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So in this video I am sharing some of The most flattering petite fashion Styles and in this video I'll be sharing Some outfit combinations or some Specific pieces wardrobe pieces that are So flattering for PT body type five foot One for reference I've been making Petite videos since day one here on this Channel and I'm so happy to be doing Another video here for you guys so Before we get into today's video I want To talk about our sponsor Anna Louisa And they offer some amazing beautiful Jewelry pieces and the most classic and Timeless Styles I get questions all the Time asking Hey where's your jewelry From can I get a link for it it is Always Anna Louisa and I do have a Standing code with them which is Ilana 20 that gives you 20 off their entire Site their jewelry pieces are already so Fairly priced uh starting at 39 and then All the way to more higher end pieces One thing I also wanted to mention about Anna Louisa is that all their jewelry is Backed by a two-year warranty so in case Anything ever tarnishes or you're you're Not completely satisfied with your Purchase they will send you a Replacement or reimburse you no Questions asked and they do extensive Testing on breakage tarnishing so the New pieces that I just picked up from Them this ring here is so stunning so

I'll put the exact names of them on the Screen so that way you know which ones To look for if you're interested this One I love how it has this cross and you Can actually wear it two ways if you Want to wear it like this you can or you Can just flip it Um and then you can wear it like this I Think that looks really cool too and Then this bracelet is very similar to The style of the ring and I absolutely Adore bracelets like this I think again It's very minimal piece that actually Stands out and kind of looks show Stopping to me then this necklace so the Newer one that I have is the longer one But the top one is actually from Anna Louise as well I think this is their Ena Necklace I've had this one for forever I Love wearing this one combined with a Little bit more daintier and longer Jewelry pieces so combined here I think Looks stunning you probably always see Me wearing the ENA necklace and then I Paired it with this newer piece I think Again looks very classy elegant and then These earrings are also so dainty Stunning minimal and just so classy I Love the little design to it and one Thing I want to mention they sell a lot Of their jewelry pieces in sets so you Can get a really good deal off of that You can use my coat on it as well and Then you can really get a lot of bang

For your buck so if you are interested In Anna Louisa pieces I will have the Links in the description box down below For you guys again my code is ilana20 You can save 20 off their entire side Okay so the first thing I wanted to talk About that's so flattering for a petite Body type are trousers I think on any Body type trousers are just chef's kiss Amazing they just Elevate any outfit but What I think is especially so flattering For petite I wanted to show example on Myself here so I purchased these pants That are high-waisted and they are Specifically more of a wider leg fit They're really loose really flowy and They're long longer at the same time now With this length I would only wear them With ankle booties that have a nice heel To them because the pant won't scrunch At the bottom which is a you know huge Thing for me so they are at a great Length where I can wear these shoes and The width of them is great at the same Time they're like more of a wider leg Looser fit and what this does is it Creates just a straight line from your Waist all the way down to almost the Floor and since these pants are looser And flowy they're not really hugging Anything they more so just sit on your Waist and just really drape down on the Floor therefore it really creates that Straight line with your bottom

Especially I love pants that are thinner And more flowy such as these that I'm Sharing also doesn't add any bulk to Your frame which is a huge thing if You're short we're not trying to add More bulk or make it look frumpy or Anything so a wider leg or looser fit Trouser that's in a thinner material Like this is absolutely stunning and so Perfect for petite especially if you Like a looser flowy pant if we're Talking about length here on my channel For the many years I've been telling Petites to make sure you know you're Inseam the correct length for your pants Trousers jeans that way it's easier for You to shop online or in store on Finding the correct length but thing I Keep in mind when I'm looking at length If I want a pant that I can wear with Maybe flats or sneakers or things that Pretty much don't have a heel with it I Like to stick to around my ankle bone That's kind of like my rule of thumb so When we're talking about crop pants I Would have the crop right above your Ankle bone so your ankle bone just right Above it and I wouldn't go any higher Than that because at that point it could Start looking like high waters and it Will look too short and it'll actually Make your legs look a little bit shorter So on my rule of thumb just stick around Your ankle bone it could be right above

Your ankle bone we can be in the middle Whatever you prefer but then for a full Length pant I really like it past my Ankle bone and I will typically wear This length with heels like I did with The previous pants so with this outfit That I'm sharing I'm wearing a pair of Trousers these are different from the Previous one but these are a shorter Length these are right above my ankle Bone paired it with some flats and I Think equally both pants look fantastic Whether you want to go for something Really long or something a little bit More cropped but not too cropped you Don't want pants to look like this and You don't want pants to look like this So you have to find something in the Middle that I think will look great now I used to always avoid I can't believe It I even made a video on this which is Like so shocking to me I used to always Stay away from midi dresses midi skirts I cannot believe I did that I am so glad A subscriber told me to try it out they Were so kind about it at the same time And I did and I just can't believe how Fabulous I feel in MIDI length dresses Or skirts Um because again what this does is You're creating a really long line let's Say you're wearing a dress I mean all The way from your shoulders to the floor That'll make you appear a lot taller

Especially if you're wearing heels but With this dress I'm actually wearing a Pair of flats which I still think look Amazing because I have one line going Throughout this garment so I'm not Breaking anything up and this is looser Flowy and the material is thinner so it Just suits a petite body type so well as Well as midi length dresses and skirts Outerwear pieces is a huge thing but Without a work pieces I believe it gets A little bit more tricky when you're Trying to style it in a more petite Flattering way because long outerwear Can actually tend to look really frumpy If it's not done correctly so here I Have styled with my trench coat this is Actually in a size petite so it's done Perfectly fits perfectly in the Shoulders the sleeve length and then the Length of it I think it's like right mid Calf or below my calf which is like a Midi length again what you're doing is You're creating that really long line Just like I mentioned in this video next One is an outfit combination that I'm Obsessed with for myself for petite body Types or just in general and everybody I Think it looks so amazing so it is mini Skirts or a dress but in this case I'm Wearing a mini skirt with an outer piece A jacket that's similar or the same Length as the skirt or dress that you're Wearing and especially this A-line skirt

I think is just so beautiful for a Petite body type you're cinching your Waistline and then you if the skirt kind Of flares out a little bit and then You're wearing this jacket that is Around the same length as the skirt and I just think it's so flattering so girly And really really cute and with an Outfit combination like this I love Wearing a pair of heels just some pumps Here I think look so beautiful all Together this jacket this Blazer it's Not in a petite actually none of these Pieces are in a petite size but they Definitely work for petite body type uh The Blazer is great I would say it runs Big so if you're petite go down a size It'll fit better in the shoulders and I Think it'll fit better in the sleeve Length as well um but I love this length Of a jacket especially if I'm wearing Anything in that mini Style again like a Mini dress or a mini skirt we talked About A-line skirts looking so Flattering especially with a jacket same Thing with shorts uh A-line shorts or Trouser shorts for example like pictured Here I think looks so amazing for petite Body type because essentially you're Creating that same silhouette as the Skirt but they're actually short Stitch At the waistline and then it has that A-line cut which looks so so flattering And then love these shorts especially

Because they're not too long they're not Too short they show enough leg for me Feel really good about my height and my Size and just showing enough leg for me But still not showing any booty cheek if You know what I mean so this length I Think is a really great length for a Petite I paired it with this thinner Belt and also thinner belts are fabulous If you're a petite because again it's Not so frumpy or oversized which is Another tip of mine you know if you're Choosing belts I think it's fine to go For a larger belt it just really depends On the outfit that you're wearing but a Lot of the times thinner belt for petite Look absolutely incredible next up is Block heels I really think this is such A flattering feel for petite I think That's one of the reasons why I keep Gravitating towards it one it's so Comfortable two I think it looks Fabulous on a petite and even thinner Dainty heels I also think look great on A petite body type I have heels like That but I'm specifically saying maybe More of like shorter heels not too high Like six inch heels even though petites Can still rock those when you're wearing Especially a maxi style dress sometimes It can look maybe a little funny if you Have like really big shoes really high Heels and you have a shorter body top I Know this is adding literal height and

Making you look so much taller but it Can kind of throw off the proportions a Little bit if the heel is a little too High and not only that's just like super Uncomfortable nowadays I really don't See people wear heels that high anymore I think what's more popular is the Shorter heels and I think that looks Great on petite watches because you're Adding actual height which does make Make you look taller so I usually like Three inches I typically don't go more Than three inches I think four is like My Max but three inches to me is like The perfect spot if you're wearing like A maxi style dress then I think it's fun To add that really high heel you won't Really see it if that makes sense so It's not really gonna throw off the Proportions if that makes sense if You're wearing like jeans for example And six inch heels I don't think that Will be the most flattering look so we All know as a petite exposing neckline Is incredibly flattering which I pretty Much do it all the time I love it and I Feel like it's also just great if you Have a fuller bust it makes it appear a Little bit smaller which I'm here for Because you guys know I have really Large ladies one of the most underrated Necklines that are one of the most Flattering pieces for PT body type ever Is off shoulder something about it I

Think visually looks amazing for petite Body type I have an example here this Off the shoulder bodysuit that I've had For a while and there you're wearing a More fitted style like this one or Something looser I do believe they're so Flattering as a petite because you're Exposing your neck your shoulders all at Once and then you have like in this Outfit for example a complete monochrome Look which is again also very flattering If you're petite and not only that it is Very sexy I really do think this is like The most underrated neckline last and Final style suggestion is platform Sneakers now if you're not super into Platform that's okay uh you could still Obviously petites can wear any type of Shoe they want really but I think Platform sneakers is a great little Trick hack to make us look a little bit Taller without actually wearing heels And uh I'm sure an example with these Converse platform sneakers that I have Because these are the highest platform That I have and I probably wouldn't go Any more than this than that because Then I think it'll look a little silly This I think is great it gives me like Maybe one to two inches I think in Height which is great and I think it Makes my legs look really nice I really Like what it does for my legs if you Want something little bit of a shorter

Platform not as high you can go for the These are a Splurge so you don't have to Go for these but this is just an example The fascia sneakers so the v10s that I Have and the Campo sneakers these have a Slight platform Um like some platform but not as much as The converse so if you want something a Little bit more subtle these two are Great options so really just play around With it pick what you like best you guys So that is it for this video that was 10 Of my favorite petite friendly fashion Styles again I have all the fashion Items linked down below if you happen to Be interested in any of them and I Really hope you guys enjoyed this video And was fun to watch see these examples On myself and also big thank you to Anna Louisa for collaborating with me all Their informations linked down below and Don't forget I have a code with them Ilana20 gives you 20 off everything Thank you guys so much for watching this Video and I'll see you in my next one Bye