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Hi guys so in this video I'm rounding up My most worn summer pieces so far for This year and I love making these videos Several times a year because I love to Look back and reflect on what items I Have been wearing the most out of Everything that I purchased what are the Pieces that I gravitate to towards the Most what are the easiest for me to Style what do I feel my best in out of Everything I purchased because this Helps me one make better purchases in The future and second also helps me Develop my style and I believe I have at Least 12 items to share today that have Been the most worn that I get the most Bang for my buck from and just pieces That I wear every single week in the Summer time if not every single day and If you happen to be interested in Anything I will have everything Linked In the description box below for you Guys if you wanted to check out anything Okay so I gathered everything in just a Big old box right here and I'm just Gonna go through it and share with you Guys what things I have been wearing the Most and I first want to start off with Uh tea and tanks I did purchase a lot of Teas and tanks this year I had some Gifted to me from several Brands and Then items I purchased myself so the Ones that I have been wearing the most Is either from Uniqlo or from the brand

Nudes so I'm going to start with nudes And actually I'm wearing this basic T-shirt from them uh this is a new Purchase I literally just got this in And I'm throwing it on with this outfit I so far really love this tea but I'm Going to review it more in a different Video soon but I wanted to talk about The teas and tanks here so uh the nudes Brand I have been loving their scoop Neckline bodysuits uh this is how it Looks like it's a bodysuit my only con With it is I wish it was a little bit Longer in the Torso and scooped in the Front scooped in the back as you can Tell I'm wearing this in an extra small What I love about it is that it's Regular bra friendly so the straps are Thick enough to cover the bra straps and The back is low but it's just at the Right length so you can wear a regular Bra with it and don't need to wear like A low back bra anything like that so I Have this in Black I also have it in White just two very basic classic colors But they come in many other colors the Quality is fabulous and then something That's a little bit more budget friendly That I have been loving wearing every Single week if not daily as well or the Uniqlo ripped tanks so I have this one Here and then I also have the scoop Neckline version but it is a very nice a Little bit more lightweight tank have

These tanks in so many colors at this Point I probably own like close to 10 Tanks from Uniqlo Um the quality is great the price point Is a little bit more reasonable I've Been loving wearing them again with Denim shorts or jeans and it just looks Very crisp sleek and Polished so those Are the tanks that have been the most Worn for me this summer and I love all Of them recommend all of them some are a Little bit more expensive some are on The more affordable side so love them All highly recommend all of them they've Been my most worn next up is a pair of Short boards which is these tailored Shorts from revolve have been most worn For me and I love that these give that Very Sleek minimal and Polished look I Love wearing these either with just Basic tanks or something a little bit More elevated on top uh they look great With slides or you can pair them with Heels these ones are a Splurge so I will Link an affordable option down below From Abercrombie that looks really Similar but I love these because they're Nice and snug around the waistline and Then they're loose around the thighs I Do suggest going up a size in these Specifically because they do run small On the waistline so going up a size There's gonna be a little bit more Comfort in the waistline another denim

Short I've been loving is the Abercrombie 90s high-rise I've been Sharing these all summer long so far They fit really well the quality is Amazing they hold up really well they're Just very simple and Sleek they don't Have any distressing in them and they're Just the perfect classic pair of denim Shorts that are high-waisted they're in That curve love fit so they're really Snatching in the waistline and then Looser around the thighs and they have a Good amount of stretch to them they're Not like super duper stretchy but they Do have some stretch they do have some Give which is another reason why I Really like these shorts then another Short that has been one of the most worn Pieces of this year is actually a Purchase I made last year Um which is the Madewell mom Jean short And they brought these back this year It's just the version this year is a Little bit different it has a little Slit on the side uh mine don't so I Think that's the only difference between Them but I have been gaining so much use Out of these again with just my basic Tanks or something elevated on top and I Love the fit of these they're a little Bit on the shorter side but they're not Cheeky in the back that still has all That booty coverage there's just not as Long as some of the other shorts I

Shared and I love this color I love how It's like a little bit more of a faded Black it's not like a crisp black but it Has a more vintage look to it which is Something I really like and then Actually another top that I have been Wearing a lot this year uh is this bow Tie tank from anthropology I have to Wash it I don't know if you can see the Little stain on there but I've been Wearing it so much because I love how It's something very basic and minimal Which is what I really like for my style But it's elevated the bone detailing on The shoulders is just so girly so Feminine so my style and it just looks So beautiful on it fits really well it Comes in petite so I'm wearing an extra Small petite and it just looks so Beautiful with the denim shorts that I've been sharing in this video either With tailored shorts linen shorts denim Shorts it's a really good basic that's Elevated to just spice up outfits a Little bit next fashion item that's been Worn so much around ready this year are My beloved Abercrombie utility Romper so I love this uh like lighter khaki color I've been wearing it so much that I have One of them waiting to be washed already The black color but I own these in three Colors so this beautiful khaki the black And then olive green uh these are great Mix between wearing something really

Casual and comfortable and practical but Yet it's still dressed up and elevated Uh because it has that utility design it Has a bow you can make on the waistline So it looks a little bit girly it's very Comfortable and really easy to wear it's Just an instant outfit you slip on and Then you're good to go for the day this Comes in petite too so I'm wearing it in A extra small petite I would say it runs Totally true to size next up is a denim Jean so if I'm wearing denim jeans in The summer these are Goldie Riley jeans That I'm wearing right now has been the Most worn so far Um I love this light wash color it's Very simple very classic I have a lot of Other jeans that kind of have that more Vintage look to it but these I feel like Are more of a classic blue which I Really like and the denim isn't so thick It's a little bit thinner but still like Rigid and stiff very flattering so it Doesn't really have any stretch it's Just a little bit of a thinner denim That I think works really well for Summer it has that nice straight leg fit And I also have these jeans hemmed like An inch just FYI did my safety pin pack With these jeans by the way which I Shared already many times but anyways I Love these they fit really well I would Say they're totally true to size I'm Wearing a size 24 in them I love the

Color they're just very classic and so Flattering stuff a couple dresses that Have been the most worn so my favorite Abercrombie halter dress that I've been Sharing so much so anyways not gonna go Too much into it because I've been Sharing this way too much lately but This has been definitely the most worn This summer because it's very practical Very easy very light so so comfortable I Just normally wear a strapless bra with This one you can adjust it because it Has ties right here and I feel like the Style of the dress works for so many Different body types which is great so I Feel like it's very size inclusive I'm Wearing a size small it's smogged in the Back so it has some stretch back there And that dress is actually really Affordable it's from Amazon it gets Under 40 like easily under forty dollars So it's honestly it's just such a good Purchase like a really easy dress to Throw on for the summer time and the Next dress it's actually a Splurge it's From revolve I've shared this already Many times but it's this off the Shoulder white dress here I love how Romantic and girly and kind of flirty This dress looks it's a mini dress and It's cinched at the waistline it does Come with the belt so you can make a Little bow there and it's great for Petites it's above knee length for me

And it just looks so flattering I love The skirt and just like the stitching And design to it it just makes it look a Little bit more flirty a little bit more Romantic and kind of girly next up is This wonderful minimal straw bag that I Have been wearing probably with every Single outfit that I've been wearing This year and I'm so glad I went with Like the black leather I feel like it's Just easier for me to style with pieces That I already have it has a cross body Strap I just tucked it in here so you Can wear it on your elbow like this you Can wear crossbody style so it's Wearable in multiple ways has like this Little pouch on the inside here where You can just stuff your things in there And then it has a drawstring to just tie It and keep everything secure in there Okay and then a couple shoes that I Wanted to share that have been the most Worn so something that's probably the Most practical thing ever are a pair of Flip-flops I got these from Amazon and I Never recommended flip-flops before Because it was so hard for me to find Like a really Timeless minimal style Um and I found one finally and they Don't break the bank either come in Many Colors so I got the black drop here but They also come in nude beige white so Different colors to choose from they all Look very minimal very classic these I

Just love to wear around the house or if I'm going to the lake to the beach pool These are just great to throw on and They're very practical and wearable so Love these then the last item that has Been one of the most worn pieces in my Closet are these slide sandals so They've been worn so much that I got Them in two more colors so I have this Brown color the black and then I've had This white color for three years now so Anyways it's kind of excessive having All three colors it's a little bananas I Know I just wear them so much that it Was so worth it for me to grab two more Classic neutral colors and I feel like I'm set so the black pair I feel like For shockingly they're more comfortable Comparing it to the brown color even Though they're the same style and Everything the brown ones just need a Little bit more time to break in but I Had these white ones for three years I Mean and they're broken in they're super Comfortable now so they just take some Time to break in and then they're Absolutely wonderful to wear in the Summertime all right you guys so that Brings it to the end of this video I Hope you enjoyed seeing this recap of Summer pieces that I have been wearing The most lately as always I'll have Everything Linked In the description box Down below if you happen to be

Interested in anything don't forget to Subscribe if you're new and I'll see you Next time bye