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So in this video I have some new petite Friendly fashion finds I wanted to share With you guys today sizing reference I'm Five foot one and I love finding some Good petite fashion finds today I have a Lot of minimal classic basic pieces some Pieces are slightly elevated as well and Most importantly they are all petite Friendly in my books as always I have All my sizing information listed in the Description box and I also will link all The items I'm sharing in this video in The description box as well along with What size I'm wearing so with that being Said let's go ahead and hop right in First I want to share what I'm wearing I'm going to share all the Abercrombie Pieces first I really wanted to have a Casual kind of summery outfit for when I Go on walks with my kids I go on walks Every day I wanted something really cute And comfortable so first I'll just start Off with this Cami I love it so much the Straps are very stretchy and they're Very well made and they're also Adjustable and I love how the Cami you Don't see any bra on the sides it Actually comes up quite High which I Appreciate like the neckline is perfect Like how high it is it's not too low Doesn't show too much cleavage which I Love and it covers the bra on the side Looks flattering in the back and the Straps are really dainty and stretchy so

This is a really good find that it was Actually pretty inexpensive from Abercrombie especially since I got it on Sale it was a really good find comes in Many colors and then I'm wearing this Full zip like athletic jacket and I love Having something like this for again Something really casual it's also Transitional it works great for me at Least in the morning time when it's a Little bit cooler in the summer I'm Going on an early morning walk when I Just need a little something on me Quality is amazing and I just love like This style of it it's almost like a Little oversized kind of slouchy in a Way but the length isn't too long it's Perfect for petite hits right at my hips And then you can also cinch it at the Hemline if you want to have a little bit Tighter there and you can also just zip It up all the way kind of crop it and Have that really cute almost like 90s Look with a sweatshirt which I really Like the pockets have zippers as well Which I really appreciate in athletic Pieces like this like zipper Pockets Because I want to put my phone and keys In there and be able to just zip it uh So that way nothing falls out so I Really appreciate the zipper detail next Thing are these shorts that I'm wearing Love these so much they're kind of Loungy but also kind of sporty looking

At the same time with all the seams on Them and I love the hemline of the Shorts how they're kind of curved uh I Think it looks really flattering in the Hips and thighs and behind this also Comes in many colors it's very soft very Loungy and also great for summertime if You're going for walks and such I think It's a really cute athletic shorts and Then the next thing is this super cute Tank which is what I was wearing with The shorts and with a jacket Um I love the button detail and also Just the straps and the neckline is so Flattering also comes up really high on The side where you don't see your bra Sticking out which is amazing this also Comes in another color so white and then A really pretty taupe color this is Actually really inexpensive which I Obviously love and the quality is great As well okay no matter what time of the Year it is I love picking up sweatshirts I'm a huge sweatshirt span and just I Live in them so I got this one from Abercrombie this has a really nice 90s Look to it so I have these sweatshirts In black white and gray so I wanted to Pick up a color and this looks and feels Very similar to the Lululemon perfectly Oversized cropped crew that I share a Lot on here on this channel or I've Shared a few times I love the French Terry version that Lulu has and this

Looks exactly like it but it is much Softer than the Lulu version so and it's Also way less expensive if you compare It to the Lulu sweatshirt it has the Exact same look and I just love this 90s Look in sweatshirts I kind of feel like A cool 90s mom if that makes sense next Thing from Abercrombie is something that Is a little bit more elevated so it's This beautiful open knit tank and I love This one because it has an open neckline A v-neckline and the stitching around The straps and the bust line is so Beautiful and I love the length of it it Is perfect for petites you can just do a Cute little front tuck and it's not too Long or you can leave it out it's also Not long if you just leave the whole top Out and it's very soft very stretchy and I'm wearing this in a size extra small I Would say it's true to size and this Next top I wasn't sure how it would look Like on me I didn't think it would look Good on me it's this wrap top I decided To try it out and I actually love how it Looks it's so flattering I love the wrap Detail it's a beautiful soft ribbing Material and I love the length too it's Great with any high-waisted bottoms I've Been wearing it with my trouser shorts Or even with denim shorts denim jeans Trousers it's a really good just very Simple but yet slightly elevated basic Okay so those are all the pieces from

Abercrombie loved all of them again it's All linked below and then next up is I Got a couple pieces from nudes so I got There Um everyday t-shirt this is like their Most classic best selling piece on their Site I believe Um I love the fit of this like I just Really really like it I'm actually gonna Do a video just reviewing all of my Basic teas and tanks pretty soon here Um so I'll be comparing many different Brands and different styles for you guys But this is the newest one I picked up That I've been wearing over and over Again seeing how it is and the quality So far it's absolutely fantastic I love This like vintage feel and vintage look To it and the stitching on the side is Actually angled uh so that way when you Front tuck it or just when you lay it on Your body it has like it really drapes Beautifully and looks very flattering in Your hips so I love that attention to Detail next thing I got from nudes are Also these tanks here this one I would Recommend wearing a strapless bra with It but if you have a halter style bra I'll link my favorite one down below it Works with this tank so I got it in White and in Black love them both I Think they're so flattering and very Minimal and simple great to wear with Like denim shorts I think it's such a

Cute outfit that way or with a denim Jeans so I love Basics like this and This is the thickest tank that I've ever Purchased like it is truly shocking how Thick this is I can put this on My black long sleeve sweater and you Can't see the color through it at all Which is incredible and I have a ton of Lighting on me right here too you can't See black through it at all next up a Couple Amazon finds uh I found these Leggings that are in exact dupe for the Lulu align leggings but better I feel Like the quality of it feels better and It's also a little bit thicker comparing It to the lines which I personally love And they're very soft very stretchy very Buttery I did a Lulu versus Amazon video Not too long ago which I'll link up here If you guys want to check it out uh it's A really good video but I determined That these are way better to purchase Than the line leggings they are 32 Dollars versus 98 sometimes 118 Depending what color you get and the Materials and everything is literally Exactly the same and the feeling of it Is exactly the same stitching and Everything so I love these they're Petite friendly they come in 25 or 28 Inch inseam I have have them in the 25 Inch inseam and they are absolutely Perfect then I also got a good dupe for The Lulu jogger pants I have been

Recommending to you guys for a little Bit I wanted to find a similar less Expensive version and I love these from Amazon they have a similar look to them Which I did share these in the Lulu Versus Amazon video not too long ago I Love both the Lululemon version and the Amazon version they have a similar look Again but the waistband is a little bit Different these have a slightly looser Fit so they have the same type of look But if you look at all the little Detailing they are a bit different from Each other but they both look beautiful I love these from Amazon because they're Very inexpensive the material feels Really nice very high quality doesn't Pill doesn't lint and I just love the Way it sits and lays on my body I think It looks so beautiful and it comes in Many colors as well then I already Spoiled these in a previous video where I was sharing Splurge worthy purchase This but I got a new pair of Beijing Sneakers and I got the v10s I love these So much I want to something more sporty From vasia I have the Campos style which Is a more classic sneaker and I love it I wanted something again more sporty I Love how these look I love how it looks Around the ankle too and they're very Comfortable I would say you definitely Have to go down a full size I went with The size five in these sneakers and they

Fit like a size six which for me size Six is my absolute true size so I would Say whatever your size is but one size Down from that I would say that the Tongue from the shoe isn't the most Comfortable but you can actually just Tuck it in a little bit more where it's Not rubbing on your ankles so it's an Issue but it's not like an issue that You can't fix if that makes sense so I Love these so much that you can just Like tuck it in and you're fine also These sneakers come in faux leather and Real leather version I personally own The faux leather which is what will be Linked below but it also comes in a real Leather version which I can also link Below if you prefer that next up is a Pair of girlfriend jeans you guys know It's my favorite denim brand along with A Goldie but these are a little bit more Casual have a little bit more Distressing and these fit more like a Mid-rise so if you're petite with a Shorter torso I think you'll really like How these fit a lot of my other jeans Are pretty high rise because that's just What works for me but I do love a Mid-rise as well and that's what these Kind of feel like on me I have a longer Torso for petite just for reference I Love how they are totally petite Friendly actually these are the petite I Got them in a size 24 petites these also

Come in regular but the petite size is Perfect the inseam is 25 inches so There's no need to do any hemming or Anything which is amazing they look so Flattering in the butt and the rips on The knees are in the exact spots they Need to be as a petite which is Fantastic and I love how they're just a More casual Jean that I can wear with Like a tank and slides or with sneakers They look really cute so I love the Color of these two and then last but not Least this top is so adorable it's Really different friends from what I Would pick but Um I love like the little ruffling Details on the sleeves and then on the Hemline of the top and I love this color I think it's so pretty so fun to Transition from season to season the Material is so soft and so stretchy so I Wanted to share this new find it's Expensive but it is really nice so if This is your style I think you'll really Like it it's so cute all right you guys So I think I covered everything in this Video as always I'll have everything Linked down below I hope you enjoyed These new petite friendly finds again I Wrote down what size I was wearing in Each piece thanks so much for watching Don't forget to subscribe if you're new And I'll see you in my next video bye