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So in this video I'm sharing 10 fashion Items I avoid as a petite I'm 5 foot one And for petite I have a long torso and Short legs and I'm so excited to share Like these specific items that I Personally avoid for myself now this Just goes to say that these are things I Avoid for myself for me to feel Comfortable in the clothing I'm wearing And feeling my best cuz at the end of The day what matters most is how you Feel your best one thing I have learned Throughout the years on my YouTube Channel is how every peti is so Different there's petites that are Similar to my shape long torso shorter Legs or there's petites with a short Torso and longer legs and not only that There's curvy petites there's petites That have more of a rectangular body Shape or a inverted triangle or a Triangle body shape so that's when it Can become so tricky styling a petite Body type now you know I'm one petite Person I have more of a rectangular body Type I have a long torso short legs big Chest SI I know there's a lot that can Relate to that and some that cannot but A lot of these tips do apply to several Different petite body types but I have To say just because I avoid these that Doesn't necessarily mean that all Petites should avoid it I'm personally Sharing 10 Things I avoid so let's go

Ahead and get started the first thing I Always stay away from is anything pencil Skirt knee length dresses knee length Skirt um for that reason is there's not Enough visual length for me even though I could have it high-waisted but there's Just not enough length for me to feel Comfortable wearing it I'll either want To take it up several inches or I want To take it down many many inches all the Way to around like my ankle bone so Wearing a midi or mini style I'm not a Fan of that knee length style and Specifically one thing about my body Type is I have more athletic build legs These Styles really emphasize my calves Cuz they're a little bit on the more Athletic side and personally I'm not a Fan of that I like creating more length Kind of slimming it out a little bit More so what really helps is either Going for a mini style where I expose Some of my thigh above my knees a little Bit and as well as going for a ankle Length skirt or dress I have that long Visual line so not only am i counting For having a longer line throughout my Body with the clothing item but I'm also Counting for you know the type of body Type I have my more athletic built legs Now again I have to say if this is a Style you love and you feel great in as A petite then by all means wear it this Is just something I avoid for those

Reasons fitted shorter Blazers uh for me I feel my personal best then if the Blazers are just a tad longer kind of Going past my thighs just a little bit Like maybe mid thigh maybe a few inches Higher than that here's a few examples Of what I personally feel great in now The Blazer can be fitted but there has To be more room in the body for me like Like it can't be just so skin tight to My body I do love items that are a Little bit more relaxed but they do have To be fitted in the shoulders fit pretty Well in the sleeve length hopefully and There just has to be balance making sure It's not too oversized or too tight to My body one of the reasons for that is I Have a fuller bust and it just looks way More flattering on me if there's a Little bit more room in the body of this Blazer so it's something that's fitted That cinches right up my moist and when I button it and then I have really tight Around the chest area with the blaze and It's short it just doesn't give me the Look that I personally strive for and That I like cath boots now I really am Seeing these pop up so much lately I Kind of think this is going to start Becoming really trendy maybe later this Fall the biggest reason why I avoid These one my athletic build legs it Stops at the widest point of my calf so It really emphasizes the size of them

And again with the visual line it's just Not long enough or not short enough Again so easiest swap is I either go Knee high slightly over the knee I have A long enough visual line or I'll just Go for ankle Chelsea boots I'll wear a Slim fitted trouser or pant sits right Above the boots so I can show off the Boot a little bit more I truly don't Care how trendy things get if it's Unflattering on my body type you'll Never see me wear it and one of those Things is lowrise I totally understand There are some petites I know some that Have a shorter torso and really long Legs for their petite build and they Love like a mid to lowrise Jean and Truly they look fabulous in it I love it For them for me it makes absolute no Sense I have a very long torso for Petite so there's just not enough Balance there I really like things Coming up right at my waistline and Especially since I have enough length From my Fuller bus to my waistline I am Able to pull off these high-waisted Jeans without my Fuller bu completely Covering up my top half cable knit style So I I personally love cable knit um I Have been seeing more and more Styles Pop up but the styles that I don't like Are these Styles uh chunky cable knit This is something that really emphasizes The top part of me I mean I'm already

Fuller up here and adding in like a Thick sweater and then having this Chunky cable net pattern design just Really emphasizes everything so instead If I wear a cable knit I love going for A smaller cable knit design something That Stitch not is so large and bold and Aggressive and where the fabric isn't so Thick at the same time so here's a few Examples of ones I personally really Like and that I would think would Flatter me pretty well I've mentioned This before but Bermuda shorts I Definitely avoid this as a petite but Not only just Bermuda shorts even longer Tailored shorts like these these have Been popping off a lot lately and Honestly I do love them because they're A little bit more modest and especially Women that want to wear a short in the Summer but be a little bit more modest These are definitely fabulous options For me they're too long there's not Enough length for my legs for them to Look flattering on me I mean for me I I Definitely like a mini I mean a mini That is practical and that I can spend My day with my kids and not worry about The behind you know so I'm not like Going really short but I'm also not Going really long so around mid thigh Somewhere looser around the thigh so I Love this style but I also avoid like Denim shorts or shorts in general that

Are really tight around my thighs I all Honestly I feel like a sausage I don't Know like a sausage in a casing it just Feels very Stuffed I'm also not comfortable I also Sweat more in these Styles not only that I found that going for shorts that are Looser around my thighs and have that More A-line silhouette are much more Flattering for me being petite because Again you're creating that A-line Silhouette it also gives a more effort Elegant look which I personally love Definitely avoid the really tight shorts That's just like again I feel stuffed in It I sweat more I really think it Emphasizes my athletic legs at the same Time I really think if you go for you Know if if this is what you want to do Let me just point out if this is what You want to do if you want your legs to Have more of like a longer more slimming Appearance to it you know and especially If you have athletic build legs like me Going for shorts that are slightly Shorter so you expose more length in Your legs as well as they have that A-line silhouette to it but with shorts So fit at the waistline flare it out Around the thighs Loos around the thighs It'll visually make your legs appear a Little bit Slimmer a little bit longer Uh because you're balancing it out with Something a little bit looser tip I have

To mention again I'm sorry if you've Heard this tip before but I think I Mentioned this tip in a video and it Didn't get too many views in there so For anyone that's new I avoid wearing Purses cross body bags that are too low In on my hip uh this yes it's kind of Creating that visual line I feel like You can argue that but it looks like the Purse just doesn't fit properly I really Think purses on any body type really be Around your hipbone I think you get the Most flattering polished look this way And it doesn't look like it's too long So as well as making sure it's not too Short make sure it's not too long and Really hanging there what I've recently Purchased and these are so inexpensive From Amazon I mean I think they're under $10 for a big pack are these chain strap Shorteners um you put it inside your Purse attach each side of the strap to It and it shortens your bag instantly And it stays put like that which is so Cool another thing I also avoid not that I don't like it I actually think there Are a lot of really pretty Styles Patterned pants I find them to drag too Much emphasis to my legs and you can Really see where my waist starts and Where my legs end obviously instead of Wearing these pattern Styles I just go For solid colors cuz these are so much Easier to kind of just like trick the

Eye make your legs look longer I can Play around with with the rise of it the Length of it around the hemline I've Also found that when I opt for maybe Even a slim or straight fit style it Hides the exact Contour of my legs so You don't really see where my ankle is My calves as well so therefore it Visually tricks the eye and makes your Legs appear so much longer and more Slimming at the same time creates an Illusion of a taller frame because you Can't see exactly where my calves and Ankles are so it's just such a cool Trick that I've noticed when styling Myself and I just want to point out some Things I minimize some things I Highlight it's not necessarily good or Bad you know you may love to do the Opposite of what I do and that should be Celebrated uh because everybody again Should dress how they feel comfortable And this is just my take on just how I Feel my best and just breaking these Things down for you guys is helpful to Hear so that way when you're putting Outfits together on yourself um you Notice these details and hopefully Dressing and styling yourself becomes More fun easier and also shopping Becomes easier at the same time cuz I Know that can be such a headache and Then last thing I avoid as a petite are Tunics I think these are definitely

Dated I mean I think we can agree these Are dated I know there's a lot of people That still love wearing them and there's Obviously more updated Styles but I'm Going to talk about these styles that Are a little bit more outdated um with The patterns the fit tunics are just Awkward for me they're too long where it Looks frumpy if I tuck them in but They're not long enough to wear as like A dress let's say or like a cover up Even for like the beach I not that you Would but like they're That Awkward Length and they're not short enough Where I can just do like a little front Tuck so they're just a really awkward Length and shape for me say for me I Avoid these Styles and I again go for More crop styles that bring that come up A little bit more expose a little bit More of my leg I will go for a length Similar to like the length of this tunic Like this cardigan for example that I've Shared um but it's opened you see you Know my top and bottom there's visual Length there so I usually wear it as Like an outerwear piece a cardigan a Blazer in that length but a top itself Just out like this is something I Personally avoid as a petite to the end Of this video I hope you guys enjoyed Hearing these 10 Things I avoid as a Petite and what I wear instead honestly I would love to hear you guys tell me

What you love wearing as a petite maybe It will be helpful for other people Reading in the comments even to me as Well I love hearing what you guys point Out cuz truly is so helpful and we can All read get some inspiration from it so Let me know what you love wearing what You don't love wearing in the comments And tell me why that is thank you guys So much for watching this video I really Really hope it was helpful uh don't Forget to subscribe if you're new I make Weekly videos like this all the time and I'll see you next time bye