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So in this video I have a petite try on Haul from Abercrombie I got several Different pieces that I fell in love With and wanted to do a dedicated try on Haul review for you guys I'm extra Pumped for this video because I don't do Try on hauls from one specific retailer Very much I know that's pretty common on YouTube but on my channel I don't do it Very often only because it's hard to Find enough pieces that I love from one Retailer to do a whole video on because I can be pretty picky about like the Style the fit but I am really excited For this video because uh surprisingly I Found a lot of pieces that I really like If you happen to be interested in Anything I always link everything in the Description box along with sizing Details so let's go ahead and get Started with this ROM purse this is Actually a romper it's so stinking cute It kind of gives me like Safari Vibes And okay I'm gonna be totally real with You guys this was probably quite an Impulse purchase I saw and I'm like oh My God I'm going to the zoo this week This would be so perfect for the zoo now I always steer clear from like buying an Outfit for one occasion but in this case I feel like this is so simple and Classic like not only does this look Good for the zoo but you can wear this On vacation you can wear this going to

The park I mean this is just an instant Mom approved outfit I mean it's just Perfect it comes in petite you guys I'm Wearing it in a extra small petite I Would say it's totally true to size no Need to go up a size or down a size I Feel like the true size fits so well I Am obsessed and it's really flattering I Love the petite size I mean I didn't try The regular but the petite size hits Perfectly at my natural waistline the Length is great but I do have it cuffed Just a little bit just so it's a little Bit shorter for me because that's just What I like personally next up is this Beautiful dress I wanted to try out so This dress is what inspired this haul I Saw this on another content creator and I'm like Oh my God I have to have it so It also comes in white and then I think Another color but what I love is that it Really snatches at the waistline and the Skirt is really not like super poofy but It has the puffiness to it where it just Looks so adorable I love the sleeves I Love how they're looser they're very Flattering in the arms um I love the V-neckline you can wear a regular bra With this and I don't have one but you Can wear this with a rattan belt and I Think that would look so stylish I do Have one in my Amazon cart that I'm so Tempted to purchase so I can pair it With this dress if I want to which would

Make it look even more beachy the Material of this dress really impressed Me it's looks like linen but it feels Like a soft linen material you know how Linen can be kind of rough this the best Way I can describe it feels like soft Linen and I love it I really really love This material and I feel like this is a Really durable material too I can see it Lasting for a very long time so super High quality highly recommend this one Okay somebody's gonna have to keep me Away from buying more striped tops I Mean I have so many at this point you Name it I have it but I just wear it all The time and love it I actually don't Have a striped tank like this that's Just to be justifying this purchase but The quality is fantastic I feel like Abercrombie made their quality of Clothing a little bit better I know that Their prices went up but I was really Hoping their quality would be better and This feels like a much better quality Than from even what I purchased last Year and from the year before this feels A lot better and I feel like this will Last so much longer so love this one I Love how this fits because you can wear Uh like a halter style bra with this and You don't see any bra showing on the Sides the scoop neckline is super Flattering it's not too low so you don't Have too much cleavage exposure and it's

So comfortable and form fitting I'm Wearing this in my true size extra small And I feel like it fits like Perfection So this next dress is a linen blend Dress and I love this one because it Feels like softer I think it's because In that it's in that linen blend so it Has cotton and linen mixed with each Other so it feels a little bit softer And it has wider straps and I love this One too like the quality is absolutely Phenomenal so much better than I Expected it's also fully lined on the Inside as well there's a zipper on the Side to get in and out of it I'm wearing This in a extra small petite I think This is great to go true to size if You're interested in it but I think this Looks beautiful with a pair of slides And a straw bag and I think this is a Really beautiful like beachy look maybe Good for a vacation so clearly I've been Really into dresses so I picked up this Dress also from Abercrombie I got this In a size extra small petite and I Really fell in love with the colors of It I loved how vibrant this pink was and It's um with the cream colors the Burgundy the green I just feel like the Color combination and I love how rich This this pink has looked so beautiful I Love the fit of this too the quality of This is also fantastic comes in petite Regular tall my only con with this is

That it's really low Um so I think I will be returning this Only because the neckline is super duper Low for my liking and I have a fuller Chest size so it's not hard for me to Expose a lot of cleavage so I just Prefer to be a little bit more modest in That area and even adding a safety pin Which I did do here the dress just Doesn't look right so I think this will Work great if you have a smaller chest Size or if you don't mind showing Cleavage I think you'll really like this Now what's a try on haul without some Athleisure pieces so I love going to Abercrombie for some more inexpensive Options for athleisure pieces or Loungewear I love Lululemon but they're Just so freaking expensive that I just Don't want to buy everything there so I Love the white PB line they have because It has that really great moisture Wicking materials that looks very sporty And you can wear it for your performance Or you can wear it purely for athleisure Style or for lounging at home so I love That so I wanted to add this sweatshirt I've had this on my wish list probably For a year you guys I was really Sleeping on it Um and I love this because for summer Time I really did actually believe it or Not want a sweatshirt but I wanted Something lighter a little bit more

Flowy it's just kind of a more looser Fit for you know spring summer time Obviously for fall it will work too this One is pretty cropped so you can see my Tummy when even when I wear some High-waisted shorts or leggings you can Still see the tummy so just FYI I think If you go up a size you can have it a Little bit longer okay last couple Things finishing off with loungewear I'm Literally gonna change into this after I'm done with this video so um I got These shorts these Lounge shorts I Always wanted a pair of just Gray Lounge Shorts so they're supposed to be folded Over like this or you can actually have It folded in like that too so you can Wear it two ways which is nice so you Can make a little bit shorter which Which is what I prefer and then I really Wanted the matching sweatshirt to go With this I really wanted a zip up Hoodie I have so many you know regular Hoodies with no zipper or quarter zip I Really wanted just a full zip so I can Wear tank underneath have that kind of Layered look layered loungy look for Home and love both of these pieces Quality is incredible both of the Sweatshirts and the shorts are fleecy on The inside so super soft very warm very Comfortable so the bottoms I'm wearing Them in a extra small and then the Sweatshirt is actually in a double extra

Small which is my smaller size for Abercrombie so for sweatshirts I usually Go down a size in Abercrombie because Just seeing it on the model it looks Quite loose and relaxed and and I know If being petite it would be better for Me to go down a size in their Sweatshirts so I get the fit that I Really like anyways that's the haul you Guys Um I hope you enjoyed seeing all of These pieces uh love everything I'm I Think I'm returning that colorful dress Sadly I really I would have kept it if It worked better for my Chest size I loved everything and the Quality of it and I'm keeping most Things which I'm excited for I'm really Excited about this ROM for you guys like I love it so much ah sorry if I'm I hope I'm not hyping this up too much I also Drink two coffees so I am quite hyper Right now and like energetic anyways I Am just blabbering thank you guys so Much for watching this video and if you Happen to be interested in anything Again everything is linked down below Along with sizing details and if you are New please consider subscribing I do Videos twice a week every single week on This channel with all sorts of different Things regarding fashion and petite Content so I would love to have you back Please let me know what other retailers

You would like me to do hauls from I Just would like to know what you guys Want to see privilege I just want to Know what you guys want to see what Retailers you're interested in so just Let me know in the comment section down Below thank you guys so much for your Love and support and I'll see you next Time bye