:
3. Erasable Pens:
2. Scrubber Brush:
1. Castor Oil:

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Hello everyone I am back with a more Normal video and I am so excited and It's a good one it's one that I film Every year it's my 23 best purchases of 2023 so this list has been going on for The last year and I've narrowed it down Just to the best items of the entire Year and I I like to always start with Number 23 and then work our way down to Number one so we're kind of starting With the worst even though everything's So good and then we're just going to Work our way up to the best of the best And as always it'll all be linked Down Below in the description box and also Pinned in the comment section by the Number you see on screen now almost Everything in this video not everything But most items are from Amazon so up First which is really last so number 23 These clear bins have been amazing now Obviously anyone can use these but I'm Calling more attention to parents Because I use them for kids artwork or Schoolwork or things that was like a big Deal and they don't want to get rid of It and you don't want to get rid of it But you don't know where to put it put It in these clear bits um I got these Big labels as well which I can also link They were super cheap and I'm going to Use them in other areas of my home as Well so I've got one for hayze I've got One for Paxton I think it was a four

Pack so once I fill this up I can move On to the next one they stack really Well they're super cheap I don't know I Just I love them okay this next one Number 22 I can't tell if I love this or I hate it it's like a new purchase but I'm so incredibly intrigued by this that It's going on the list and it's a bedet A bedet I got a bedet it's a b day Attachment meaning um it can go on any Toilet and it's fresh water you're Spraying your little tushy with just Like fresh clean water and my goodness I Might love it okay which it's like it's So it's weird though like I'm still in That phase of like learning Positioning I just thought I would share It's a great one it's a great one from Amazon it looks really nice it took Josh Like 20 minutes to install um the Reviews are off the charts like people That try bday I think fall fall in love With it but it's just it's like getting Over that initial like weird hump um so That's where I'm at so I love garlic in Fact I love garlic so much there's even Another garlic item on this list but I This year discovered what's called The Garlic rocker and I feel like not many People have it a lot of people have the Garlic press which is fine I have like Three of them um but this is so much Better very inexpensive but you like Press down the garlic you can rock it

It's really easy but it minces it it Crushes the garlic and you can easily Just scoop out out the the garlic or you Know brush it into the pan and then Easily clean this this is so easy to Clean or you can just put it in the Dishwasher the other garlic uh presses And things like oh my gosh you have to Get like scrub brushes you have to use Like little tools to get out this is so Easy you run it underwater scrub a Little bit and it's like instantly clean Next we have this acacia wood cutting Board and this year I discovered how bad Plastic cutting boards are because as You cut you know on the cutting board And then scrape your food into whatever You're doing it's pushing and scraping Microplastics like directly into your Food and you're eating it and it's it's Just it's really bad when you look into It I know it can't all be perfect but I'm trying to make little small changes In my home well I researched the best of The best wood cutting boards and acacia Wood it apparently there's all kinds of Things this is very antibacterial it's Very hard it really is hard to even make Slices in the wood but again it is Antibacterial so that's really good and It has natural mineral oils in it that Really just keeps it from warping or Really like sh shifting and it's just Beautiful like this is just so pretty um

Again it is Amazon it's so sturdy it's I Just feel like I don't know I just feel Like people should switch to Wood this Is the next item that also involves Garlic even though this item has nothing To do with garlic it's like a ston wear Like little mini ston wear thing that I Bought so that I could roast garlic Easily I love roasted garlic but the Only way to really do it well if if you Don't have this is to wrap it up in tin Foil and you know me and I'm the weirdo That's like I'm not cooking my f food in Aluminum foil especially anything acidic I mean the aluminum just goes directly Into the food and again you're consuming It not good so I found this and you just You know kind of cut off the top of a Whole garlic bulb put some olive oil and Some salt and then put this in the oven This will go up to 500° in the oven but I roast it kind of low for about an hour And it comes out so delicious I'll Literally just eat it or I will put it With whatever you know like food we're Making but this comes in tons of colors And I just love having it next we have These super warm gloves I believe They're the brand Isotoner oh my gosh They are so warm and I actually just got These but I'm like it's a repurchase for Me because I had them last year in black And I loved them all year during the Winter season I think either I lost them

Or maybe the kids took them because they Were black maybe they thought I don't Know I couldn't find them so I recently Repurchased them in pink they're clearly They're they're mine now because I don't Think the kids are going to wear pink Gloves but uh they are so warm you can Use your phone with them they're so Comfortable I just feel like if you're In need of just good gloves get these I Love this stuff oh my goodness it's the Pure eucalyptus shower spray completely Pure eucalyptus oil so like it just Smells so real and so fresh if you don't Know what this is you buy you literally Just keep it in your shower you turn on The shower there's steamy everywhere and Then you just spray some sprays and you Breathe in and it's just breathing life Into you like it just is like the most Spa like experience and that's where I Discovered this probably like a decade Ago it was chained to a wall in a fancy Vegas spa and I loved it I mean Obviously everyone kept stealing it Which is why it was chained to the wall I went to the front desk I was like Where do you get that stuff and they're Like we sell it at the store and it was Like $100 and I'm like well I'm not Buying that I looked on it online Couldn't find it until sometime this Year I found it on Amazon finally and it Was like literally the same exact brand

And it's just it's glorious it's very Aroma therapeutic it's plant derived Completely natural while we're in the Shower I want to move on to this puror Um scalp therapy shampoo now this is Amazing for anyone that struggles with Dandruff like bad dandruff now I know There's like head and shoulders and There's some other shampoos that have That like medicinal like it's actual Like medic at stle your scalp and I just I just don't love that I mean I think it Works but I feel like it it kind of puts You in a cycle of like it could come Back and so I was going through a bad Phase of dandruff like really really Really really bad and this was just Recommended everywhere as being like a Natural way to pretty much instantly get Rid of it I was very skeptical it has Tea tree oil peppermint and argan oil in It and I really just recommend the Shampoo I feel like the conditioner not Really needed but this after the first Time I used it it was knocked out like It was completely gone didn't come back I'm a firm believer that this works all Right guys we've made it to the top 15 Items of the year and surprisingly the Next item is an egg cooker what it like This surprised me this shocked me Because I'm not usually a fan of stupid Little appliances that just waste your Space but I have fallen in love with

This thing because I really like eggs And I love softboiled eggs medium Hardboiled eggs this just makes it a re Like instant like this this this this is What you need it's so cheap too and it Also does Poached Eggs it it makes every Type of egg you want with like not even Thinking um but for the soft boiled eggs Which are kind of annoying to do just Hardboiled eggs in general it's annoying With the pan and the boiling and the Water and the timing and everything this You just set it and forget it you lar Hit a button and then you add water um Oh you just like poke the bottom with This little like needle thing you Literally just hit the button and you Instantly have have what you want it to Be based on the setting you select okay So moving on to a couple things that my Husband Josh has just loved this year And they just deserve to be on this list So here are the darn tough socks these Are wool socks although they're kind of A blend of other materials as well They're made in the USA they're made in Vermont and they have such an amazing Reputation because they are completely Guaranteed for life so people will get These and if there's any tear any hole Any type of damage to these socks they Will send you a brand new pair but like They don't get holes in them because They're that good so you can get these

In men's socks like Josh has some I feel Like I don't know maybe when we go Hiking or whatever like maybe I should Get a couple pair um you can get like Very thick ones you can get more Lightweight ones I'm sure you can get Them for kids but I just think they're They're I don't know I just really like That they're made in the USA and they're Completely guaranteed for life now this Is like a protein shaker bottle but it's Really not because it's an electric one Where there's just a button and it just Automatically Blends everything and Josh Was so skeptical about this I bought it For him cuz I thought he would really Like it cuz he's always like shaking up His protein stuff and I just saw how Amazing this one was it was so Inexpensive again on Amazon but it it it He was blown away he uses it every Single day now in fact he's had it for Over two months uses it every day I Think he's charged it one time let me Actually just undo it here so you can Really see it so you hit the button and It spins and just puts it it just Blends Everything seamlessly um it'll Automatically go for 30 seconds and then Turn off um it's so easy to clean as Well because you can take both ends off So you don't even need to use like a Bottle brush it's so sturdy and strong Like it doesn't feel cheap or chintzy

Yeah he's just loved this now this is What's called The Bog bag and I have Seen them around like dicks I think Maybe on Amazon I've seen them at like Outdoors these stores and I don't know Why I was drawn to it but then my friend Had one we went on a boat um and she Like packed everything in it and like Look at the bottom like there's like Really grippy it's basically just thick Rubber and it's just like a good bag I Don't know how to explain it like it's Great for the beach it's great for Outings um it's great when you're going On a trip nothing can really harm it now If you spill stuff in it it's fine There's little attachments that you can Add to keep your personal belongings It's just like one of those bags that It's kind of expensive but it's Something that you will love and Appreciate every time you use it now I Feel like I have so many different Sneakers um but the oncloud running Sneakers take the cake now I'm not even A runner but sometimes I do run other Times I will exercise or go for walks or Even just be outside with my kids Running errands like these are so darn Comfortable for so many different Occasions they're lightweight they Really Bend well um I even have some Foot issues and I just feel like these These are so worth it and I have tried

So many different brands I feel like They're also really stylish you can get Them in so many colors I discovered These at the beginning of the year and Again I have so many different types of You know tennis shoes and sneakers and These are the ones I'm always reaching For we have made it into the top 10 Items so number 10 are these fleece Lined leggings so they look like Leggings but the inside is like this Sherpa fleece that is so soft and so Warm I love love wearing leggings I love Wearing leggings around the house and I Love wearing leggings out and about not As pants but I'll wear them with boots And like a cute shirt like I I wear them A lot but this just keeps me so warm Like it just looks like I'm wearing Leggings but I am nice and warm like I Just need to get another pair I wear Them all the time they're so worth it to Me now in my videos this year you may Have seen a couple times where I was Sharing an EMF meter which is like an Electromagnetic field meter that you can Take around your home and see what is Lighting up with radiation uh like your Cell phone your laptops microwaves um Apple watches like it's crazy what we're Okay I know and this is the thing like Some people just think it's all wacko And crazy and they don't think it Matters and that's fine I'm on the camp

Of like I do think it affects us really Negatively and so I've made some changes In my house so anyway the EMF meter has Been one of the best purchases but I do Just want to say technically it's my mom So she has it right now but we'll pass It back and forth like a lot of times I'll have it at my house and be testing Different things and I've made a few Changes in my life based on what I found Like I no longer charge my phone near my Head at night because it's just right by My brain it's it's I charge across the Room like there's different things that I do I I Leave the Room when the Microwave is on because the entire room Fills up with radiation another best Purchase of the Year thank the Lord has Turned out to be my avocado mattress we Got a new bed like a new mattress and it Was long overdue but I just wanted it to Be a very healthy one with no chemicals I just feel like we were kind of picky And that we wanted it to be really plush I research for like a couple years and I Finally narrowed it down to I wanted to Get the avocado one and there was Definitely ones that you could get with Firm more medium we went with the ultra Extra plush and let me just tell you it Is so comfortable we got a California King because Josh is really tall and Every single night man I get in that bed Same with Josh and we just love it it

Was so worth it again it was more Expensive than an average mattress but I Feel like you spend half of your life in Bed and it's also just worth it number Seven this is the damp duster super Cheap it comes in like a three pack and When you get it I think it it comes pre Moistened I'm sorry um but it's like Damp and and as time goes on it gets Hard again and to reuse it or just keep Using it over and over and over again You just run underwater squish it and Squeeze it like this isn't wet but it's Squishy um but anyway the point of it is You go around and just dust your Surfaces and spots and it literally gets All of the dust in these little grooves And then you can just rinse it off and Keep reusing it over and over again dust Is not flying everywhere it does so much More than just dusting though like I'll Use it to scrub spots and get stains out Like it it really is small But Mighty This was this was a really good Discovery this year I am also very Thankful I discovered this 100% pure Beeswax candle this year it's been a Game changer for me because I've been Very anti- uh candle basically half of My life because I just think a lot of Candles are very toxic with bad Fragrances and chemicals and you're Breathing it in and I know a lot of this Video people are just rolling their eyes

But it's me but this is completely pure Beeswax that's all it is so it has a Light honey scent um you can get this on Amazon it's actually a small business on Amazon so I love supporting them but It's like a really nice candle it smells Really good it's very light but I am now Enjoying burning candles again and it Actually cleans the air and is actually Good for you number five is this Oversized sweatshirt that I basically Live in this has been such a good Purchase from Amazon the price is great The quality is great it's thick it's Plush it's soft it's stylish I'll wear It with leggings I'll wear it with jeans I'll wear it around the house I'll wear It out and about I want to get it in so Many colors I love this I guess it's Kind of like a really nice neutral beige Color but it's just such a nice crew Neck sweatshirt that looks way more Expensive than it actually is now we Can't forget about the bug Light that I Definitely talked about a lot this year It's the the plug-in bug Light which It's still down there but I didn't bring It up because man I don't like holding It because there's so many bugs on the Back if you struggle with fruit flies Flies it really bugs any bugs in your House you need to buy this it is a Lifechanging product um you get it There's like a sticky blue back and you

Plug it into an outlet and then it emits Like a purple light that bugs are very Attracted to and then at night when There's no other light source the bugs Fly to it get stuck and you don't have Any bug problems anymore like at all now It's a little terrifying when you turn It over and see everything but it really Really works and I feel like everyone Should have one in their home the Erasable pen number three like it is That good they're by Pilot it's called It's the friction line and it's because It uses friction to uh erase the ink It's so freaking good um they write so Smoothly and when you actually want to Erase the ink it actually works like Completely fully so I will use this when I'm writing in my planner and things Change I simply erase I'll I'll use it On the calendar I'll use it on the kids Homework sometimes and like the kids Will use it and they'll erase their like It's it is so good erasable pens have Come a long way this scrubber brush is Number two and man it's a doozy oh it's Been good it's been so good so this is The one that actually can be shorter or Longer um and I like this one because You can get up closer to the ceiling you Can just do use this all through your House you can use it on baseboard you Can use it in the shower that's in the Bathroom is really where I love this

Thing but I've used it so many different Places in my home even outside of my Home but it comes with brushes you Charge this up it lasts such a long time And it takes all of the effort out of Cleaning like it makes you want to clean Because it makes everything so easy and Again the different attachments work in Different spaces it's just also a game Changer we have made it to my number one Best purchase of the entire year drum Roll please can you guess what it is It's a no-brainer for me caster oil guys This is legitimately life changing this Will change your life I will link this Brand it might be sold out though um Along with the queen of Thrones brand Which is actually the number one Bestselling brand on all of Amazon it's A really really good brand as well um if You have not tried cter oil I really Encourage you to I did do a whole video About all the life-changing things it Did for me you can watch my video but Also just read the comments in that Video there's thousands of comments from People saying what this did for them I Mean like it insane stuff like insane Stuff um I had to be careful about what I even said about it and like how it Helped my mom in like a medical way but Like really just read the comments you You'll be you'll be mind blown I use This on my skin I use it uh on in my

Belly button um it works for Inflammation it works for digestion Issues it works to get away like break Down bumps and cysts and lumps in your Body um it works to make your eyelashes Longer your eyebrows longer like Literally the list goes on and on and on And on it gets it detoxes you I need to Shut up about this but it's been Absolutely a GameChanger lifechanging You need this I will be done now I hope You enjoyed this video again everything Will be linked Down Below in the Description box and pinned in the Comment section by the numbers you saw On screen as we went along so please Subscribe if you're new and I will see You in my next video bye