New VIRAL Products You NEED In Your Life…everything linked here & the comments!!
1. Haus Labs Foundation(Light Medium Neutral):
2. Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Shift:
3. Maybelline Falsies Mascara:
4. Dr. Dennis Gross Lip Plumper
Dr. Dennis Gross Red Light Lip Mask
5. Self-Tan Sleep Sheet:
6. Boldify Hair Powder:
7. Dyson Airstrait
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These are viral new products that are Actually worth the money most of the Time they're really good though I really Think you're going to like them so Everything will be linked Down Below in The description box and pinned in the Comment section without further Ado Let's get started with the first viral Non-stop talked about product and it's My Foundation the house Labs Foundation By Lady Gaga has been one of the most Successful Foundation launches in a long Time because everyone is loving it Everyone's talking about it and I try Every single Foundation guys every Single Foundation that is launched I try It and time and time again I come back To my favorite It Cosmetics CC cream I've talked about it like a trillion Times uh but I'm starting to find that I'm reaching for this bad boy more than This this is still great but I also Still like that but this is like Shocking me at how good it is it is a Liquid foundation it's a medium coverage Like that's what they're saying but to Me you can make it really light if you Want or you can build it up to be full Coverage and I love that sometimes like It's just so easy to work with it looks Great on everyone whether you're oily Skin or you have dry skin or combo skin There's 52 Shades to choose from I am Wearing the shade light medium neutral

It's great and it doesn't look cakey Like my skin looks so nice okay so I Have a few other viral makeup products To share um up next we have the tarte Maracuja juicy shifters yes the magic of PH these were on my list to try for the Last like month and a half or so and Then they magically appeared at my door Tart sent them to me everything else in This video I bought with my own money But these I wanted to try and then they Literally showed up at my door and now I Have all of the colors and as you can See they're weird colors they're like Purple blue green yellow weird however You put them on your lips and then they Shift to a really pretty pink color and The reason I think these are better than Many other pH lip product products out There because I feel like every brand is Trying to do this but it actually shifts To a wearable light nice pink it's not Weirdly bright it just looks really Really good and this particular product Just the regular version the maracuja Juicy lip products by tar just like I Said the regular version is one of their Top best-selling products like of the Entire brand and so they obviously Launched it in this shifting version Where it's the pH magic you know I love The regular kind I love these as well I Think they're really different and fun And the color just looks great on

Everyone some of the viral products Coming up are a little expens a lot Expensive okay but this is not this is Not this is the uh Maybelline falsies The Surreal falsies mascara it's it's Turning out to just be like the most Viral mascara out there and so of course I had to try because I'm annoying and I Really like the Gucci like the freaking Design minor Gucci mascara this is what I buy over and over and over again it's So expensive but to me it really is Worth it so I was like well let's just Try the falsy Maybelline mascara that You know it's just very hyped up and It's very different than the Gucci one But for the price it's worth it like I'm Very very impressed with this and I have The dinki most horrible lashes ever um And I really do think that this adds a Lot of volume it adds length it it just Makes your lashes look really really Good kind of like you're wearing false False lashes and may like in a good way You know very inexpensive I feel like It's worth it to at least try Okay so We're actually coming back to the lips And these next two products are very Very different yet they kind of work Hand inand so I want to start with the Dr Dennis gross lip plumper it's called The plump and repair lip treatment that Is the plumper of all plumpers I mean This will set your lips on fire I mean

It's not that bad but it really Forces the blood to your lips and Instantly plumps them up it it's kind of Like an instant gratification product And you'll see like the before and after Not only does it truly instantly plump Up my lips but it gets rid of the fine Lines and the wrinkles probably because It's forcing the blood to my lips but it Also changes my lips to be like a really Pretty color probably from the blood I'm Not I'm not really sure but this is just A clear gloss so it's not adding any Color but it looks great on its own you Could use it with some lip liner or you Could even put it over top a a lipstick Or something like that um but it is kind Of expensive uh but again it's instant Gratification whereas this product same Exact brand but this is more for instant Gratification and longterm results so This is the spectrite and hi yeah that's Josh and I filming this clip cuz the Thing is so darn shiny it has phenomenal Reviews people are loving it so I wanted To give it a try because I have no plans To ever get lip injections my lips are Horrible but I just don't want Injections so this is something where it Has 56 LED red lights like red light um A lot of people actually have face masks Because over time red light will Stimulate collagen production and then That plumps up the area it gets rid of

Fine Lines wrinkles it just makes your Skin better um it's a really good proven Thing but this is I think the first one That's designed for your lips and the First time I used it Josh was like you Look insane and I really do it's a weird Product but it really outlines your lips Even above your lips and there's five Different types of LED lights it Penetrates at different levels and then Over time it will plump up your lips Naturally and 94% of people that use This actually see an immediate plumpness To their lips so it also kind of is Instant gratification I think that's why The reviews are so good but I'm going to Continue to use this um and and I'm Already I'm already loving it next we Have the tan fan which is a really viral Product so worth the money if you like To use self tanner this thing is massive Um it fits in this little pouch but then When you get it out it's a big thing you Put in your bed um after you apply Self-tanner you obviously want it to Develop or process overnight and it can Transfer unfortunately to your white Sheets or your light sheets or whatever It's the most annoying thing ever like It really is everybody knows what I'm Talking about if you use self tanner but This again it's massive and it's silky And satiny it's so comfortable but you Stick it into your bed there's even a

Slot where you can slide your whole Pillow in so you don't even ruin your Pillow case and then you get into bed And you sleep and it's so comfortable But it protects your sheets in your bed From any color transfer so again if you Are a self-tanning person try this you Will love it your bed will thank you Just future foreshadowing I am currently In the process of testing various uh Self-tanning products and I'm trying to Narrow down the best of the best full Body self-tanner that will be coming up Soon but I just want to try a I just I Just want to do my due diligence but This love it moving on to hair so if you Are ever on Tik Tok that I'm sure you Have seen this viral product many times I I mean here's the first one that I Ever saw it was actually a blonde using This boldify hair powder and she used it On her roots and was blown away at how It instantly covered up her Roots like It works for blondes it works for red Heads different shades of brown or a Brunette I have it in dark brown and I Do have to color my hair every few Months because I do have Grays and so I Ordered this and it's really interesting Because it is a powder but on the bottom Of it it is just like this little puff And you just dab it in the powder and Then you tap it along your hairline and It instantly conceals Roots like if you

Do color your hair hair or it covers up Grays and so I have been loving this to Kind of extend the time in between me Needing to color my hair also if I do Have Grays like popping up in my videos I can instantly put this on there and It's just quick comes in tons of Shades And I think it's definitely worth the Hype I may have saved the best for last This is the most viral most hyped up Most expensive product of the entire Video everyone is talking about the D Air straight and I love it I love it so Much it's just so darn expensive and so I'm going to share how I use it how it Works the befores and afters like it's Going to make your hair look so freaking Good now would I ultimately recommend it I mean yes but it's more just like you To decide is it worth paying that much Money for this I don't know like the Thing is I do really really love it and Um FYI again that Sephora sale thing is Happening you could save 10 to 20% like This isn't sponsored or anything like That but I'm just saying the first few Days that this video is live you could Save money on this whereas the like Dyson products never go on sale ever but If that sale is over I'm also just going To link it from Amazon because that's Where I bought it it's like two days Shipping I got it super fast just buy it On Amazon you know let me just quickly

Go over the buttons here you turn it on There's different heat settings I think The highest it goes is 285 which is Nothing at all like it really will make Your hair so much healthier over the Long span just because it's not really Using any heat it's using air there's Different high low settings uh you can Also blast your hair with cold to really Lock in the style you can also use it on A wet mode or a dry mode I actually Prefer using this on dry hair but just For demonstration purposes here's my Hair wet um I probably wouldn't use this With sing wet hair but you can you can Use it on wet hair and it literally Dries it and straightens it in one step So it saves time and it really works so You just go Section by section there's These little slots right here that Shoots out air and you just go slowly Over the section and it it just Instantly dries your hair instantly Smooths everything out and it's fabulous Uh so here's kind of the before and After on one side I just blowdried my Hair like normal on the other side you Can see how beautiful and sleek and Smooth and just my hair looks really Good I feel weird bragging about it but I'm just saying that like this really Does something magical it must like Smooth out each indiv ual hair shaft to Like instantly make it look so shiny and

Like it moves so well it just makes your Hair look healthy I I love the way my Hair feels when I use this my favorite Way is to use it on dry hair so I Usually do just a rough dry with a Regular blow dryer and then I go in and Use this or you could actually use this When you wake up in the morning and Maybe you have bed head or your hair is Crinkled you can just use the dry Setting and I really love that and I Find that that's what I use the most Often but again you can use it however You want I love it but it's so expensive I just wanted to share that if you've Been wanting it I do think it lives up To the height I just wish it was I just Wish it was less expensive everything in This video will be linked Down Below in The description box and pinned in the Comment section please subscribe if You're new and I'll see you in my next Video bye